toilet paper ↯ jjk by milkystars
toilet paper ↯ jjkby janice .
"hey, whoever's in the next stall, can you please pass over some toilet paper?" in which a girl gets stuck in a bathroom stall without toilet paper + in which...
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Super troublesome! Since when was being pregnant easier than buying fresh vegetables? Alright, alright, she did admit herself that she had been muddleheaded, but this ma...
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A Wish by tyazx89
A Wishby tyazx89
Kyoko wished to meet Ren after her meeting with her mother, Seana. Fate being kind, her wish is granted. Now, she has Ren and what would happen? #it's kind of what I wis...
  • renxkyoko
  • skip
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teach me // j.b by lowkeydisaster
teach me // j.bby anika
"Just don't tell anyone please" I looked him in the eyes. "I won't, your secret is safe with me," I sighed in relief from his words, "But you ha...
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Hired for Luke brooks by salvatorewifey
Hired for Luke brooksby salvatorewifey
Katie harper is a normal teenage girl, but what happens when she is asked to be Luke brooks 'pretend' girlfriend because he needs to show fans he has more feelings? It's...
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My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Natepat (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Plugnuts
In a world where your own pet or most favoured item chooses your soulmate for you; What will happen when a famous musician decides to hold a concert in the city of LA wi...
  • soulmateau
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Finally✞Janoskians fanfic by septernal
Finally✞Janoskians fanficby 🌹
Charlie was an ordinary 16 year old, went to school; she hated it. She hated everyone in it. But Jai soon comes and joins her form, what happens when both of their life'...
  • beau
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Invincible by tyazx89
Invincibleby tyazx89
"The tough life is easier when I have you around," is the exact thought Ren and Kyoko have each time they're together. In their hardest time, they find ease in...
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NO SKIP by Carmelliandp_
NO SKIPby Carmellia Dwi Nanda Pratiwi
Jangan lupa melambai ya :) Aku bukan Harry Pottermu tapi aku bisa menjadi Bintangmu :)
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Being a Brooks (Janoskians fan-fic) by sophiereadsx
Being a Brooks (Janoskians fan-fic)by sofia
Adrianna Jade Brooks is the younger sister of the Brooks brothers from the Janoskians. Life is not easy, especially when your brothers are apart of the famous YouTuber g...
  • beaubrooks
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Achilles Heel (A skip beat fanfic, Setsu x Cain) by Gravity_Piglet
Achilles Heel (A skip beat Gravity Piglet
I wasn't ever supposed to love anyone after what he did to me. I wasn't supposed to unlock those parts of me that every other human has. But after living with you that f...
  • beat
  • tsuruga
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Choices by Jbaaby14
Choicesby Jbaaby14
17yr old twins NaNa and Nick has moved to Atlanta their Sophmore year and set to ruin NaNa's life Tamia befriends her...
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Magic and Machine by Shinku130
Magic and Machineby Shinku130
She wasn't normal, born from a different world and brought to this one by a rampant machine. As the years go on, she becomes someone who roams the world with her trusty...
  • transformers
  • optimus
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Adopted by The Janoskians  by ChloeReay
Adopted by The Janoskians by Chloe_Brooks
Chloe and Molly Johnson live in a home down London. Their lives change for even when 5 energetic boys adopt the them
  • james
  • luke
  • sisters
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Cùng phỏng vấn và xả ảnh Eddworld by Hilimi080
Cùng phỏng vấn và xả ảnh Eddworldby Himili cute
Như đề Nhớ ra T are D nhé
  • vanikill
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Inherit by FantasyLover14
Inheritby Gabriella
~ Contains Spoilers from The Darkest Minds Series ~ IAAN affected so many kids, killing most of them while the rest gained abilities people thought were dangerous. Now t...
  • skip
  • yellow
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Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers: An Adventure To Remember (Discontinued) by Hai_se_r__
Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers: An Nice 2 Michu
{Ranked Highest: #308 in fanfiction} Lucy and Lisanna have become best buddies, after she returned from Fairy Tail. Natsu unexpectedly says that Lucy leaves the team, so...
  • battles
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fate  by Anishia416
fate by Anishia416
this is my own fanfic about skip beat. Some things in this story will relate back to the manga and the anime. I do not own skip beat these are just a few of my ideas for...
  • anime
  • skip
  • love
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I Can't Break Free {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Break Free {Stephew}by Scott
WARNING: This is a sequel to "I Can't Lose Her". Go read that one first. It's been almost three months since Matthew Patrick had the most intense, terrifying n...
  • ronnie
  • pewdiepie
  • jason
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Skip!(Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Skip!(Stephew)by NJ
Skip the cat doesn't understand humans.
  • steph
  • stephaniecordoto
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