From Nerd to Hottie (13)

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Beep-Beep... Beep-Beep.... Beep-Beep

Everything was dark but I could hear the sounds of a heart monitor near by. I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times. It took me a while to process where a was. It was a bright white room, nearly empty except for the bed I was lying on and a few machines around me. There was a window looking out into a hallway to the right of me.

I tried sitting up but I couldn't move. I looked down at my body and tried my hardest to move again. I couldn't.

"Hello?" I called quietly. As I continued saying it, I got louder.

Finally, a lady in purple scrubs heard me and rushed in. "Yes?" She asked. Then she called out into the hallway, "She's awake, doctor!"

A few more people walked into the room I was in.

"Paige!" My mom gasped and hugged me.

"Where am I?" I asked. I felt like crying. I was so confused. Why was I in a hospital? Why was my mom crying? Why couldn't I move?

The first nurse sat on the edge of my bed. "Paige, your in the hospital. You were in an accident. You were hit by a truck last friday and forced into a coma. Do you remember what happened? What's your last memory?"

"I was at a party." I said. "With, um, Nolen and Justin and Stacie. I was driving home. Then I fell asleep and was dreaming. And now I'm awake."

"I'm your primary nurse, Nora, ok, Paige?" She continued. "Is that all you remember?"

My mom was crying in the back of the room. I tried ignoring her but she was sobbing too loud.

"Why can't I move, Nora?" I asked. "Where are Stacie and Justin and Nolen? Are they OK?"

Nora nodded. "I believe Stacie is with Nolen right now. Nolen is OK. He just had a minor cuncussion to the head, a neck injury, and a few broken bones. Justin is alright too. He's only had a few broken ribs, a fractured femur, and a broken arm. Your all going to be OK."

"What's wrong with me? Why can't I move?" I started to panic.

"Calm down, Paige. Your fine." Nora soothed me. "You've had several surgeries in the past week and one of them was just this morning. You probably can't move because the pain medication hasn't worn off yet."

I still felt like crying. "Can I see Nolen and Justin and Stacie? Please, Nora?"

"I'll go get them." Nora disappeared for a few minutes.

"Paige!" My Mom exclaimed. "How are you? How do you feel? Is that all you remember? Did you have any drinks that night? Why were you driving home? Do you feel any pain?" She walked closer to my bedside. "Paige?"

I thought as hard as I could. "I don't know, Mom. I'm sorry."

Nolen came into my room in a wheel chair and Justin followed him on crutches. "Paige!" They both said.

"I'm sorry, guys." I said, tearing up.

"Why are you sorry, Paige?" Nolen asked.

Justin nodded. "It wasn't your fault at all. You were just driving us home when Nolen crashed the car."

"What?" I asked. "What happened?"

Nolen looked at Nora and Nora nodded. "You were driving Justin and I home- the two of us were drunk, you weren't. And I took the wheel, suddenly, and crashed the car. It wasn't your fault- it was mine."

"We're sorry that you got hurt the worst and you were only trying to do good." Justin added.

Nolen nodded his head.

Just then, Stacie walked in. "Paige." She said, a little scared. "How are you? Do you remember what happened?"

"Not much." I said. "I remember everything up to me driving. After me driving, everything goes blank."

Stacie came close to me and held my hand. "Do you remember the, um, party?" Her voice was quiet and scared. I wasn't sure why.

"I don't know. Maybe." I thought for a little bit. "I don't think I had fun. Is that why I left?" I looked at Justin and Nolen.

"You were taking us home because we were drunk." Nolen said. "That's why you left. And there was a shooting at the party."

I was a little confused. "Wait, were was Stacie then? Why wasn't she in the car with us?"

"You couldn't find her." Justin replied.

"Wait." I inturrupted. "She was with somebody else, right?"

Stacie let go of my hand. "I was with friends at the party, other friends because I couldn't find you guys."

"You were..." I muttered. "Wait... I don't remember..."

"It's the truth." Stacie said in a cocky tone of voice.

Nolen glanced at Stacie nervously.

Nora looked at me happily. "The good news, Paige, is that doctors predict that you'll gain all of your memory back in the next few weeks. All of your tests and scans look fantastic and I'm glad to give you the news."

"Really?" I smiled. "Will I remember the crash and the party and all the details?"

"Most likely." Nora smiled back.

Nolen and Justin high-fived.

"That's great news!" Justin said.

"It is!" Nolen agreed. "Right, Stacie?"

Stacie shrugged. She looked cold and nervous all of a sudden. "Yeah." She faked. "Of course it it." Stacie flashed me a 100% fake smile. "Congrats, Paige-y."

I giggled. "When am I getting out of the hospital?"

"Only time will tell, hun." Nora replied. "So far, everything is great so we're hoping the next two or two and a half weeks. But we'll just have to take it day by day."

I couldn't stop smiling. This was all surprisingly good news. Even though I didn't know exactly what happened yet, I was looking forward to getting better and finally figuring it all out.

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