Chapter Fifth - Six

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  Things grew silent, there was no more loud rattling sounds or sratching sounds against the metal doors. With eyes still glued shut,the only thing i could hear was my hefty breath. Well more of a panting sound to be exact. During the rusks I was having a horrible panic attack back like no others. With the sound of me breathing, whispered quietly to myself.

" Calme down, Calme down,Calme down... breath just breath...."

Still station in may corner it gave me time to think. Who knows when they'll attack again. It was black for my eyes were still shut. Thinking of ways to get out of here or find away to get the animastors back to themselves. Lost in thought there was this shifty noise. Slowly opening m eyes in shifted then to the sounds direction. It was my dad he seemed to be regaininy consciousness.

Stinging from m safety corner to us aid,I froze suddenly. I found out why it grew quite. There stood a animator but one I had never seen before. It was bunny like around Bonnie's night,weight and all that. Except he had birty blonde hair,a trattered face. His mouth was slit on both ends yet had stitches sewed in, giving him a purment smile. He was busted left and right, worse condition than what the original gang was in.

He had on a musty tail golden coat,faded black dress pants and beat up dress shoe's. His nails where sharp and long like he files them everyday. He was covered in scars, the ears on his head where fucked up too,one was halfed exposing the wires.

The stranger animator just stood there gazing at me. I gazed back, examing him from head to toe. The thing that got me though was he didn't seem like a threat. But he then titled his head down at to where my dad was resting. He inched towards us, I jolted back and seemed to get the message. The animator returned to the distance he was at. I don't know way but with him here I felt at easy,even though he was a stranger.

So I discied to go to him, to show that I trusted him. He had no expressions what so ever at me approaching him. By he did shift down to my height to where we were both eye and eye. His eyes were very pretty, they where like Foxy's bright amber eyes, yet brighter and shined more. They seems to also have a tint of a dull golden/sliver to them. Very hypnotic.

He breather very lightly but sounded like he was having trouble. Maybe due to his mouth being stiched up into a purment smile. Even though he was a purment smile, he seemed very unhappy and in pain. Physical and mentality.

" Can you understand me? " I asked him, I closely looked at him.

He blinked twice then nodded his head in response. I was shock that he did,but relived as well......

" Do you have a name? "

At the questions he returned back to his hight and walked past me. He went over to where my dad and crouched beside him. The golden bunny poked at him, suddenly he flung my dad over his shoulder. He then walked to the door about to open it.

" NO DON'T " I screamed out at him.

Turing around he placed his finger up to his mouth, then held his hand out to me. Urging me to take it.... At first I hesitate but then took. His cold metallic fingers wrapped around m hand and he open the door. Leading us out the office.

What was he going to do? Where were we going? Could I really trust this animator? Who was he and where did he coke from? And why do I trust him so much?  

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