toilet paper ↯ jjk by milkystars
toilet paper ↯ jjkby janice .
"hey, whoever's in the next stall, can you please pass over some toilet paper?" in which a girl gets stuck in a bathroom stall without toilet paper + in which...
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Meant To Be   *Janoskians Fan-Fic* by rubyhannah
Meant To Be *Janoskians Fan-Fic*by rubyhannah
Ruby moves to Melbourne to focus on her career and soon becomes close friends with internet sensations, the Janoskians. When her and Luke Brooks fall head over heels for...
  • sahyounie
  • jai
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Lost on the football pitch: a Brooklyn Beckham fanfic by FatherRach
Lost on the football pitch: a Rach
Maya Van Persie, a 15 year old girl, daughter to famous football player, Robin Van Persie. No one at her school knows that her father is Robin, (she prefers it that way)...
  • football
  • brooklyn
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My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Natepat (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Plugnuts
In a world where your own pet or most favoured item chooses your soulmate for you; What will happen when a famous musician decides to hold a concert in the city of LA wi...
  • amandalee
  • rylo
  • soulmates
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Branded - NatePat (ON HOLD) by EatableDogy
Branded - NatePat (ON HOLD)by EatableDogy
The one thing Nate wanted was wealth, he had major struggles with rent and other money related problems. When he got given the chance to make a make deal with a mysterio...
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I Can't Break Free {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Break Free {Stephew}by Scott
WARNING: This is a sequel to "I Can't Lose Her". Go read that one first. It's been almost three months since Matthew Patrick had the most intense, terrifying n...
  • stephew
  • matthew
  • stephanie
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Kyoko's baby bother! (A Skip Beat! Fanfic) by Neheigh
Kyoko's baby bother! (A Skip Neheigh
When Kyoko is called back to LME while acting as the Heel siblings for 'Tragic Marker' she knows something must be wrong, but she never expected that something to be in...
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Roadrunnerskippp🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️ by TMFB__
Roadrunnerskippp🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️by RoadRunner
No description just read.
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The brooks brothers fat sister by janoskiator3
The brooks brothers fat sisterby Boredwithlife😞
Hi I'm Sarah brooks yes my brothers are the internet sensation the janoskians. You would think I have a perfect life well you couldn't be more wrong I get bullied every...
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Peepachu, I Choose You! by FearTheDonut
Peepachu, I Choose You!by Joey
When the Game Theorists' world gets transformed into what seems to be an RPG game where they have to battle wild monsters and complete different challenges, they have no...
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fate  by Anishia416
fate by Anishia416
this is my own fanfic about skip beat. Some things in this story will relate back to the manga and the anime. I do not own skip beat these are just a few of my ideas for...
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Pleasantview ♦️ The Sims Series ♦️ Book 1 ♦️ #wattys2016 by DorySpeaksWhale5
Pleasantview ♦️ The Sims Series ♦️ Avery
#wattys2016 ~~~~ Pleasantview used to live up to its name, but lately things have been falling out. Will Brandi Broke be able to raise her two boys after her husbands m...
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The British Janoskians ~ A Janoskians Fanfic by TheJanoskiansChicks
The British Janoskians ~ A The Janoskian Girls
"So girls you get called the British version of The Janoskians... how do you feel about that?" the interviewer said, slightly leaning closer to me. "Well...
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Janoskians Preferences by DayDreamDays
Janoskians Preferencesby QUEEN OF LOSERS
May or may not contain strong language, badboys, 50 shades of sexuality ;) *ahum* smut *ahum*, Drugs and alcohol.
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FINAL DESTINATION #Wattys2017 (Complete) by ramisesjoson
FINAL DESTINATION #Wattys2017 ( McLisse Delavin Barta
Pano kung oras na kung mamatay ka ,matatakasan mo ba ito? Pano kung ngayon na Itong istorya at binase sa isang movie,pero tinagalog at iniba ang kunting mga conversatio...
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Magic and Machine by Shinku130
Magic and Machineby Shinku130
She wasn't normal, born from a different world and brought to this one by a rampant machine. As the years go on, she becomes someone who roams the world with her trusty...
  • magic
  • twins
  • ironhide
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LITTLE SOLDIER by immrssebastianstan
LITTLE SOLDIERby amber louise
" you're thirsty, I'll be the rain. You get hurt, I'll take the pain " Christina was their little soldier, someone that they all grew to love and care for with...
  • brothers
  • malarky
  • skip
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The Mystery of Love by LivingLife9358
The Mystery of Loveby Beth B. L.
Have you all noticed there's not to many books that are a Ren x kyoko fanfic, well not as many as there should be at least. Well I absolutely love this anime and it's a...
  • love
  • maria
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Halloween nello stile di Vongola by HitomikoKurosaki
Halloween nello stile di Vongolaby yuu
La famiglia Vongola expresa esta invitación para ti, sabemos quién eres y cuáles son tus ambiciones, por eso si ganas en nuestra celebración de Halloween, recibieras un...
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The janoskians imagines (requests are open) by Cloecox
The janoskians imagines ( ~~
Love the boys and I decide to do a imagine book on them so here we go :) Go follow them on twitter an Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channels :g
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