Chapter Forty

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  Over a week had gone by and all I have been doing is school work. Man school was killer, all my teachers give so much homework. And my English teacher has been bugging me about my writing. It's nit like I'm bad its because I'm really good at. So he has been giving me these things that allow me to enter my writing into contest and he even enters them on his own. I could careless though.

I finally got a break, literally a break we had a three day school week so yeah that was helpful. But that also meant that I had to deal with the animators. It was so bad but its get annoying. So on Thursday when I woke up I was ready to deal with them hanging all over. Especially Bonnie.

" Okay time to get through this day to do the same the next day. " rolling off the bed and landing on two feet heading to the door.

Opening it I was ready to see Bonnie sitting there waiting for. Once I fully open the door I saw that Bonnie wasn't there at all. Which was strange to me, because he was always there from the time I went to bed to the time I got up. Skimming the hall left and right to see if he was there, but nothing. I put my attention to the sound of foots steps coming down from the attic stairs.

It was Chica,Foxy,Freddy and his little brother, no Bonnie. Where the hell was Bonnie?

Going down stairs with the other following behind I went straight to the kitchen. There my dad was siting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. He glimpse up at me and the animators that followed me. then he returned sipping his coffee like he never saw us. Well up until he said something.

" Morning sunshine "

" Morning...... "

I walked over to the counter with the cabinets above it and pulled out a cup. Then to the fridge. pouring myself something to drink. The animators stood around and seemed to be staring off into space, especially Goldy who seemed out of it. Like a little kid looking at a butterfly or something. I sat at the kitchen table across from my dad and held my cup in my hand.

" Hey dad... "

" Yeah y/n what is it? "

" Have you seen Bonnie at all today? "

My dad paused and looked up at me. With a blank expression he shook his head no, he then recalled not seeing outside my door when he woke this morning. So I turned to the others and asked them the same question. And just like my dad they gave my blank faces.

" So if none of us know where he is then.... " I shrugged m shoulders and wanted for someone to say something. Nothing no said a damn thing they all just stood there.

" Maybe his in the basement? " Freddy finally mention.

" The basement I thought you guys would never go back down there since you were down there for so damn long " dad laughed lightly at Freddy's answer. Then he stopped and looked at me then to Freddy then back me.

" Then again I did hear someone at the door earlier this morning when I had just woke up. It sound like my boss and he was talking to someone. I'm guessing Bonnie answer the door and that is who the boss was talking to... " he thought about what he had said then went back to drinking his coffee.

" Okay then " I muttered and got up from the table and headed to the basement to check.

At the top of the stair I froze when I heard something coming from the basement. It sounded like a guitar! But we didn't have a guitar at all. So why the hell was I hearing one. But I had to say it sound amazing like I never heard before. I mean my friends were in a band and Halo played the guitar but she was still learning how to play. This was the sound of a pro playing, someone whose been playing for awhile like most of their life.

Heading down stairs I saw that Bonnie was down there. He was sitting on the couch in front of the T.V, yet he seemed to be occupied. I tried to quite as possible and got closer to see what he was doing. As I got closer I saw what was in his hands. It was guitar! Bonnie was the one playing the guitar!

Then I remember that he was the one that played and interment in the band as well as sing. So it was stupid to think it was anyone else that could play the guitar. Unless that was one of my dads secrete talents.

Bonnie hadn't noticed me behind him and began to play again. Watching him it was something, he seemed to be so into it. He was focused and was careful with every string he plucked. His fingers slid up ans down the neck of the guitar like nothing and made a sweet noise once he removed his figure. I watched in aw at him playing and seemed to be in a trance. I never heard Bonnie play before so this was a first, I had to say he was really good at playing the guitar. Hell he was better than someone pro's that make a living with that.

So when Bonnie finished playing I couldn't help but clap. It would have been rude not too, I mean he was so fucking good, no excellent at it. But I wasn't the only one who thought so. Little did I know that the others and my dad had came down stairs. We all clapped and Bonnie turned around. He seemed to be embarrasses, just by a guess Freddy knew that.

" Oh come on Bonnie we all heard you play before so don't be that way "

Bonnie just crackled his nose and turned back to his guitar. At that moment I swear that I saw Bonnie smile. Which was first to me, he had a nice smile. For the rest of that day all we did was listen to Bonnie play his guitar and every now again Freddy would sing as well as Goldy. It was really fun day.

At the end of it, it was just me and Bonnie down in the basement. My dad left for a day shift and the other went to do their own thing. It was just me and Bonnie down in the basement, he was tuning his guitar now and I just sat on the arm of the couch watching him. The way he was, was just like that picture my dad showed me when I was going to his job every night. Thinking about it was kinda funny and I guess I was laughing because Bonnie snapped me out of something.

" What so funny? " he asked looking down at his guitar twisting the toners.

" Nothing much just remind of something "

Bonnie looked at me, cutting his eyes he came closer to me but only a little. I didn't noticed at all I was still off in space somewhere.

" Want to learn? "

" Uh?!...... What? "

He raised his guitar towards me and looked at me. I was confused at first then got it, looking at his guitar it was a bright red that match his eyes. It looked new and all that, with a shine to it. I nodded yes at him, so Bonnie grabbed my hand pulling me into his lap and placing the guitar in front of me. He took his hand over mine and placed it on the neck of the guitar and my other at the face of it.

So there I was learning how to play the guitar with Bonnie as my teacher. Truth be told it was hard to do but Bonnie really put it in away I could understand. But I have to I didn't learn much I for every time I messed up I laugh or giggled. Only because it would make a funny noise and Goldy came back down stairs and that juts added to the goofiness. Yet the whole time Bonnie was patient and calm with it. And I swear to god I saw Bonnie smiling the whole time!                             

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