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Too Ugly To Love by imastupididyut
Too Ugly To Loveby imastupididyut
Growing up with older siblings and their friends can be frustrating at times. Especially when I had a crush on one of them that lasted a few years. But what my siblings...
  • pretty
  • rejection
  • used
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My Mountain Warrior by imastupididyut
My Mountain Warriorby imastupididyut
Who said that if you had a good and loving family and a few good friends, you wouldn't need anything else. Well, they lied. I had a good and loving family and a few good...
  • warrior
  • ugly
  • love
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The Ugly Rich Girl √ by beccaathesmartaleck
The Ugly Rich Girl √by Becca ♥
Florence Cade is an ugly girl, with multi-millionaire parents. When she sees a video of her father and her 'best friend' Cara making a deal, all hope is gone. Flo's life...
  • rich
  • ugly
  • girl
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The Billionaire's Mask by geumjandi
The Billionaire's Maskby Ann Margarette
"You shall never enter Master Brandon's bedroom nor his study. He's not a very patient man. No one is allowed to enter his room. You can do whatever you want in the...
  • boss
  • love
  • billionaire
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Bully | YBN Nahmir  by icyyirene
Bully | YBN Nahmir by 《I》💦
"i ain't never letting you go" "mhmm whatever" "quit playing"
  • ybncordae
  • ybnglizzy
  • rappers
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Too Ugly To Tame by imastupididyut
Too Ugly To Tameby imastupididyut
He called me feral. I was too wild. I was too ugly to tame and too ugly to love. The only friend I had was his son Jack, who I felt had a kindred spirit like mine. We b...
  • home
  • taming
  • anger
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The Ugly Friend. by OriginalCreations
The Ugly OriginalCreations
Have you every thought that you weren't pretty enough? Violet Wilmingon has and every single day of her life. Her friends are drop dead gorgeous and then there's just he...
  • teen
  • sad
  • highschool
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In Her Name by imastupididyut
In Her Nameby imastupididyut
Rejected by both parents after they divorced was the best thing that could have happened to Rene. It meant that she got to live with the grandparents that she never knew...
  • rejected
  • sad
  • teenagers
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A Need For Love by imastupididyut
A Need For Loveby imastupididyut
She had been kept in the dark as the youngest in the family. She never knew that there was someone else who had come into their lives and destroyed the only home that s...
  • shot
  • sisters
  • betrayed
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Making Ugly Mine by imastupididyut
Making Ugly Mineby imastupididyut
We all do something stupid when we are young. That one stupid act that changes our lives and possibly others as well. Unfortunately, my one stupid act had results that l...
  • anger
  • youth
  • sole-parenting
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My Ugly Mistake by imastupididyut
My Ugly Mistakeby imastupididyut
Every one of us makes mistakes in our lives. Mistakes for different circumstances. But they only happen the once. Why is that? It's because if you make the same mistake...
  • lying
  • ugly
  • betrayal
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Biggy by UnbelievableTruth
Biggyby 🔥
If you don't love yourself, I'll make you see your own heart. -Notorious B.I.G Phylicity "Biggy" Allen wasn't you're typ...
  • thug
  • ugly
  • lucky
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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady (Chapter 201-) by VictoriaMikealson
The Good for Nothing Seventh HyacinthInTheSnow
She was the godly thief of the 24th century, yet she was reincarnated as a good-for-nothing idiot with no parents. Not only that, she had to bend her will according to h...
  • handsome
  • demons
  • lightnovel
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Depression feels by user81047016
Depression feelsby SadBitch
If you're depressed and feeling empty, just read this story. I just wanted to die. I just want to end it right now. But I can't. I'm useless, pathetic, failure, stupid...
  • depressed
  • help
  • truth
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The Makeover by Spg041
The Makeoverby Spg041
Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly...
  • girl
  • bully
  • fat
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Mesmerizing Ghosts Doctor Book 1 by psycheglow
Mesmerizing Ghosts Doctor Book 1by psycheglow
Start from chapter 1-200. 1 part 10 chapter. Definitely not mine. Its from webnovel Author: Feng Jiong. translated by mistycloud. All credit goes to them. I just save...
  • chinese
  • doctor
  • cure
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A Thirsty Land by imastupididyut
A Thirsty Landby imastupididyut
Having lost the only family I ever had left me feeling lost and alone. I had no one and nothing except the memories I gathered from moments of my life and the resources...
  • wattpride
  • hurt
  • pain
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prince charming {#1} by romanceandcake
prince charming {#1}by ani
❝ why hello young man, don't you look like the perfect charming to my cinderella. ❞ ❝ i'm not eight i know you're not really a princess. ❞ ❝ oh thank god these slippers...
  • stepsisters
  • charming
  • prince
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Pretty Ugly - An Uglydolls fanfic (Lou x Reader) by MotekiMina
Pretty Ugly - An Uglydolls Mina
Every year millions of dolls are created, perfectly designed to bring joy to people everywhere. You were no different, created into this world for one purpose and one pu...
  • ugly
  • dolls
  • louxreader
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Suicide thoughts by suicide_thought
Suicide thoughtsby Hate breathing
These are mines. Show me yours maybe we have the same demons
  • dying
  • scars
  • suicidal
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