From Nerd to Hottie (6)

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I sat across from Nolen at lunch with my head being held up by the palm of my hand. I picked at my food the whole time and ate nothing. I stared at Nolen the whole time- and so did at least ten other girls.

"Hey? Paige?" Nolen called at me nervously. "Paige!"

I jumped a little bit. I had dazed off while I was staring at him. "Sorry. What?"

"Want to go outside?" He asked, standing up.

"Wait!" One girl called out.

"Nolen!" Another girl whined.

Nolen got them away from him and the two of us went outside.

"Are you OK?" Nolen asked.

I nodded, trying to make him believe me. "Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm fine."

Nolen stared at me for a moment. "Are you jealous?"

"Jealous!" I exclaimed at him. "No! No! Jealous of what?"

He laughed. "OK, never mind."

A girl started walking over to us- oh wait, no, she was walking towards Nolen. Her hair was bleach blond with pink high lights, she had tan skin, bright blue eyes, and a super skinny figure. Her skirt looked like it was meant to be more of a belt, her shirt was too tight and her boobs were spilling out of the top, and her shoes made her several inches taller but looked so uncomfortable. The make-up on her face was overly done and the jewelry she wore was gaudy and ugly.

"Why hello there, Nolen." The girl tried to flirt.

Nolen stared at her, a little scared of how she looked. "H-hi."

The girl introduced herself and started ranting on.

Nolen shot me some looks while she talked.

I just laughed at both of them.

"Hey!" Another girl walked over. This girl was really pretty. She had long, dark brown, wavy hair, stunning green eyes, tan- but not overly tan- skin, and really white teeth. She was wearing short jean shorts, a purple v-neck top, some colorful necklaces, and cute sandals.

"Hi." I replied.

"Hey." Nolen waved.

The scary looking girl screeched Nolen's name but he ignored her. After a few minutes, she got frustrated and walked away.

"I'm Stacie and I'm new here. The office said me and... Paige? had the same schedule? Are you Paige?" The pretty girl said.

I did a little wave. "That's me." I smiled and shook her hand. "I'm Paige! Nice to meet you Stacie. This is Nolen."

"Nolen." Stacie smiled and shook his hand. "Oh, well, hi there." She giggled.

The bell rang and the three of us started walking inside. Nolen and I started to get to know Stacie a little bit before Nolen had to go to his class. Stacie and I walked into our class and sat in the back.

Stacie turned towards me and smiled. "So, that Nolen guy, is he your boyfriend?"

"No."  I said. My face started feeling warm and I knew I was turning red.

"Paige!" Stacie exclaimed.

I gave her a serious look. "He is not my boyfriend."

"But you like him." She said.

I started turning red again. "Um... no."

She nodded. "Yes! You do! Admit it!"

I groaned. "Fine! I do!" I started laughing nervously. "I do and so does every other girl in this school now that he's hot."

"What?" Stacie asked.

"Long story!" I replied.

Stacie and I talked pretty much the whole class period about Nolen and the make-over. We started really becoming friends. And admitting my crush on Nolen to her felt good. I think I could really trust this girl.

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