From Nerd to Hottie (3)

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The next morning, I got up really late and immediately started thinking shot mine and Nolen's plans. I don't think we had anything planned for sure so I decided I'd surprise him. I threw on some shorts and a tank top and put my hair in a wavy pony tail. I got my big Abercrombie bag and walked down to the kitchen.  

I guess mom was off work today because she was in the kitchen drinking coffee. "Hi, Paige. What's up?" 

"Hey, mom." I greeted. I ran directly towards the cabinet that had all the snack foods and mixes in it.  

"Honey, what are you doing?" Mom asked as I ransacked the cupboard.  

Both my arms were fully in the cabinet and I was squinting in the darkness, trying to looks for what I wanted.  

"Paige!" Mom snapped.  

"What?" I turned my head.  

Mom crossed her arms and walked over. "What are you doing?" 

"Looking for stuff." I replied and started searching for through the cabinet again.  

She was angry. "I can see that. But what are you looking for and why?" 

I laughed. "Oh, I'm going to Nolen's house and-" 

"Who?" Mom asked.  

"Nolen Richards. He's my new friend!" I exclaimed.  

Mom looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you alright? You sound like your seven. Is everything OK?" She touched the back of her hand to my forehead. "Paige-" 

"Mom!" I yelled. "I'm fine, OK! I met Nolen the other day. He was bein made fun of. I'm helping him with something!" 

She backed up a little bit. "Helping with what? His baking skills?"  

I laughed sarcastically. "Ha-Ha, no!" 

"Then what?" Mom shouted. 

I sighed. "I'm helping him be less 'nerdy.'" 

Mom laughed. "No, really, Paige, what?" 

"I'm serious." I said with a completely straight face. 

She backed away without a word.  

I started rummaging through the cupboard again. I found exactly what I was looking for- cake mix, brownie mix, and cookie mix. I threw it into my huge bag and walked over to the fridge. I grabbed an avocado and a bottle of honey. I started quickly pealing the avocado. Then I poured the honey into a tupawear bowl and mashed some avocado in it.  

Mon walked back into the kitchen. "Paige?" 

"Don't ask, mom." I shooed her away.  

Mom left again and I continued mixing and stirring.  

I put a lid on the bowl and putt that in my bag too. I grabbed a bottled water for myself and then headed out the door.  

I walked nice and slow around the corner towards Grand Avenue where Nolen lived. I looked for his car in all the driveways and I immediately found spotted it. I walked to the door and rang the door bell.  

Nolen appeared immediately. "Paige?"  

"Hey! I came to see you!" I smiled cheerfully.  

"For what?" Nolen asked. He looked scared and worried.  

My smile faded. "I wanted to bring you something. And I thought we could bake some cookies or brownies or cake. Is this a bad time?" 

"No." Nolen shook his head. He stepped out of his house and closed the door. He walked to a little couch on the pouch and motioned for me to sit.