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To Shave a Boyfriend  by Idunno133
To Shave a Boyfriend by I dunno
A story about a girl who brings her rapunzel boyfriend to a salon to be shaved bald
Sparks in the body (Niall Horan Love story) *On Hold* by Rukia1DWolf
Sparks in the body (Niall Horan Rukia1DWolf
She never thought she would never go to a concert by herself. That her friend and her can spend all the time together since she never see her parents anymore, but once h...
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Haircuts... by Kris_Dotson
#3 Kris_Dotson
The most horrible experience I have ever had in my life.
Lou and Harry by niall_cookie
Lou and Harryby niall_cookie
Lou Teasdale hairdresser of one direction and Harry Styles member of one direction are in pairs but... Harry needs a new cut and he don't want a haircut... Lou was makin...
Bittersweet Memories by _HushedSecrets
Bittersweet Memoriesby Whitney-Alexia
".. Since when did a father cut their daughter's hair?" Three year old Whitney-Alexia goes through a main event in her life so far.. Her first haircut, which i...
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A Clean Scalp for the Dirty Schemer by ran0train0
A Clean Scalp for the Dirty Schemerby ran0train0
Harper has sentenced herself to fifteen years in the slammer. She knows the drill, and has been secretly preparing herself for prison time in the event her money launder...
Shattered Glass by ran0train0
Shattered Glassby ran0train0
After mistakenly chucking a stone through the window of dominatrix Vivian von Vesper, Aster Glass must pay the price. That is, of course, the complete relinquishment of...
Bad Hair Day by IJustLoveToWriteee
Bad Hair Dayby Xion Gordon
Eva has an appointment at her friend's hair salon to get a trim. When she arrives, she surprised to see that her friend isn't there. Instead, a newly employed hairdresse...
Stuck in the Moment by Leen_PhoenixRae
Stuck in the Momentby LeenPhoenixRae
When Quinn Salvatore met Justin Bieber backstage at his concert she didn’t think she’d make quite an impression on him. But when she was ‘kidnapped’ after school three...
The Haircut by itsavatarkorra
The Haircutby itsavatarkorra
This is just my headcanon of Mako's reaction to Korra's new haircut
Just a Trim by bernardlovesamy101
Just a Trimby bernardlovesamy101
Bernard goes in for a haircut at Great Clips, expecting just a trim. However, his hairdresser catches his attention and keeps him coming back for more.
Stealing Royalty by xJobozx
Stealing Royaltyby Jo
"I felt his lips brushing the side of my face as my heartbeat accelerated, Get off me, Get off me, GET OFF ME! My thoughts screamed at me as his lips moved down to...
Nothing would stop me from loving you by lovethoseshieldfeels
Nothing would stop me from AmbreignsAreLove
X~ONE SHOT!~X Roman and Dean are 17 at school, they are a couple and they don't care who knows it. They are open and do not hide their love from anyone at school. The jo...
Ruling: My Disguise by unique-goddess
Ruling: My Disguiseby unique-goddess
Alex Middleton is a girl, clearly. Or perhaps not. Three years back, a tragedy occurred. Through this tragedy came hiding and one clever facade. Alex is forced to charad...
Être Fleur Bleue (victuuri) by Joelsweet
Être Fleur Bleue (victuuri)by KJ
When he goes for a walk on the beach one night, Viktor Nikiforov finds a drunk merman with cuts from glass all over his body. He can't just leave him there, so he takes...
Elsia by BlushingBlueRose
Elsiaby Bella
"She knew too much." ©️BlushingBlueRose
Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
Yellow Group Gets Hair Cuts by CarolineMarie03
Yellow Group Gets Hair Cutsby CarolineMarie03
Yellow group goes to Great Clips.
Fabulous Hair Doesn't Come Naturally (Sabriel) by Umbridge_BurnToDeath
Fabulous Hair Doesn't Come Queen Emmers
When Dean forces Sam into getting a haircut, he obliges. After his first visit there goes wrong, he doesn't want to go back. Unfortunately, Dean brings him back for the...