Authors Note: Just wanted to let you know that this is in Harry's POV, so basically it's what happened to him before he came back home.

Harry's POV

"Lou have you seen your face?" Zayn asked as he shoved a mirror in Louis's face. Louis pushed the mirror and Zayn away from him. His face wasn't even that bad, his lip was bust on the side, and a bruise was forming around his jaw.

"Zayn I'll break it if you put it in my face again." Louis threatened, as he glared at Zayn. Liam brought Louis a wet towel so he could clean the dried blood from his face.

"So Lou was she worth all this trouble?" I questioned as he pushed past me. I followed him out into the hallway, and into the bathroom.

Louis shot me a glare, before turning back to look in the mirror.

"Was she?" I repeated.

"Yes Harry she was worth the trouble." he snapped, then turned and pointed a finger at me."You've never liked her anyway, so you wouldn't understand."

I rolled my eyes,"Me and Kendall might not be as close as you and her are, but we have an understanding with each other." I said.

He muttered something under his breath, and I smirked."Louis you do know Andrew had the right to hit you." I admitted. If the situation was turned around on Louis, he would have reacted the same way. Now I sound like Liam.

His eyes narrowed as he turned to me."Don't you have somewhere else to be?" he snapped angrily, and slammed the door in my face.

Huffing, I ran a hand through my hair and walked away from the door. Louis was being unreasonable, we were staying with Andrew. So he should apologize or at least try to make it right. I guess I'll have to be the bigger person, and go talk to him.

When I turned a corner something collided with my legs and knocked me over. Groaning, I pushed Hurricane away when he tried to lick my face. I've never been a big fan of getting licked in the face by dogs. Especially one who didn't know how big he was.

"Down boy." I commanded, and he obeyed. I picked myself off of the ground, and patted the dogs head."You want to help me find Andrew." he barked in excitement, as if he knew what I said. I followed him down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

Niall was still cleaning up the mess they made."Harry you were suppose to be helping me." he complained as I walked past him.

I shook my head,"I never agreed to that." I said smirking. He rolled his eyes and went back to sweeping. Technically, he volunteered me without asking.

When I stepped outside of the house Hurricane came and stood by my side. I couldn't believe I was following a dog, but it wasn't like I knew how to get around this place. Hurricane put his nose to the ground and sniffed around. After a minute of sniffing his ears shot up and he started walking.

I followed behind him till I came to a part of the town, that I've never been to. Their was a big tree, with a wooden tree house sitting in it. Hurricane sat down at the base of the tree and barked. It didn't take long for Andrew to poke his head out, he glared at me and disappeared back into the tree house.

"Andrew we need to talk." I said as I looked for a way to climb up. The way up the tree was a ladder, that Andrew pulled up when I got close to it.

"Go away Harry I don't feel like talking." his tone was low, but not angry. He sounded hurt. I stuck both of my hands and my pocket as I called back up to him.

"Andrew-" I ducked as a stick was thrown at me."Seriously!" I exclaimed as he looked down at me. He smiled for a brief moment before scowling down at me.

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