From Nerd to Hottie *Epilogue*

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Hey guys! This is just a little fun thing I thought I should do and two people also suggested I should do! It's not in a normal paragraph format, it's in number form- like facts I guess. I hope you enjoy and thank you all so much for reading! I couldn't be more thankful for all my fans and all the reads this story has gotten!


Rach (:

1. Nolen and Pagie happily lived together during their first year of college. They rented an apartment in between both of their colleges.

2. When the year was over, things got difficult with money and Paige and Nolen moved out. Paige moved in with one of her new college friends- Rosie- and Nolen moved in with one of his new college friends- Kale.

3. Paige and Nolen stayed in touch but the long difference relationship was difficult so they called it quits after four months of moving out of their old apartment. They stayed in touch and were still good friends though.

4. Paige dated a few new guys but none of them were as special as Nolen was to her. Nolen didn't date anybody else. He had a special place in his heart that was only meant for Paige.

5. Their fourth and last year of college, Paige and Nolen got back together but didn't move in together again. This time they made their long distance relationship work better and they stayed together all year.

6. Paige graduated college with a degree in elementary education. She was offered a third grade student-teaching job at an elementary school near Boston.

7. Nolen graduated college second in his class and majored in biochemistry. He plans on working at a research facility in Boston after he gets his master's degree in biochemistry.

8. Paige and Nolen moved in together again in a little house in Boston where it was easy for Paige to get to work and also for Nolen to get to school and work.

9. Nolen proposed to Paige on Christmas. They had a small wedding in June with only family and close friends in a little church in Boston. They honeymooned in Costa Rica.

10. After having their first two kids, Mia- the oldest by two years- and Ricky- the younger one- the small family moved to a bigger house on the outskirts of Boston.

11. Paige went back to school and got a degree in special education and became a special ed. teacher at a new school closer to home.

12. Nolen finished getting his master's and got one of the highest titles at the biochemical research facility he has been working at.

13. The family of four added one more child, Aly, to the mix after moving to Chicago for Nolen's work.

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