Chapter Seven

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  Holding the purple bunny pin in my hand, I stood up. Toy Bonnie and the other toys backed away from me as I walked towards them. Why did they back away? What was it about the pin I had in my hand? I decided to test something... I left the stage room, and the Toys followed me at a distance. I found another room with another animatronic in it. This robot was a small boy that held a balloon in one hand and a sign that said 'Balloons' in the other. He began to giggle and laugh at me as I walked closer to him. Rude, I thought, then showed him the pin. He stopped, eyes widening at the sight of it.

There was a loud 'ding dong' noise echoing in the distance. That must have meant that my dad's shift was over. Leaving the room and passing the Toys, I went to wait by the front door. My dad came sprinting down the hall, shouting my name once he saw that I was okay, and hugged me then rushed me out the door to prevent me from being stolen again.


During the day, I was sitting up in my room, holding the pin in my hand. Why does this silly little pin cause such a scare? Why did the Toys seem so afraid?, I wondered. Toy Bonnie seemed the most scared out of all of them, but the question I wanted answered was 'why'?

Hearing foot steps outside my door, I knew it must have been Dad. He should be up by now anyways. Opening my door, I got my dad's attention. I came up with a way to get answers. Dad stopped and stared at me when I asked him to go down to the basement with me. He said he would after he got his coffee and was more awake. But apples are better at waking people up... I randomly thought.

Following him to the kitchen, I watched as he got his coffee. He leaned against the counter while I sat in a chair at the table and played with the pin.

"What you got there, kiddo?"

"Uh, oh... nothing."

" Yeah, okay, now I know your lying. Come on show it to me." he said putting out his hand. I looked away from him then back again. His face looked serious... I caved. Handing him the pin, I watched as he looked it over in amazement.

"How did you find Bonnie's pin?!"

"Find it?" I tilted my had in question. My dad gazed at the pin in disbelief, as if it could've disappeared at any moment. He gently ran his thumb over the face of the pin.

"Yeah. All of the animatronics had them, but when they were replaced all of them lost their pins..." he explained. My dad handed the pin back to me and stood up, giving me the 'follow me' gesture. We headed to the basement towards the little storage room.

He opened the door. Bonnie was positioned in front of the doorway. He was as still and motionless as the others were when other people were around. Foxy was seated next to him with Chica at his side. Freddy was leaned up against the opposite wall all by himself. My dad stepped over them and went deeper into the room to the back shelf.

"Whoops, pardon me. Oh, excuse me! Watch your leg." he said as he made his way to the back. I stepped into the room and stood next to Bonnie. I glanced down at him, then at my dad who was walking back to me with a medium sized box in his hands.

"Come on kiddo." he said stepping over Bonnie and leaving the room. I was curious as to what was in the box. Dad went to sit on the couch that was in front of the TV. I was about to close the closet door when he told me not to. I reluctantly left the door open and went to sit next to him. He opened the flaps of the box. It was filled to the brim with items from the original pizzeria.

He pulled out old pictures,,props, and other things. I picked up an old picture of the original Fazbear gang. They looked like any other normal human beings... minus the ears and tails... This was the best picture of them I ever saw. My dad told me that this picture was the first picture of the gang. He said that was what they looked like fresh out of the crate. The picture was taken before the pizzeria was even built. Sure the picture was old, but it was in mint condition.

Taking a better look at the picture, I saw how happy they looked. Well, except Bonnie. He was facing to the side, but you could still see his face. Chica had her arm wrapped around his neck, pulling him into the picture. My dad handed me more pictures that I never saw before. Some had just Freddy, some Chica or Foxy, or all three together. But there were, like, non of Bonnie! Well, except for the one with him sitting on the stage with his guitar in his hands.

"Bonnie played a guitar?!" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Yeah. He was the only one that played an instrument. He also sang! Freddy did too, but between you and me..." He came closer to my ear and whispered, "Bonnie was better."

He looked back at the door as if to make sure Freddy didn't hear him... But he most likely did. I giggled a bit, but I wouldn't really know if that was true. Mom never liked the idea of me going to that place. She hated the pizzeria and thought that it was very childish. But, I was a child! It was made for children.

Luckily for me, Dad would bring me there behind her back when he 'had to go to a meeting'. He and my mom had different opinions on how to raise kids. Mom was strict, serious, and no fun. Dad, on the other hand, was all about fun, games, and giggles.

I focused back on the picture in my hand. This picture was the only, actual picture of Bonnie where he was alone and it just had good quality. It wasn't where he was in the background or being forced into the picture (in practically every one, he was able to hide his face or he was blurry). This picture must have been a candid shot. It looked like he didn't know it was being taken.

He looked very peaceful and happy. It looked like he was tuning his guitar. I examined the photo very carefully. The way Bonnie looked, back then, really was something! It made me see the differences that he and his Toy version shared. They both shared the same body type, but Toy Bonnie looked more like a teen. The original Bonnie looked more like a young adult, in his early twenties or so. And I had to admit... Bonnie looked pretty hot, which sounds kinda weird considering he's a robot, but for some reason I don't care.

I began to feel bad for the gang. They looked so good back then! Now it looks like they've been put through a wood chipper! Dad started putting things away and grabbed the edge of the picture that I still held. I tightened my grip on the photo and pulled it from his grip.

"C-can I hang on to this?" I asked timidly.

"Alright, that's fine by me, but don't ruin it, 'kay?"

"Okay, I won't." With that, my dad put everything away, closed the closet door, and went upstairs. I began to follow him, but looked back down the steps to see the door slightly ajar with Bonnie peering out. I turned back, walked up the steps, and closed the basement door.  

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