Rose Evans by _likemysoul
Rose Evansby Missy Hastings
Sequel to Sirina Rose Potter After an entire year of hiding her true identity, will Sirina, Harry, and their friends be able to keep up the charade? With Voldemort on t...
  • weasley
  • twin
  • sister
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Lies And Chocolate by JessieVinkemulder
Lies And Chocolateby JessieVinkemulder
Evony Blue has two problems; her mom won't leave her abusive boyfriend, and she and her school's golden boy have developed some weird friendship. While Evony navigates h...
  • romance
  • year
  • cheerleader
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The Patronus Charm- A Lily and James Fanfiction by Dreams_of_Yesterday
The Patronus Charm- A Lily and Nichole
Lily Evans has hated James Potter ever since their first year at Hogwarts. It's not something that Lily ever expects to change. But outside the castle walls, a dark wiza...
  • james
  • lily
  • remuslupin
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Senior Year - A Dolan Twin Fanfiction (Sequel to Pairs) by Tashi103
Senior Year - A Dolan Twin Tashi
(Sequel to Pairs - A Dolan Twin Fanfiction) Senior Year brings complication to two pairs of siblings; Julia and Kathlyn Hollis, and Ethan and Grayson Dolan. These compli...
  • juliahollis
  • graysondolan
  • hollis
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2019 by Joyfulj42
2019by Joyfulj42
What would I even do if I made it? Those are my days.
  • journal
  • year
  • 2019
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The forgotten one|Draco Malfoy ⚓︎ by Space0Ships
The forgotten one|Draco Malfoy ⚓︎by Batman
In which a girl named Evelyn Adams is the long lost twin of the one and only Harry Potter. They finally meet each other after 14 years. But what happens when she falls f...
  • orderoftherphoenix
  • twin
  • ilvermorny
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The Five Snapes by Slytherinssl
The Five Snapesby Sophie Luna
When the second oldest snape begins Hogwarts things start to change for the youngest snape. Severe is trying everything to get his family into order again. And the young...
  • quidditch
  • malfoy
  • slytherin
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Different  by BS__17
Different by SM__33
It's about a girl who looks normal but something about her is interesting she is different not by how she looks she just try's to make everyone smiles and she can't smi...
  • teen
  • better
  • smarter
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Holiday Recipes by QueensofBaking
Holiday Recipesby Hannah - Hailey
This is where we will be posting recipes that have to do with a specific holiday. -Rankings: #20 Thanksgiving (10/03/18) #10 Easter (12/11/18)
  • foodnetwork
  • media
  • backtoschool
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the BIG quiz of 2018 by sport
the BIG quiz of 2018by Sport
Are you ready to take part in the BIG sport quiz of 2018?
  • fifa
  • soccer
  • superbowl
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Year 2079 by LiveNiceTimes
Year 2079by Mery
Anul 2079. Lumea s-a schimbat iar pamantul nu mai este ce obisnuia odata sa fie. Atingerea Virusului de acum 50 de ani a distrus totul―populatia pamantului a scazut, moa...
  • harry
  • year
  • cara
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that one summer by vlover261
that one summerby Simply Mat
~Based on a true story~ It's hard being in love with your best friend. Especially when you know that he doesn't like you back....And when he changes girlfriends almost e...
  • relationship
  • cute
  • feels
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Tearfully Reckless  by demiwitch1
Tearfully Reckless by Emily M.
《Avengers and Harry Potter Crossover》 《Book 4 of Series》 Emotional baggage is hard to put down, but Kendra Barton is determined to do so, for her fourth year at Hogwarts...
  • wattys2018
  • hermione
  • weasley
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15 (Harry Styles) by Soccer1D
15 (Harry Styles)by Sam
Sam has always wanted to go to California. Her wish comes true when her mother takes her along on her business trip to Los Angeles. While Sam's mother was in a meeting s...
  • styles
  • british
  • just
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One thought a week by 00lucette00
One thought a weekby 00lucette00
Maybe these are not the most beautiful thoughts, maybe they are. I am a teenage girl trying to embrace in the journey of discovering those feelings and emotions that pas...
  • adventure
  • journal
  • journey
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Bad Girls need love too??!!  by MusicalRainbow13
Bad Girls need love too??!! by Crazyhatter24
"Hello and Welcome to Woodside high school ". Where all hell breaks loose. Eric black and his brothers are the bad boy click of woodside. They make all the...
  • romance
  • senior
  • year
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New Kid: Ashton Irwin by 5secondsofchicken
New Kid: Ashton Irwinby Meg
He puts out the cigarette in the tray and I notice cuts on his wrists. I don't know if I should ask him or not. If I do, I know he'll get defensive, but if I don't I'll...
  • rude
  • 5sosfanfic
  • rock
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Harry: Why me? Ron: Because you're Harry F****ing Potter. by qwertyuiop1234abc
Harry: Why me? Ron: Because you' AQwertyFriend
Time Travel to the Mauraders era cliché. Harry just lost his godfather. Distraught, he runs towards the Veil. Ron tries to stop him but trips causing the two of them to...
  • harrypotter
  • possiblesiriusxharry
  • possiblesnarry
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Quote of the Days by kula_unicorn
Quote of the Daysby Kyla T. Marais
Just some funny or inspirational quotes I've found thought the day. This will be going on for a year.
  • daily
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My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~ Years 5-7~ by Ocean-Girl
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Ocean-Girl
~ Years 5-7 ~"Ro, I love you, that's because!" shouted Harry. I stop dead and I turn around "What?" I said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemar...
  • myfriend
  • rosemary
  • thegoldentrio
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