If U Could Be Mine 20++ by PCY_Wiffy
If U Could Be Mine 20++by Pinky
Hunhan normal 20+ fic
  • huhan
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  • chanbaek
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Names For Characters by skichild20
Names For Charactersby Gillbean
This book is comprised of names, street names, cities, creatures, things like that. It's made for currently writing authors, but can be read for fun. Some of this will...
  • girl
  • stranglyspelled
  • place
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The Gang Leader Is Mine by addictedtobooks__
The Gang Leader Is Mineby addictedtobooks__
Meet Alex Adams a normal high school student with normal life and a normal family. But her life won't be normal anymore when she meets the school's bad boy, Daniel West...
  • normal
  • guns
  • gắng
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Oblock by YuLynnn
Oblockby YuLynnn
' O end or no end, Fucking with these O boys, You gone get fucked over"
  • normal
  • 060
  • gbe
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HUGOT by JustVkookBts
HUGOTby JustVkookBts
If you want some hugot, please add me in your library..
  • bts
  • horror
  • normal
Princess in Disguise (Completed) by Stupidly_stupid
Princess in Disguise (Completed)by Shaine
WARNING: This book is temporarily under reconstruction due to highly grammatical errors and misspelled words. Read at your own risk. The story will be temporarily gone f...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • party
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Middle School Miniature by Diamondgirl_ema
Middle School Miniatureby Dimondgirl_ema
I still remember my life when it was normal, average, plain. Nothing of any importance ever happened. I stand up slowly and look up into the huge green eyes of my friend...
  • tiny
  • miniature
  • trapped
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How To: Do Everyday Things by howto_
How To: Do Everyday Thingsby e l l a
Cause we're all dysfunctional human beings who mess up life however hard we try. This book is brought to you by an extremely awkward human being who has had to learn ho...
  • howto
  • projectguideyou
  • normal
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Masquerade Diss (#3) by Explosively
Masquerade Diss (#3)by j e s s i c a
THE THIRD INSTALLMENT OF THE "MASQUERADE" SERIES.... Being the youngest child of the former superstar, Blake Ryan, isn't really easy, especially when it seems...
  • regulargirl
  • famous
  • lonely
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Transgender by yyvaniaa
Transgenderby 🌻 v a n i 🌻
she knew who she was but was too afraid to face herself. Male to Female #thepeopleofsociety Cover made by @indecsion9 Highest Ranking #47 in short story Started may 3rd...
  • love
  • acceptance
  • lgbt
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Behind the nerdy appearance by KamisamaKissFreak
Behind the nerdy appearanceby Kamisamakissfreak
Ruined by her past Amu Hinamori, a girl with gorgeous honey colored eyes, a sweet like honey voice, and bright bubble pink hair, hides herself behind a nerdy disguise. W...
  • normal
  • kukai
  • shugo
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Normal People Vs Fangirls✔ by PurpleAfterlife
Normal People Vs Fangirls✔by 👑life👑
❝Fangirls are a miracle, aren't they?❞
  • fandoms
  • fangirls
  • normal
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The Other Psychopath by _ghostchildren
The Other Psychopathby Captain Jack Sparrow
[CONTAINS SWEARING] "What are you?" I asked looking deep into his beautiful brown eyes. His arms wrapped around my waist and mine placed on his chest. My left...
  • action
  • humour
  • british
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10 Minutes In Heaven (ON HIATUS) by MaknaeDawn
10 Minutes In Heaven (ON HIATUS)by Dawn #CUTE
10 Minutes in Heaven one-shots with your favourite Beyblade characters! © @MaknaeDawn
  • metalmasters
  • metalfightbeybladeexplosion
  • shogunsteel
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Being Normal Sucks (Louis Tomlinson FanFiction)  by cow_queen
Being Normal Sucks (Louis cow_queen
Everyone knows who One Direction is, and that being said they know who Louis Tomlinson is. Sometimes he likes being famous, other times: not so much. But when one ill ti...
  • normal
  • explai
  • meeting
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Starstruck ➵ luke hemmings by hoodfinity
Starstruck ➵ luke hemmingsby hannah ➳
||Based on the Disney Channel Original Movie 'StarStruck'|| Jessica Haynes was expecting a normal trip to California with her family to visit her grandma. However, she a...
  • famous
  • 5sos
  • girl
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Adventure Time One Shots by Copperheadfirefly
Adventure Time One Shotsby Copperheadfirefly
You can request anyone and I do lemons unlike most people. Sorry if it's terrible. That's what it usually ends up being.
  • random
  • genderbend
  • oneshots
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famous | larry au by leedslourry
famous | larry auby leedslourry
Louis Tomlinson. Famous popstar. Young, sexy, worldwide reknown. Harry Styles. Classic fanboy. Young, sweet, typical English boy. What happens when Louis finally notices...
  • famous
  • love
  • larry
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The Royal High School Students  by yoyochan11
The Royal High School Students by ☆よよーちゃん☆
Yamasaki yoyo is a normal high school student. She has an ability to see ghosts . She will try to help a child ghost to figure out her past . Later on , yoyo will meet h...
  • otaku
  • couples
  • storycompleted
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Normal Is No Longer Normal - Original by NandersTheFox
Normal Is No Longer Normal - Nanders
In a world where their normal, is not the same as our normal, we follow the story of a child named Exavier D. Orabis. We follow his adventure through his school-life.
  • magic
  • abnormal
  • nandersthefox
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