Chapter Eleven

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After the whole "Bonnie Incident" the other night, I had been feeling very weary about my surroundings; always looking over my shoulder. You know, it's kind of sad when you can't feel safe in your own home... I haven't been going down into the basement as much. I didn't want to take any chances. So, instead, I've been hanging out in the attic, chillin' with good ol' Blond Freddy. He's a cool guy, like Freddy. He doesn't talk, though.

After Dad left, I went up into the attic. I was going through some old boxes, splaying some of the contents out on the floor. Blond Freddy sat across from me, also digging through some boxes. He pulled out a long, white dress and veil. He even pulled out a bunch of frosted flowers! It was my mom's old wedding dress and crud like that. The Freddy Clone glanced over at me as I stared at the dress. Never, in my life, had I seen Mom's dress... Not once!

It was a clean white color, which was surprising considering the fact that all it did was sit in a dusty box in the attic... There were ruffles on the rim and the stitching of the dress. It was also very long and flowed nicely. I took it from Blond Freddy, examining it. Standing up, I placed it over my chest and saw that I could fit in it, which didn't surprise me at all. I inherited my figure from my mom, but my sense of humor from my dad. Best of both worlds! I held the dress to my chest and moved it around a bit. I went to a full body mirror where I could see myself better.

For some strange reason, I felt prettier and more elegant than I usually do... I wasn't even wearing the dress, but I felt like this... I forgot about Blond Freddy until I saw him standing behind me. He delicately place the matching veil onto the crown of my head and backed away. He came back soon with the flowers, handing them to me. My image looked complete and beautiful...

The Freddy look alike was very nice and fun to be with, even though he couldn't talk. I sort of fixed the communication barrier with a pen and paper. That's how he talked to me now. He had really nice handwriting, too! I saw him scribble something down on one of the sheets, then showed it to me. I giggled at it.

You look very beautiful

"No, don't say that."


"... It's embarrassing!" I looked away from him. My attention was then caught by the sound of footsteps coming up the attic stairs. Blond Freddy went to hide, but for some odd reason I stood still and waited... The door creaked open fully and in my sights came Nightmare Freddy. I was shocked... Honestly, I thought it was going to be Bonnie!

First, Freddy looked at me, and then he looked around the attic. At that moment, Blond Freddy came out of hiding and walked over to Freddy. Freddy patted him on his head and smiled. I noticed the subtle differences between Freddy and his look-alike. First off, Freddy was much taller than his look-alike. He was also bigger in build, Blond Freddy having less muscle. Blond Freddy looked more like a teen, while Freddy looked like he was in his early twenties.

Blond Freddy scribbled something down on the notepad and showed it to Freddy. The brown haired animatronic then glanced over at me and walked over. He gave me a smile as well and patted my head like he did with Blond Freddy. Confused as the dickens, I touched my head and asked Freddy what that was for. To my surprise, he actually answered me.

"Giving my little brother a way to talk to others."

"Oh ,it was nothing!" I shutter at the sound of his voice. His voice was deep and had an English accent to it like he was from London.

"No. It means a lot to him. And to me... I hated seeing him like the way he was."

"... I don't mean to be rude, but why is it that you can talk while he can't?" I asked wearily, not wanting to hurt Blond Freddy's feelings.

"His voice box was damaged. He had been in bad condition for a while, and there's no sign that his condition will get better." Freddy explained. I listened to his explanation intently... Honestly, it was hard NOT to! His voice was absolutely captivating. I wonder how he sounds when he sings... I thought to myself, trying to imagine his voice singing a tune with a hidden grin. I snapped out of my thoughts to ask a question.

"Really? Is that why he is in the attic and not the basement with you?"

"Yes. Also, for some reason, he seems to like this attic a lot..." Freddy rubbed the back of his head. His blond brother went right back to busying himself with looking through the boxes. This caused another question to fly through my head.

"Hey, what's his name? It never came to me to ask for his name... I have just been calling him Blond Freddy." I asked sheepishly, looking over at the other Freddy, who had found an old toy of mine.

"Golden Freddy, but everyone calls him Goldie."

"Goldie?" I said to myself, testing how it flowed off my tongue. I guess Goldie heard me, for he responded by walking over to me and showing me his pad of paper.

Yes (y/n)? You called me?

"Oh, no, I was just saying it so that I could remember for later." I smiled at him with Goldie returning it. He returned to what he was previously doing. I watched him for a little while before I noticed that Freddy held the wedding dress in his hands.

"Was this your mother's?" he asked, feeling the dress between his fingers.

"Yeah it is. This is my first time seeing it."

"Really. Well I have to say it would look good on you." he said to me. I blushed at his words then remembered what Goldie said- er... wrote... to me. I guess he remembered also, because he showed his previous note to his brother. Freddy nodded in agreement.

"... Really Goldie?... Really?" I sighed at him while he gave me a big, goofy smile... Dang, it's hard for me to stay mad at him... Even though he was in a state of dis-repair, he was still cute...\

"Lets hope Bonnie doesn't see you in this." Freddy chuckled. I turned white as a ghost at the mention of his name. I still wasn't over what had happened to me the other night. Freddy noticed what he had done and tried to change the subject, but it didn't work.

"I'm sorry (Y/N)! I didn't mean to mention him."

"No, that's not the problem... It's just... He did something to me the other night, and I'm not exactly over it..." I shuddered. Freddy glanced over at his little brother and then back at me. Goldie got the message and left the general area that we were in.

"(Y/N), let me tell you a little something about Bonnie." Freddy walked over to the bed that was in the attic and patted the spot next to him while he said this. I took up his offer and joined him, sitting on the edge of the mattress. Freddy began to speak.

"(Y/N). You see... It's been hell for all of us, but Bonnie's had it the hardest out of all of us. It started out fine, but things just began to get worse. The kids started to avoid him, favoring us more than him. He became the least favorite out of all of us. He really loved bringing joy to the kids, and you could only imagine how much it hurt him when the children ran away from him." Freddy explained. I sat there, absorbing the backstory of the purple animatronic as Freddy went on.

"Once the kids began to dislike him, he became depressed... But then you came along, and you stuck to him... That was all he needed to keep going. He was fine for a while, but then you got hurt and never came back. That struck him hard. After that, nothing got him to smile. He even stopped coming out from the stage and stayed with Goldie." Freddy sighed. I remembered that I was like that from the dream I had. I didn't say anything to Freddy and let him continue.

"Things got worse. The Toys began to appear, causing Bonnie to become scrap metal. He lost his face. We never were able to find out how that happened, but that worsened his mood. With the Toys picking on us all the time, he became worse and meaner. He would get mad at us for not standing up for ourselves. When they messed with him, he lost it, releasing all his pent up rage out on the Toys. His outburst changed how we viewed him. He was no longer the kind-hearted, yet cold bunny friend we remembered. This Bonnie was a mean, cruel, and nasty being... But it wasn't his fault. He was just dealt a bad hand."

I sat it silence. I felt bad for Bonnie and the others. Not one knew that Bonnie had it hard with the kids rejecting him, being replaced, and losing his parts. He had every right to be the way he is. The thing that got me the most was when Freddy said that I got hurt and stopped going there. What did he mean I got hurt? I never remembered much of my childhood. It was all a blur. Whenever I try to remember, my head begins to hurt a lot.

A bright light came through the attic window. It was my dad's car. Freddy stood up and headed for the door, but before he left, he called his brother over. He ruffled Goldie's hair once again and then made his way down the stairs. Goldie came over to me, smiled, and left as well, going deeper into the attic. I got off of the dusty mattress and went down to my room. I noticed an object on my bed that wasn't there previously. It looked like something of Bonnie's.

"He must have been up here." I said, picking the object up and placing it on my dresser. I crawled into my bed, checked my phone, and fell asleep.

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