Chapter Twenty-Six

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  In the office of my dads boss I sat across from him. Waiting for him to tell me what I wanted to here. For some strang reason he took awhiletp speake.

After some time we sat is silence just sitting there doing nothing. Sooner dads boss took a deep breath in.

"Okay so how to start this "

He paused for a second then snapped his fingers. He finally found away to tell me what had happen to me as a kid. Ir was about time because I was getting impacent with him.

" Well this all happen when you were just a kid around eight. And your dad always brought you here, truth he would come here on his own but it would be weird for a grown man to here alone with no kid. "he chuckled at what he just said.

" Any was you be here every day no matter what. Iy was a good thing to because at that time kids stopped going around Bonnie. "

That was right Freddy told me that kids stop going around Bonnie. That he was becoming the least favorite out of them.

" So as long as you were there Bonnie was okay. He was your favorite and you were hus favorite kid, the two of you couldn't be parted. And you never went to the others,never once to be frank. "

Dads boss talked more a about that stuff. Like how I hanged on to Bonnie legs. Then I remember that dream I had it was somehing like that.

" Well like I was saying you and your dad were here all the time. To where I thought your dad would make a great nightgaurd and he does even to this day. But ya see I had to fire the first nightgaurd,a guy named Vincent. He wasn't the greatest but he was the only one able to survive the night shift. " he paused for a second then carried on.

" So when I told him that he was going be let fo he got mad. To where he planned on hurting your father. Then he found out that your dad had you. " freezing he looked away then back.

" Which then he decided to go after you to hurt your dad even more."

" Me! "

"Yes you,but when he tried to it didn't go as he planned. "

" What do you mean?"

" Bonnie, he saw Vincent coming after you and stopped him. The two of them fought it out. It was a ruff and bloody fight,more for Vincent than Bonnie. It scared alot od people scaring them off. But as for me,your dad and the other animators we watched. That was the first time I had ever seen Bonnie the way he was on that day. I looked like he was going ro kill Vinceny "

Dads boss got up and went over to a fileing cabinet. Opening it up he pulled out a folder folled with papers. Throwing it onto his desk the papers flow out. It was more news articles,more about that day.

" So watching the two go at none of relized where you were. Turns out you were on the other of the fight. And I guess Vincent saw that,he went after you but Bonnie wouldn't let him go. Justing guessing thats what caused the extended. "

" What ? "

" Ya see since Bonnie was holding Vincent when Bonnie lost his grip Vincent stubmled towards you knicking you down and maling you hiy your head.Afterwards you didn't wake up, you hit your head so hard you passed out and lost your memory. "

"My memory?"

" Yeah after that you never came back. Also that fight wad what made me replace the animators. "

Hearing all that stuff was alot to take in. So that wad what happen to me as a kid. That was also the reason Bonnie is so protective over me. It really explain alot and why I couldn't remember most of my childhood. Now hearing this from dads boss I wanted to hear it from Bonnie him self.  

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