They Can Love? Human FNAF x Reader by FreeFlyer68
They Can Love? Human FNAF x Readerby FreeFlyer68
Y/n decides that it's time to get a job. Especially after what just happened. Y/n see's an ad in the paper for a night guard at a kids pizzeria. Accepting the fact that...
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Fredbear Stockholm (PurpleGuy X Reader) by Ch3shireW0cky
Fredbear Stockholm (PurpleGuy X Re...by Ch3shireW0cky
You're like every other angsty teen boy who constantly acts on rebellious urges all while trying to figure life out at the same time. Strange thing is, you've had very u...
  • candys
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Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reader. by HeavenlySoul2000
Outnumbered ~ Various X Male Reade...by That "Loner" Over Yonder
Well, my first one got shot down. Exactly what it says on the tin. Ya'll know whats going down in this story.
  • malereader
  • girls
  • starfox
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Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons by KellyJellyNomNom
Various X Reader OneShots + Lemonsby KellyJellyNomNom
Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a charact...
  • undertale
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馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑 by DeadKiller100
馃崑Lemonssssss馃崑by DarkSunshine101
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Funtime Freddy X Reader by Notrelevant79
Funtime Freddy X Readerby Notrelevant79
This is my first story, moved from my main account @deepnutaismydoor, you can see the link in my description. I was going to delete it, because I didn't think the world...
  • xreader
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Isn't this wrong, Baby? (Futa! Circus Baby x Fem! Reader) by sonic41162
Isn't this wrong, Baby? (Futa! Cir...by AsrielDonut64
None the art in this story is mine unless I say it's mine.
  • fnaffanfic
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Yandere Male x Male Reader BOOK 5  by KitaSakamaki
Yandere Male x Male Reader BOOK 5 by Nikita
Same as book 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • asassinationclassroom
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  • blueexorcist
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FNAF Lemons/Fluff by lemon-trap
FNAF Lemons/Fluffby You know who I am
  • fnaf
  • fanfiction
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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Exploring_With_Seth
Scary Stories To Tell In The Darkby Seth Nelson
Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
  • jeff
  • dark
  • scary
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FNaF and Fangames One Shots (Yaoi/Yuri/Straight)  by SomePerson_Online
FNaF and Fangames One Shots (Yaoi...by SomePerson_Online
My older version of this was removed without notice maybe cause of the 'sexual content'. Or some immature brat reported it.As of July 6th this is no longer just a yaoi b...
  • wolfconf
  • straight
  • toyfreddy
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Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Loveby MariBaee
(Read note in description) - When he was just seven years old, Foxy and his friends all used to go to school together back in California, it was just him, Chica, Freddy...
  • fnafhuman
  • toychica
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NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines by ItsJulia-
NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imaginesby Julia(Jube)
Oneshots about YouTuber NateWantsToBattle or Nathan Smith. *COMPLETED* If you're reading this on a site other then Wattpad, you're at risk of malware. Please leave the s...
  • nathansharp
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Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location! by TheStoryteller9
Ask or Dare FNAF Sister Location!by kyle
Eggs Benedict: Hey, this is an ask or dare book or uh something *looks at notecards* Don't forget to try The Granny Smasher at Perkins? Who wrote these notes?! Baby: We'...
  • random
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Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction) by Artistic_Gamer_WP
Fearless (Fnaf Fanfiction)by Artistic Gamer
You just started your new job at Freddy Fazbears pizzaria, the happiest place on earth. All the rumors you heard made you think the animatronics were mad killers, but no...
  • fnaffanfic
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A Killer's Grief and Fury (RWBY X Springtrap Abused Neglected Male Reader) by ReyChristopher
A Killer's Grief and Fury (RWBY X...by Rey Christo - V3N0M
Meet Y/N, your average everyday Beacon student, who's also a mechanic, who lives a normal life. And by the way, when I say normal, I mean HELL. Every day, he receives ab...
  • abuse
  • pain
  • neglect
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Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader] by Bunnerscotch
Salvage [FNAF X Animatronic Reader]by Cottontail
You are Y/n the F/a! You come from Logans Food Polar, but certain things happen. Leaving you dismantled and forgotten. You just wanted to be free, to be out of a pitch b...
  • fnaf
  • bonnie
  • 峄慶
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Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( +18 and older ) by katelynshadowknight
Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( +18...by ItzFemaleToyBonnie
There are random lemons All random, taking requests at one point so please enjoy the reading Mainly FNAF
  • freddy
  • fnaf
  • romance
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Fnaf,Rwby crossover. Neglected and abused male reader x Ruby and Weiss by maniacsaiyan
Fnaf,Rwby crossover. Neglected and...by maniacsaiyanassassin
you were abused and used as a slave for your moms parties. you escaped but now her goons are after you. you find a abandoned pizzeria and find unexpected help.
  • fnaf
  • anime
  • romance
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Fem! FNAF x Male! Fearless! Reader by darkprince171
Fem! FNAF x Male! Fearless! Readerby DarkPrince
(Y/N) is in need of money, badly. With expenses piling up he decides he'll take any job he can find. And find a job he did, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Most would shut...
  • purpleguy
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