My Sister's Best Friend [GxG] by wizardsandthrones
My Sister's Best Friend [GxG]by zoë
"You didn't think that I was going to just leave it at that, did you?" Aspen asked in a whisper. Vera's breath turned ragged. "What?" Vera asked...
  • wattys2018
  • sister
  • comingoutofthecloset
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Popping His Cherry by valiryn
Popping His Cherryby Valiryn Queen
⚠Warning ⚠ This is not your cliché wattpad story. Prepare for a confident curvy alpha female, An adorable geek who will make you fall in love, And lots of humour. Nigel...
  • nerd
  • curvesonshelves
  • millionaire
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Never Alone by alluringlytragic
Never Aloneby annalisa
❝In which two people call up a helpline in order to find someone just as broken as they are. ❞ "Does...does it bother you that my dad's in prison for murder?" ...
  • girl
  • neveralone
  • adorable
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Bill Cipher's Son by BlueCipher0
Bill Cipher's Sonby Blue Leader
Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they we...
  • themysteryshack
  • gravityfalls
  • fez
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His Writer In Glasses (Book Three In The Possession Series) by Nikepo
His Writer In Glasses (Book Nikepo Ekundayo
"T-that hurt Jerome." "Get dressed." "The least y-y-you could do is a-apologise." "Hurry up. I don't have all day." ***********...
  • romance
  • cold
  • mixedemotions
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suck up | f.w x reader by -mxsticwolfhard
suck up | f.w x readerby - ̗̀nyx ̖́-
you were like coming up for fresh air its like I was drowning and you saved me started 4-9-18 ended _____
  • tozier
  • ayla
  • bitch
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Behind Those Glasses *Futanari,GxG* by Jace_Zone
Behind Those Glasses *Futanari,GxG*by Jace Delmas
Book 1 - Chase Me (Beauty): [COMPLETED] Book 2 - Behind Those Glasses: [COMPLETED] Book 3 - My Asian Lover: [UPDATING] [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] Zinx Maximilian, the nerd ne...
  • lesbian
  • secrets
  • androgynous
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Damn Glasses | pjm by fishyjimin
Damn Glasses | pjmby ashley💜
when dropping glasses is all you do and every time you drop it, you always end up revealing your identity to the person you really need to avoid at any cost. highest ran...
  • parkjimin
  • fanfiction
  • park
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Pi by MinnieMoose2B
Piby MinnieMoose2B
Meet Amber an average teen. Well if you call a socially awkward nerd normal..... She's your typical nerd the round glasses always A's and well no friends. Yet she tries...
  • romance
  • moms
  • pie
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Undercover Agents (J.JK ff) by Kookieapplebts
Undercover Agents (J.JK ff)by Apple
Under those nerdy glasses is Koreas' most prestigious agent. You.
  • jungkook
  • j-hope
  • spy
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glasses ✧ taekook √ by enticingtae
glasses ✧ taekook √by ღ kris ღ
taehyung is self-conscious about wearing his glasses, but jeongguk loves seeing him wearing them. ⌈ ©enticingtae 2017 | completed ⌋
  • kimtaehyung
  • btsau
  • bangtansonyeondan
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BRACES →Park Jimin *EDITING ᴛᴀɴɪᴀ 💫
[COMPLETE+IN PROCESS OF EDITING] "Name all the stuff I cant eat but I love" • • • "My dick and me" "Fuck, he's right" **** • • Wherein tw...
  • glasses
  • parkjimin
  • kimnamjoon
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NERD BECAME A B|TCH by Pumpkin_21
NERD BECAME A B|TCHby sweetcakes
(Slow Update) (Insert Barney's team song) ♪I hate you, you hate me, were not friends that's true really, With a great Big punch and a Big slap on your cheeks, fvck off...
  • action
  • beautiful
  • love
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My Big Brother by JennaMcCall17
My Big Brotherby Jenna
→ ⦁ Highest Ranking: #396 in Teen Fiction Elizabeth Hallows has to pack up her things, and move across the country- to California, after her mother and stepdad are sev...
  • bully
  • brother
  • highschool
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Ouran Host Club X Reader: A Little Bit Crazy by CherubHugs13
Ouran Host Club X Reader: A Andi Dreams
(Choose your host style.) (Y/N) (L/N) is an old friend of Tamaki's who moves to Japan. She's quite odd, but the Host club comes to love her. She even ends up dating one...
  • secrets
  • ouran
  • mori
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Splatoon~ Turfing Through Life ~A Goggles x Rider Fanfic by LapusWolf
Splatoon~ Turfing Through Life Lapus Le Trash
It's an average day with the inhabitants of earth. Everyone was enjoying themselves, having Splatfests, doing turf wars, and discovering romance. Goggles, a teenage inkl...
  • glasses
  • rider
  • splatoon
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Contact {#wattys2016} by 21felicity
Contact {#wattys2016}by 21felicity
I have been wearing glasses since 2nd grade. I know what it means to have to worry about sports and dancing and what happens when your glasses are knocked off and you ha...
  • brendon
  • newboy
  • wattys2016
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The Mafia and the Nerd by KrisGalaxyAndChicken
The Mafia and the Nerdby sugasbabygirl
Nerd And Mafia, just as described. Alexis, a teenager, a typical nerd in school. The outcast, the bullied. Luca, the man of every woman's dream in bed. The known, the f...
  • kidnap
  • baddass
  • nerd
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The Teacher and The Actor by Satan-is-my-savor
The Teacher and The Actorby Satan-is-my-savor
NOT A TEACHER!HIDDLESTON BOOK!! OK. GOOD. NEXT! Mr. Ryan Rutler is a math teacher. I know. Ew math. But he makes it fun and exciting and all the students respect him. Bu...
  • malexmale
  • actor
  • robertdowneyjrishere
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💗💛COLOUR💚💙 || JIMIN x READER by armyquack
💗💛COLOUR💚💙 || JIMIN x READERby army<3~
"You're beautiful, Miss.Do" "I doubt it" "Why?" "I can't remember what I look like. I've been looking at complete utter darkness for t...
  • sight
  • drama
  • hapiness
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