Chapter Thirty - Seven

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  After a week had pasted without the animators here they final returned. At first I didn't noticed at all until my dad called me down stairs. Coming down stairs with Clyde like always he told to cover my eyes.

Do so I let him leaded me to the kitchen. Clyde wiggled around in my arms to where I had to let him go. My dad fainl stopped me and told me to open my eyes.

Opening them the sight i saw was shocking it was the animators. They were all fixed and all that. I didn't recognize them at first but then it sunk in. Exspecail when Clyde hopped up to the new more aplaeling Bonnie.

Who picked him up and put him on his head. All of them looked nice and amazing. I was glade they we're fixed they looked like their old selves. Also they looked very how should I say it sexy. Mostly Bonnie and I can't believe I just thought that.

On that very same night they all hung out in my room. They told every thing that happen in fixing them. Like how they had an issues with Bonnie and a only Bonnie. Also how they turned them on even though they already we're which was funny.

I also found out that Goldy got his voice box fixed. He talked to me for the first and he could stop talking. Which I couldn't blame him for years he was rendered speech less. After awhile the others left leaving me and Bonnie alone.

" So you kept giving the people problems? "

Bonnie just shrugged and twitched his ears. Then he pushed me down on the bed. But not this time for I rolled off the bed and avoided him. He pouted then tried it again. This time he was successful.

I let him be for it had been week since I have seen him or any of the animators. I also felt like leaving it be for I was tires too. So I ended up let her me sleep along with me.  

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