Chapter Thirty - Eight

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  When the animators returned form being fixed and all that they seemed happy. Also they got tivstay with us until the reunion came up. Which was awesome because now they could hang around druning the day! They didn't have to go down to the basement anymore. So that meant they we're going to be wondering around all day without having to hide for anyone.

It had it's ups and down though. Like the up side to it was I didn't have ti wait until night to see then or talk to them. Also I could go to bed at a reasonable time too. Yet the downs where I could get any me time. I didn't mind but good lord I could breath sometimes. Manly because Bonnie was looking over my shoulder or watching or was near 24/7. And Goldy would sometime do the same. Matter if fact all of them did it, always wanting to know what I was doing.

Besides all that it was nice having the wonder around without having to hide anything. Most if the time they would hang around down stairs. Like Chica would hang around in the kitchen with Goldy. Foxy would be outside all the time like in that tree or sleeping under it. Freddy claimed my dads favorite chair, yet my dad didn't mind only because he knew Freddy could snap his neck at any moment.

And of course where ever I was Bonnie was. That how it went in the house. And at night my dad told the animators they could sleep in the guest room in the attic. Some of them listened and others didn't like Bonnie. Who at night would come into my room until I fell asleep and would wait outside the door for me to wake up in the morning. It was like he wanted to be the first thing I see every day and the last thing I see at night. And my dad caught on to that.

So finally my dad called all the animators and me to the living room. There he set some ground rules for all of us mostly the animators.

" Okay first thing first... I understand that your all fixed and want to wonder around but I have to tell Ya a few things "

" The first thing is that Ya can't leave the house unless it's in the back yard. Second is clean up after yourselves please. Third is respect me and I'll respect you also my daughter too. " my dad wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close.

" Which brings me to one last thing. This is my daughter she my only one and I can't have you guys messing with her and whatvshe does. She needs space all that stuff. So no following her around like a puppy..." dad spoke with a somewhat stressed voice.

I then caught he was looking at Bonnie. Did my dad really notices that Bonnie was following me around and that was why he making these rules. But I was not the only one Freddy, Goldy, Chixa and Foxy noticed it too.

The look on Bonnie dace was like e wanted to kill me dad. Yet he just puffed out some air and gleared at him. My dad stood his ground but I knew he wanted to run. I remember him telling me how much Bonnie scared him when he worked atvthe pizzeria when they were there.

Once my dad set those rule everything went back to normal except Bonnie following me. That would never change.  

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