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Five Nights At Freddy's by Fuyumifireicesatan
Five Nights At Freddy'sby 鈧嗏偊鈧
male fnaf X seke male reader I've never really come across these types of books so why not. This will go off the story line at some point You decided to work at your fav...
  • boylove
  • 脳malereader
  • ukemalereader
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Afton Family Scenarios by BeesAreKnees
Afton Family Scenariosby Dr.Phil Is A Hottie
~*disclaimer*~ The only thing I own is the stories. I don't own the characters, game, or art. And it might be scary, so if you aren't a spooky boi, don't read? But give...
  • rich
  • murder
  • wow
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Human Fnaf x Reader  by Absoladi
Human Fnaf x Reader by Absoladi
Just as the title says! Fnaf characters x Reader-chan. Not oneshots, actual plot. When (y/n) takes a job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, she doesn't expect the animatroni...
  • sociopath
  • characterxreader
  • violence
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Insomnia (A FNAF x reader) by nightmare597
Insomnia (A FNAF x reader)by Nightmares-are-real
*COMPLETED, UNDER EDITING* (Y/N) (L/N) is looking for a new job to help pay off her apartment. While searching for one (Y/N) stumbles upon a kids pizzeria named Freddy F...
  • night
  • completed
  • lovestory
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Can I make you love again? Fnaf Golden FreddyXAbused!Reader (RETURNED!) by NightmareFlowerFNAF
Can I make you love again? Fnaf Go...by NightmareFlowerFNAF
You are (Y/N). After your sister, (S/N) died, you parents and brother believed it was your fault and let their anger out on you. You are quiet and an outcast, causing yo...
  • fanfiction
  • fnaf
  • goldenfreddy
Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction) (Part one) by Artistic_Gamer_WP
Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction) (Part o...by Artistic Gamer
You just started your new job at Freddy Fazbears pizzaria, the happiest place on earth. All the rumors you heard made you think the animatronics were mad killers, but no...
  • bonnie
  • freddy
  • lgbt
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Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Reader by _Kat_Minecraft_
Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Re...by Kat Klub Ice
Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy X Reader (This is my first X Reader dun kill me please) Note- This is a ment for a girl... I'm sorry if your a fanboy ;-; (Y/N) = Your name...
  • fnaf
  • foxy
  • kill
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Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader] by xXoPluviophilexXo
Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader]by Pluviophile
Only a few years before Freddy Fazbears, a parlour stood in it's place. It hosted four animatronics. A f/a, a lion, a buck and a hyena. They went missing a few years aft...
  • bonnie
  • fnaf3
  • fnaf
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馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑(REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW) by DeadKiller100
馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑(REQUESTS CLOSED FO...by DarkSunshine101
  • creepypasta
  • slashers
  • fluff
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FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenarios by Hailey-Senpai
FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenariosby The God Of Burgers
Ever wonder what it would be like to date one of the male (humanized) characters of the Five Nights At Freddy's Series? Wellp, here are some scenarios to help QUENCH tha...
  • kevinrodney
  • chicochicken
  • foxyfox
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They Can Love? Human FNAF x Reader by FreeFlyer68
They Can Love? Human FNAF x Readerby FreeFlyer68
Y/n decides that it's time to get a job. Especially after what just happened. Y/n see's an ad in the paper for a night guard at a kids pizzeria. Accepting the fact that...
  • chica
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • mike
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My Lover The Killer | Purple Guy x Reader by Sparkly_Gem
My Lover The Killer | Purple Guy x...by Sparkly_Gem
Once again another Purple Guy x Reader *~鈾*~鈽唦* (Y/N) needed money,so the outcome is that she has to work at Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. But suddenly on the first day (or...
  • funny
  • xreader
  • weird
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Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader)by Foxy's First Mate
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
  • foxy
  • bonnie
  • freddys
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Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Reader) (Book 1) by TheYellowBalloon
Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Rea...by The Yellow Balloon
(Y/N) is a normal girl, with a normal school, normal personality, almost normal everything. She however has a not so normal dad. Her father is Vincent and he recently mu...
  • purpleguy
  • fanfiction
  • chica
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Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten) by Deepnutaismydoor
Funtime Freddy X Reader (Rewritten)by Deepnutaismydoor
It's a couple months after moving out of her parents' house, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is already struggling with money. She scours through the internet, trying to find a job sh...
  • fnafsisterlocation
  • fnaf
  • xreader
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Human!FNaF x Reader by HaleyRJ
Human!FNaF x Readerby Haley (Hiatus)
Your mom recently got fired from her job. She asks you to get a job until she can find one. You said yes. But what happens when you take the night shift job at Freddy Fa...
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • mangle
  • chica
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{MY NIGHTMARE} 馃帺Human Golden Freddy x Reader馃帺 [[COMPLETED]] by TallestOfThemAll
{MY NIGHTMARE} 馃帺Human Golden Fred...by 馃枻xX艩t酶v每xX馃枻
[Name] was just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life.. that is, until she found out about Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She soon took the job.. but her life was never th...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
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FNAF Human Freddy x Reader (Female) by EeveeGirl518
FNAF Human Freddy x Reader (Female)by EeveeGirl518
Do I have to explain? The title says it all. WARNING: There will be inappropriate words. But no lemon. I suck at lemon.
  • chica
  • fnaf
  • foxy
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FNAF Lemons/Fluff by lemon-trap
FNAF Lemons/Fluffby You know who I am
  • lemons
  • fnaf
  • bad
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I love you... (Jeremy Fitzgerald x Reader) by TheRedWolfGamer123
I love you... (Jeremy Fitzgerald x...by The Red Wolf Gamer
The shy boy, the lonley boy, the hurt boy. You were his only light in the dark. Then you got hurt...
  • mikeschmidt
  • fnaf
  • scott
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