Hidden Secrets by quackquackmuthaducka
Hidden Secretsby Riley N. Harper
The class valedictorian and the class president have a lot to hide. Everyone thinks they both have it made but nobody knows how difficult things really are for either on...
  • love
  • suicide
  • cheating
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Falling For a Jock by annieexo_
Falling For a Jockby A n n i e
When Carly Lukens wanted the perfect senior year, she didn't expect to fall for a jock. Especially an obnoxious one in her AP Psychology class. Drew Rollings. Carly Lu...
  • girl
  • popularity
  • highschool
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Paper Money {luke hemmings} by alphabetboys
Paper Money {luke hemmings}by (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
In which a town full of wealth and glitz somehow makes room for two valedictorian rivals who fall for each other. As Ellette Caldwell finds herself conflicted with her f...
  • valedictorian
  • luke
  • hemmings
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second in class, first in my heart by longerr_hours
second in class, first in my heartby c
Getting an A in science but an F in keeping your shit together
  • valedictorian
  • camilacabello
  • camren
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Alipin Ni Mr. Badboy by ennovy002
Alipin Ni Mr. Badboyby Frances Yvonne
HIGHEST RANK: #4 in #valedictorian Meet Liz. The nerd, nobody, pero matalino. Tuluyan kaya syang mahulog sa master nyang 'singlupit ng demonyo? ------------------- Bad...
  • valedictorian
  • story
  • watty2018
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INCENDIARY | ✓ by frostychicken
INCENDIARY | ✓by frostychicken
Arwen Meade, resident sharp-tongued viper, had one goal after graduation: to get the hell out of her small town. What she did not anticipate; however, was tip-toeing the...
  • york
  • highschool
  • valedictorian
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Doki Doki Shorts by ZappingThunder
Doki Doki Shortsby Zap
Disclaimer: Even the wording may be distrubing. Just like the game. JUST MONIKA XDDD
  • monika
  • elemental
  • dokidoki
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Valedictory speech by Jo97_pen
Valedictory speechby Joey
This is my project in english.Our teacher gave us a chance to experience being a valedictorian.She assigned us to write and deliver it.
  • speech
  • highschool
  • valedictorian
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Beyond our love by jekayla_21
Beyond our loveby Papi_Kay
Tell me if i'm wrong i'm in love, but i'm in love with a boy, the new boy. Crazy huh, not only that but i'm the captain of the football team and he's a straight A stude...
  • veryrare
  • mase
  • boyxboy
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