"our lives are moving on, caleb. maybe its time we start doing the same."
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Pure Pearl by InsertUsername12345
Pure Pearlby 💫 T.B 💫
"His eyes were on Aurora, his prey. She was stunning to him, so beautiful and pure. So innocent. Noticing her white dress being stained from the dirty floor she lay...
  • pure
  • mates
  • vampires
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Oh là là - ¿Quién es ese bombón? by FabiolaGp
Oh là là - ¿Quién es ese bombón?by 🌺Phavy Prieto🌺
Decidme que he muerto y estoy en el paraíso terrenal de los hombres guapos, porque tanto bombón junto no puede ser real... ¡Que viva Francia, la libertè, fraternitè y to...
  • novelajuvenil
  • drama
  • risasgarantizadas
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Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWM by DemonChixk
Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWMby ‎‏‏‎
"We're not supposed to be doing this Sebastian..." Sebastian pulled me closer to him not looking away from my forest green eyes. "You and I both know you...
  • ceo
  • romance
  • money
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Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused Cliche Love Series) by Liscine
Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused S.Liscine
Blake and Ray are two different people. Blake is the innocent good girl while Ray is the deadly quiet Bad Boy. The only ties they have together is their best friends who...
  • boyfriend
  • romance
  • love
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Forced To Love by KHT3012
Forced To Loveby KHT3012
Highest Ranking: #14 in ChickLit "Don't you ever touch me again! I don't want your filthy hands on me!", he screamed in my face. A new wave of tears surged to...
  • best
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  • henry
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Consumed  by lelesbookz
Consumed by Lele
I never thought I could become friends with one of them. I never thought I would become so called "famous after meeting them. They brought happiness to my life but...
  • zion
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Exclusive girl  by ChIcKENFaCEee
Exclusive girl by Chickenlittleee
  • love
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Social media | Zion Kuwonu  by waffle_house
Social media | Zion Kuwonu by miley wassgood
Zion Kuwonu commented on your post "woah 😍"
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Pretty Much Preferences/Blurbs by lauradiazxx
Pretty Much Preferences/Blurbsby lauradiazxx
Just a place to dump all the blurbs and scenarios that go through my head during the day. Enjoy! xx
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Big Bros & Tiny Twins ✔️ by Gracexoxo2000
Big Bros & Tiny Twins ✔️by Gracexoxo2000
COMPLETED Cover: Lucy on left and Darcy on right. Darcy and Lucy Walker are identical twins - blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, tiny, and cute. They have four older brother...
  • cute
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Don't Let Me Go by sodamnrad
Don't Let Me Goby Shay
Dylan Hawthorne is the son and heir of a multi-billionaire business man. When his father comes up with a ludicrous arranged wedding, Dylan is determined to do anything t...
  • dont
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I Am Nancy Montgomery  (Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction) [COMPLETED] by rebeccamaders
I Am Nancy Montgomery (Pretty M
[COMPLETED] Meet the missing Montgomery of Rosewood, and Mike Montgomery's twin. Nancy Montgomery had never heard of rosewood or her birth parents before her sister cont...
  • emily
  • twin
  • alisondilaurentis
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WooHoo! (A Brandon Arreaga and Nick Mara fanfic) PM *ON HOLD* by itsbesus
WooHoo! (A Brandon Arreaga and b
  • brandon
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  • austin
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Female Cast Ideas by goldentatortots
Female Cast Ideasby goldentatortots
enjoy a book of beautiful women? (I'm not good with book descriptions) I'm going back in to add their ages so W.I.P.
  • updating
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Fell Inlove With The Demon Who Raped Me by Majelangg
Fell Inlove With The Demon Who MajelGutierrez
Maaatim mo bang mahulog sa isang demonyong mismong gumahasa sayo? #4 in random♥
  • bestfriend
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Model (Social Media)  by -lustful
Model (Social Media) by - S🎄✨
Instagram You don't know what to expect. Started: 12/9/17 Ended: 8/23/18 Highest rankings: #5 in Alissa Violet #12 in model
  • ricegum
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Pretty [DracoxHermione] by ViaIsKawaii
Pretty [DracoxHermione]by ~Via~
With Hermione's parents dead, she's dealing with depression. It's not helping that a marriage law decides she belongs with Draco Malfoy. Will she be able to find a looph...
  • dracoxhermione
  • drapple
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16 and... by Jcoleisbae
16 Jcoleisbae
Sixteen year old Lauren is a junior in HighSchool with pretty much an average life, except the fact that she is already a mother and the father of her child wants nothin...
  • rellarell
  • chris
  • teenpregnancy
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Aesthetics  by nicodiangelo1940
Aesthetics by <3 k l a n c e <3
Aesthetics for random people who apparently like my work.
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