Chapter Sixty - Six

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  Examining Bonnie further the more and more he seemed to be human. Like when he breathed you could see it. His sides move outwards when he breathed in and when he breathed out the move inwards. Before when he breathed there was no movement at all, just the feel of him puffing out extra air in his system. And the fact that his ears were gone and the joints that helped him move. Gone. All of it! Even his skin was different, no long metallic like but more of mine... except slightly ruff like a guys skin should be.

Rolling off the bed I walked around to the Bonnie was on. Scanning him from head to toe. That was when I concluded that he was official human. Sitting down on the floor next to my bed I thought of how this could be possible. Then that dream I had came up. Like that kid saying they were " free ". Also how the kids happen to look like Freddy,Foxy,Chica and Bonnie....... did they have something to do with this? Waiting to fine how a slipped out my room and headed up to the attic.

As quit as I could possible be I crept into the attic without disrupting anything or anyone. The others were still fast asleep. Like the dead nothing made them move not even when I poked them. Just as I thought they were humans too! What was going on!

Creeping out of the attic and down to living room I checked on the toys. And believe or not they were just the same as the others. HUMAN!

I left them be and went straight into the kitchen where I found Bonnie's big brother SpringTrap. Who was very well awake and alert of what had happen. As well as that it had happen to him. He was no longer scary or creepy looking. He did have scars on his face though from where he had cuts and gashes. But other than that he was sure enough a human. Just one that might have been in a few fight or a war.

" Um..... Hi.... " I said holding my hands behind my back and looking straight at him.

" Good morning or should I say afternoon " he smiled at me and return to looking at his hands.

Looking to my right I saw that it was almost one in the afternoon. Was I asleep for that long really? Returning my gaze back at SpringTrap I saw him still looking at his hands. He seemed to be interested in them for he kept turning them and just staring at them like they weren't his.

" Um..... do you know ....... um ...... what happen.... um .... " I was trying to find the words but couldn't without being rude or a smart ass.

" A human... " he suddenly said to me standing up still looking down at his hands.

" Do you know why this happen? " I quietly asked him.

" The children of the dammed "

" The children? "

" Yeah about five little kids that were killed by Vincent........ five little kids that I tried to save..... five little kids a failed. Because of me they died in horrible ways. It was also the reason I got put in that locked dark room to be left alone and rot there forever..... "

SpringTrap took a quick glimpse up at from his hands but went back to examining them. I watched him mess around with his hands then he stopped. Putting his hands behind his back he looked at me dead on.

" But now they seemed to be free..... thank god. "

" But how were they free "

" Vincent must had died sooner than I expected. But he was being a jack ass and moving around causing himself to bleed more. " Trap grinned thinking about. It was a pretty creepy smile he had on but it wasn't treating or anything.

" So in Vincent's death they became free........ "

" Yep, it was the only thing I could do to make things right once more. "

" But how does it connect with you guys turning human? "

" Well the souls of the children kinda haunted the pizzeria and everything that was apart of it. So what I'm trying to say is that the souls of them attached to us animators....... thus us turning human when the became free I guess... I'm not really sure.... " his gazing went off into the distance like he forgot what he was doing.

" Hey Trap.... " I waved my hand in front of his face snapping him back to the real world.

" Uh what? "

" How are we going to explain? "

" Explain what? "

" The whole you turned into a human thing the rest that are still sleeping...... "

" Oh.......... um......... " he stood there with blank face just like mine.

The both of us just stood there thinking of how we were going to tell the rest that theory of turning into humans from some kids soul being set free.  

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