Human Foxy x Reader by YoongiOppaTrash
Human Foxy x Readerby 🌸 Jasmin 🌸
  • freddy
  • bonnie
  • chica
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Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction) (Completed) by Artistic_Gamer_WP
Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction) (Comple...by Artistic Gamer
You just started your new job at Freddy Fazbears pizzaria, the happiest place on earth. All the rumors you heard made you think the animatronics were mad killers, but no...
  • funny
  • fnaffanfic
  • wattpride
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My Lover The Killer | Purple Guy x Reader by Sparkly_Gem
My Lover The Killer | Purple Guy x...by Sparkly_Gem
Once again another Purple Guy x Reader *~♡~*~☆~* (Y/N) needed money,so the outcome is that she has to work at Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. But suddenly on the first day (or...
  • xreader
  • purpleguy
  • funny
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Human Fnaf x Reader  by Absoladi
Human Fnaf x Reader by Absoladi
Just as the title says! Fnaf characters x Reader-chan. Not oneshots, actual plot. When (y/n) takes a job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, she doesn't expect the animatroni...
  • foxythepirate
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Five Nights At Freddy's by Fuyumifireicesatan
Five Nights At Freddy'sby kento
male fnaf X seke male reader I've never really come across these types of books so why not. This will go off the story line at some point You decided to work at your fav...
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◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Fnaf x Reader| by SairinSakamaki
◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Fnaf x Read...by Shiro~Senpai
•|What happens When animatronics fall in love with (Y/N)? But the thing is, this is unhealthy, obbsesive love. What happenes then you a little cinimanroll, applys for t...
  • humanfnaf
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Fnaf Lemons! by TheKawaiiOlive
Fnaf Lemons!by TheKawaiiOlive
So.. this is Fnaf Lemons I guess so if you don't like lemons then... turn back now I guess.. They're lemons of all fnaf characters in existence including sl so... Prepar...
  • fnaf
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  • lemon
The New Guy: A FNIA Fanfic by KingKobra888
The New Guy: A FNIA Fanficby KingKobra888
My first fanfic, so don't criticize too hard plz. Let me know if the chapters are too short or too long or if anything else needs to be better, and I'll try to refine it...
  • somebadlanguage
  • chica
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fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed} by Skyler-Winters
fonnie(highschool AU) {Completed}by Skyler Avon
Bonnie has always been the stereotypical definition of an art nerd. He has top marks in all his classes except gym, he can play the guitar, he is skilled in art which ca...
  • freddy
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little doll. [fnaf] by SuperiorJeanss
little doll. [fnaf]by SuperiorJeanss
Y/n L/n. A new nightguard at Five Nights at Freddy's. From that first day, her life will be changed forever when she meets the animatronics, and learns their secrets. Fr...
  • mike
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Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons by KellyJellyNomNom
Various X Reader OneShots + Lemonsby KellyJellyNomNom
Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a charact...
  • lightyagami
  • undertale
  • art
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Somethings are better off Secrets  ( Mystreet × SkyMedia ×The Few, Advengers) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Somethings are better off Secrets...by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica, Jess, Aphmau.... has the hugest secret she's a Nightgaurd in Freddy Fazbears, she's Lady Thor, and she has friends that are warriors for the SkyArmy... and the...
  • ladythor
  • skymau
  • yourpalross
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Male!FNAF x Male!Reader lemons by RealYnaLin
Male!FNAF x Male!Reader lemonsby Aero
Heyo, it's Aero!! This is my first lemon book. And clarification, all characters will be guys. Reader and all. This story includes human!animatronics and the guards from...
  • subreader
  • fnaf4
  • yaoi
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springtrap x reader (LEMONS! 🍋) by funtimebeee
springtrap x reader (LEMONS! 🍋)by ҍҽҽ
okay this is my first story for an x reader lemon... it's okay though, as i've read a LOT of lemons and x readers. i will take requests for stories, and i will do a funt...
  • fnaflemon
  • lemon
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Love For the Robotic Girl (Creepypasta x Reader / FNaF and CP Crossover) by precious_starboy
Love For the Robotic Girl (Creepyp...by 《☆ ꜱᴛᴀʀʙᴏʏ ☆》
//WARNING: I began writing this years ago, so the first few chapters aren't my best work// (Y/N) was a 17 year old girl who, in her class, was a mechanical expert and wa...
  • fnaf
  • creepypasta
  • fivenightsatfreddys
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FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenarios by Hailey-Senpai
FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenariosby The God Of Burgers
Ever wonder what it would be like to date one of the male (humanized) characters of the Five Nights At Freddy's Series? Wellp, here are some scenarios to help QUENCH tha...
  • mikeschmidt
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Do You Trust Me? ~ Circus Baby x Abused!Child!Reader x Ballora by cryingwaffle
Do You Trust Me? ~ Circus Baby x A...by mckenzie☽
You were only ten when this happened. You had stumbled a little too far in the building, and ended up getting lost and trapped. You called for your parents, nobody answe...
  • abusedreader
  • funtimefoxy
  • fnaf
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FNAF One Shots/ Scenarios by MarshmallowSahnielle
FNAF One Shots/ Scenariosby MarshmallowSahnielle
This book is for readers and OCs. Have fun reading about your FNAF crushes. Disclaimer: I don't own the fnaf characters, they belong to Scott Cawthon.
  • romance
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Springtrap x Abused Reader! by Midnightwolf429
Springtrap x Abused Reader!by Midnightwolf429
So pretty much your a 14 year old girl, who's father passes away at the age of 9 and your mother abuses you at any mistake you make. But when you run into Springtrap...
  • abuse
  • springtrap
  • wattys2018
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Pyromania (Sequel to Insomnia A Fnaf X Reader)  by nightmare597
Pyromania (Sequel to Insomnia A Fn...by Nightmares-are-real
Alone and scared (Y/N) wakes up in a strange new place discovering she was still alive. Now an animatronic (Y/N) must find out where her friends went and meet new ones a...
  • springtrap
  • fnaffanfic
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