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Chasing After The PA | Complete ✔ by DaymareXNightdream
Chasing After The PA | Complete ✔by Jessica🌙
Hunter Blackthorne, CEO of the most powerful company in the world. Young, attractive and extremely arrogant. Payton Flores, escaping a dark past and looking for a bri...
  • plottwist
  • death
  • boyfriend
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happy endings don't exist : ethan dolan by badreplive
happy endings don't exist : badreplive
Just when they thought everything was over, their world starts to crumble once again. A surprise unwanted guest comes to visit the two teenagers who may just ruin their...
  • dolantwins
  • matthewespinosa
  • graysondolan
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Solving You Riddle (Tom Riddle Love Story) by IsmatFk
Solving You Riddle (Tom Riddle Ismat
A Tom Riddle love story He is not supposed to feel love born under the influence of a love portion,but there are exceptions to every rule and she is his only exception...
  • lordvoldermort
  • deatheater
  • tomriddlelovestory
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monster's angel by honey_pranu
monster's angelby honey
#18 in fanfiction on 2-5-2018 #26 in fanfiction on 29-5-2017. #28 in fanfiction on 28-5-2017. #37 in fanfiction on 26-5-2017. Hi guys this is another story hope you guys...
  • suffer
  • nandini
  • sentiment
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Redamancy [Complete] by ArshiHameshaa
Redamancy [Complete]by MysticaldivineF
He opened his soul to a girl who he pushed away just for her own good, Just for her own safety. But he had no idea she was carrying a dark past herself, a past which was...
  • twist
  • isspyarkokyanaamdoon
  • ipkknd
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Taken by a DEMON (PUBLISHED Anne
Heaven and hell have conditions for you to enter. They won't base it on how you have live your life. They'll give you the privilege to choose. ______ Everythin...
  • history
  • generalfiction
  • time
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Every 'Jack' .... has a "Jill" by itsRajnandini
Every 'Jack' .... has a "Jill"by Rajnandini Saroj Bhutada
Kabir Mehra - Introvert , Smart yet Conscious, No hopes for a love marriage still planning to get married... an arranged He doesn't like changes in his life Will h...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • friendship
  • wife
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Manan ff : Best Friends Forever  by royblossom
Manan ff : Best Friends Forever by royblossom
Soulmates trapped in a sweet conspiracy of destiny.
  • friendship
  • marriage
  • college
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A Xenomorph's Child [2] ✓ by xenoX323
A Xenomorph's Child [2] ✓by ⇜ Xeno X ⇝
#4 in #xenomorph (8/1/17) "He's not a monster, he's my father." For 6 years, Becca and Singh have lived in peace without another human finding them. But during...
  • marines
  • fiction
  • twist
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The Menace Brothers  by JessBinGloin
The Menace Brothers by JessBinGloin💗
Anaya Lí just turned 20. Kicked out of the orphanage at 18 she's been living on her own for 2 years. But what happens when she bumps in to the neighborhoods most known b...
  • twist
  • fiction
  • thug
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Running Away from The Alpha King by Myfantasya
Running Away from The Alpha Kingby Myfantasya
Highest rank so Far #3 (Werewolf) In the World of Werewolves, every Alpha has his mate, a White Wolf. Only a White Wolf can be an Alpha's Mate. Meet Christal, a wolf t...
  • english
  • romance
  • alpha
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And Should You Fall I Will Catch You (or fall trying): Beginnings by inlovewithsnow2002
And Should You Fall I Will Catch inlovewithsnow2002
Its a non cliche story of Voldemort's grand son with a new villain and thats all your gonna get so READ IT Jk here's the real description It should have ended when Gaea...
  • grandson
  • twist
  • willsolace
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Guy, Lies and Deadly Spies. by blue698
Guy, Lies and Deadly Tamia
Highest ranking: #1 in spy. Humor/Action. For the first time ever, agent B92 is exposed to teenage life. Read how she adapts to it, especially at an all boys school. ===...
  • action
  • plottwist
  • boys
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Ji Eun's Idol Life by suesuejoee
Ji Eun's Idol Lifeby joesue
Lee Ji Eun is an internatinal K-pop star. She always lived with her father and her step-mother as her parents divorced when she was just ten years old. Overcoming her st...
  • dating
  • trust
  • wattys2018
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Her Human Prince by onebluerose
Her Human Princeby selene
Keira met him in her first day as a senior in high school. He was tall and lean. He smelled minty and bittersweet, the scent of dark chocolate that perfectly matched his...
  • wolf
  • alpha
  • unexpected
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Partners in crime  by ArtGeekJ
Partners in crime by It’s_me_fabulousness
"We're murderers Adrien, people like us, we don't get things like this" "Come on yes we do, it's just a lot more fun for people like us" He smirked...
  • catblanc
  • catnoir
  • juleka
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Blue Flames [Katsuki Bakugou x Reader] by Derpy_Dork
Blue Flames [Katsuki Bakugou x Derpy Dork!○☆。*.★
I hate him. I don't understand why he keeps following me; even when he says he wants me to die and disappear. Katsuki Bakugou has bullied Midoriya and I since childhood...
  • katsukibakugouxreader
  • story
  • action
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B.A.D Luck (Currently editing) by I_Byte
B.A.D Luck (Currently editing)by .
*Was originally The Alpha's Pregnant Mate* (Completed) Stubborn, over protective, possessive, and werewolf Rane Moore throws a party at his house. He knows who his mate...
  • twist
  • highschool
  • mate
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The Billionaire's Contract by LMCryBaby
The Billionaire's Contractby LMCrybaby
I hesitated. Then sighed. "What would I have to do?" "Marry me." ______________ Lucian King doesn't give a damn about anyone. The only thing that he...
  • drama
  • arrogant
  • sexy
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and then he fell  by Birdcrowns
and then he fell by din ♡
She can't be saved. She's far too gone to. © Birdcrowns 2018
  • girl
  • boy
  • bết
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