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A Kiss for Maya  by KatherineKeyz
A Kiss for Maya by Katherine
"He's lucky I let him live!" He kicks the chair he was sitting on, "I can't stand the thought of anyone hurting you." He takes slow steady steps towa...
Loving Maya by KatherineKeyz
Loving Mayaby Katherine
"You expect me to forget everything?" His voice comes out as a whisper. "To act like it doesn't hurt me to see you with him or that I'm still not crazy in...
As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
The Alpha's Mate and Babies by Jessie12334
The Alpha's Mate and Babiesby Jessie12334
Jessie thought her life couldn't get any better but her hopes may change because of a special night that she shared with Noah Whitewater her Alpha of the pack, she is no...
Rejected and Insecure by oluna15
Rejected and Insecureby Ijeoma Oluna Nkem
Christopher Benjamin Jackson is the last son of Daniel Jackson a rich and successful business man and a strict but loving single father of five sons. He has five brothe...
Love Comes Softly | Slow Updates  by Deardevil123
Love Comes Softly | Slow Updates by αηgεℓα ∂'sσυzα
[Highest Ranking] #7 out of 2.59k in Nerdy #7 out of 6.76k in Trip . . . Going to Maldives meant only one thing for them to attend their best friend's wedding with their...
To Drown by Falling_Snow
To Drownby King Tobias
Peter Parker was completely fine with small-time crime and simple muggings and robberies, but then the infamous Deadpool had to come along and mess everything up. Betwee...
NERD- Larry Stylinson by PreciadoA
NERD- Larry Stylinsonby PreciadoA
Louis Tomlinson aka senior badass. He's known for not caring what other people think and living life as true to himself as he can be. So he has a reputation for sticking...
Star Wars Characters React To Ships by yoitsme108
Star Wars Characters React To Shipsby Lonely_jedi_108
Star Wars characters will react to the ship and then rate it out of 10🚢 🤓(Requests CLOSED!)🤓 #1 in sw on December 3 2018 #3 in Armitagehux December 3 2018 #3 in cring...
The Nerd And The Bad Boy by IlovMurphy
The Nerd And The Bad Boyby Morgiebug
I'm not big on descriptions but I'll try. Here it goes: Alice-Mae was just a socially awkward nerd with a best friend named Chloe when Mr. Colten Bad Boy bumps into he...
Komoreby by SuVida777
Komorebyby Su Vida
| 𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗬 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮 𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗥𝗧𝗟𝗜𝗦𝗧 · AMBYS 2022 WINNER · A quirky Asian high school story fused with sci-fi, romance and mystery | A lonely, small-town gamer girl...
Math Jokes! ✓ by morgandstone
Math Jokes! ✓by moregon
So, math. Most people will encounter math at some point in their lifetimes and many people will view it as a huge problem that hinders their fun. This may not be your pr...
Nothing But The Little Sister (Sheldon Cooper Fanfic) by Youtuber_01
Nothing But The Little Sister ( 🥺Bella McKay🥺
Lillian Hofstadter was the sister to Leonard Hofstadter. She was the youngest of the Hofstadter family and not really very close with her family aside her older brother...
The Countryside Stars by liquoredlarry
The Countryside Starsby Alessia
Louis is a conservative, clean-cut, 17 year old. He does whatever he's told and doesn't get into trouble. Harry, on the other hand, is a 20 year old, out of college work...
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
The mysterious Mafia Queen -ANO- by amihanAtsibro
The mysterious Mafia Queen -ANO-by HANGIN
Author Notes :This story is made up by my mind this is; •fiction •created •not true story The places, event, character is just a fiction. #remember -just follow the flow...
You make time stand still | Freddy Freeman x Reader by imagineifthis
You make time stand still | zo
*SPOILERS *Cursing just a reminder this is a really old story and has many flaws- (#3 in freddyfreeman) (#2 in shortish) (#20 in Nerdy) (#841 in short)
The Best Scumbag Ever |  SakuAtsu by LezSanchez
The Best Scumbag Ever | SakuAtsuby Lez Sanchez
The nerd Kiyoomi Sakusa met the Popular Atsumu Miya... What could be built between them anyway? Is it love or hate? Does secrets build or destroy friendship? When will t...
The shy one (Eddie X Reader)  by KaylaOkumura
The shy one (Eddie X Reader) by Kayla Tozier
(Y/n) was always the shy one at school, drawing in her notebook and always observing when everything changed, because one shy boy stood up for you