Meant To Be   *Janoskians Fan-Fic* by rubyhannah
Meant To Be *Janoskians Fan-Fic*by rubyhannah
Ruby moves to Melbourne to focus on her career and soon becomes close friends with internet sensations, the Janoskians. When her and Luke Brooks fall head over heels for...
  • gina
  • yammouni
  • brooks
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toilet paper ↯ jjk by milkystars
toilet paper ↯ jjkby janice .
"hey, whoever's in the next stall, can you please pass over some toilet paper?" in which a girl gets stuck in a bathroom stall without toilet paper + in which...
  • shortstory
  • paper
  • skewer
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My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Natepat (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Plugnuts
In a world where your own pet or most favoured item chooses your soulmate for you; What will happen when a famous musician decides to hold a concert in the city of LA wi...
  • skip
  • soulmateau
  • mandopony
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Iktsuarpok by storiesbyo
Iktsuarpokby oliyen madori
"Pertanyaan ini sering muncul di benak gue. Kapan ilusi gue tentang lo selama ini bisa berubah jadi nyata?. Karena, jujur. Gue mulai capek cuma bisa milikin bayanga...
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • stuck
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Pregnant (a Beau Brooks fanfic) by emilyxtaylorx
Pregnant (a Beau Brooks fanfic)by emily🌻
Imagine Beau Brooks getting you pregnant after a one night stand, take it from there
  • james
  • jamesyammouni
  • cute
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teach me // j.b by lowkeydisaster
teach me // j.bby anika
"Just don't tell anyone please" I looked him in the eyes. "I won't, your secret is safe with me," I sighed in relief from his words, "But you ha...
  • janoskians
  • jamesyammouni
  • teenfiction
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The Perfect Seduction {#wattys2016} by BabyMillz
The Perfect Seduction {#wattys2016}by Mildred
The Crighton family has been the cause of scandal and heartache for Bobbi Miller ---and she wants revenge. All she has to do is seduce the sinfully attractive Luke Crigh...
  • skip
  • crighton
  • sweet-romance
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Cùng phỏng vấn và xả ảnh Eddworld by Hilimi080
Cùng phỏng vấn và xả ảnh Eddworldby Himili cute
Như đề Nhớ ra T are D nhé
  • vanikill
  • toly
  • tord
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Luminosity (Skip Beat FanFiction) by Mitsuyuki-Hime
Luminosity (Skip Beat FanFiction)by Mitsu
Luminosity (noun) : the brightness of someone or something
  • mogami
  • ren
  • fuwa
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We at TJC Transport provide each and every customer with fast and reliable services, along with professional advice on the services we offer.
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SCP Reader Inserts by R3animated
SCP Reader Insertsby Maggie K.
  • scps
  • scpfoundation
  • skip
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The Skip Premise [Complete] by clarkewainikka
The Skip Premise [Complete]by Clarke Wainikka
Silvain Richards is a very ordinary man with a very special gift. He is able to make a seed into a flower and a man into a skeleton. Silvains abilities allow him to obt...
  • novel
  • adventure
  • wattys
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The Mystery of Love by LivingLife9358
The Mystery of Loveby Beth B. L.
Have you all noticed there's not to many books that are a Ren x kyoko fanfic, well not as many as there should be at least. Well I absolutely love this anime and it's a...
  • kyokoxren
  • ren
  • renxkyoko
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Game On! (Adopted by MatPat) by Human_Potato_45
Game On! (Adopted by MatPat)by 《KC the Angsty Weirdo》
Hi! I'm Y/N. I don't know this happened, but it did. I'm adopted by Matthew Patrick. I'm your average 11 year old girl. I fangirl, I cry, I have anxiety. But, I'm not no...
  • blamejason
  • youtube
  • skip
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I Can't Break Free {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Break Free {Stephew}by Scott
WARNING: This is a sequel to "I Can't Lose Her". Go read that one first. It's been almost three months since Matthew Patrick had the most intense, terrifying n...
  • jacksepticeye
  • filmtheory
  • stephanie
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Finally✞Janoskians fanfic by septernal
Finally✞Janoskians fanficby 🌹
Charlie was an ordinary 16 year old, went to school; she hated it. She hated everyone in it. But Jai soon comes and joins her form, what happens when both of their life'...
  • daniel
  • jai
  • james
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Is this forever or never? • Jai Brooks FanFic by ouhlalalax
Is this forever or never? • Jai Behbs 💕
"I'm sorry bab-" i cut him off "Don't call me babe anymore. Just call me by my name. Got it?" I said and I stood up "Leila it was just a heat of...
  • lukebrooks
  • jaibrooks
  • danielsahyounie
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The Truth Is Out//A baniel fanfic//janoskians  by sushtrashx
The Truth Is Out//A baniel Milly🅱️😤
Beau brooks has always felt something special for Daniel (skips) does Daniel feel the same way for beau? Or is he hiding something? Read to find out. Mature content Do...
  • jaibrooks
  • janoskians
  • boysxboys
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fate  by Anishia416
fate by Anishia416
this is my own fanfic about skip beat. Some things in this story will relate back to the manga and the anime. I do not own skip beat these are just a few of my ideas for...
  • fanfiction
  • skip
  • beat
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The fire by LizzyBoyer4
The fireby Lizzy Boyer
Five years after a hater set there house on fire Matthew struggles with the memories of Stephanie sacrificing her self to save Matt skip and Ollie Matthew being a single...
  • matpat
  • death
  • stephine
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