Chapter Nineteen

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  After spending like three days cleaning everything up and trying to come up with an explanation for my dad on why the door was broken and his boss on why the toys were jacked up. It was really hard because every time I thought of one it sounded to unbelievable or funny. Then that stupid killer clown thing came to mind for no reason, and believe or not I thought about using it.

That a killer clown broke through the glass down and the toys tried to fight him off but it didn't work. I giggled a little at the thought of it. There was no way my dad and his boss would believe that, well my dad might but his boss no,then again. Thinking long and hard about I asked Freddy and them what I should say to my dad and the boss.

Chica agreed on the killer clown and so did Foxy but those to where goofballs. Bonnie didn't give me anything matter of fact he want to dispose of the toys and nothing else. So turning to Freddy and Goldy they gave me some reasonable explanations. Like the toys glitching out, an earthquake which was command where I lived or something else that caused the toys to freak out.

All where really good ones, man Freddy and Goldy where smarter than me! That or they are really excellent lairs,well that is what Chica told me. Then she told me how there was this one time an important object that belonged to the boss got broken and Freddy was the who did but he was such a excellent liar he got away with it same with Goldy. Who learned it all from Freddy.

After finally deciding on the explanation to give to my dad and his boss was going to be, I plopped down on the couch. Laying sprawled out I covered my face with my arm, but then got a chill up my spine.

" Where is that draft coming from? " sitting up I looked over to see the door that had no glass.

" Oh................ O3O " making a stupid face I got up off the couch and went to stand in the glass less doorway. I looked out and watched saw that the leaves began to change color. Fall was coming which also meant school will begin sooner. One day during this stress filled week I began to see the ceremonials for back to school shopping, that was the also I broke the TV. Now needed am explanation for that one too,damn.

Making even more weird faces I heard someone come up from behind. I turned my head to see Bonnie and only him.

" Hey (y/n) can we talk "

" Yeah I guess, about what though? "

" About what I did to the toys "

" Oh, by the way where are the toys? "

" We put them down in the Basement in a corner "

" Alright. Oh by the way Bonnie you don't needed to explain the toys I understand why you did that Freddy kinda told me why you are the way you are. "

Bonnie's eyes widen at me mentioning that to him. Also the fact that Freddy told me was another thing,but he didn't seemed upset about it at all. I guess if anyone should explain something like it was Freddy to be the one. Standing in a awarded silences among us. But that silence was broken when Goldy came into the kitchen but caused something to fall. He tumbled around trying to grab the objects as they fell but was making them worse, he then stopped and looked at us with a bright red face.

We looked at him, Goldy stretched the back of his head then waved his hands around and backed away slowly. I had an expressionless face on as Bonnie had the face of as if he was annoyed by Goldy walking into the kitchen and making that much noise.

The I heard the sound of a car pulling up into the drive way. I popped my head out the glass less door and saw that it was my dads car.

" He is home early! " I shouted out very loud. the next thing I knew was Bonnie and the rest of the animators flipping out and scrambling to get down to the basement.

After the basement door slammed shut my dad entered the house. With the thud of him bag my dad let out a giant sigh of relief.

" (Y/N) I'M HOME!!!! "

I came out from the kitchen with a stressed smile on my face as I walked up to him. Wrapping his arms around my picking me up and snipping me around. After planting my feet back on the ground and getting my balance back. My dad walked into the kitchen talking.

" So what do you want for dinner (y/n) I feel like grilling something! "

" Yeah whatever dad " I shudder nervelessly as I watched him walk around the kitchen pull out things. Then he headed out to the grill where he walked right through the glass less door.

Holding my breath he just walked right through it as if it was open. But the handle was in the place where it showed it was shut. I mean my dad has walked into the glass a few times but this was different. I let my breath go and sighed in relief as he walked out the kitchen without a second thought.

But I guess it was to early to be acting that way for my dad came back and had a confused face. He was pointing and waving his finger up and down.

" Something is wrong and I know it "

" What do you mean? "

" I'm dumb not stupid (y/n) " he said pointing at me. He stepped back in the kitchen and looked around, then stepped out then back in again. He kept doing that until he said something.

" Whats wrong here? "

" Whats wrong? "

" Yes "

" Oh well that is easy, you have the ability to go through solid objects....... " chuckled out dragging it a little.

" (Y/N) "

" Yes "

" What happen to the door? "

"'s long story "

" Well you better start explaining " my dad said crossing his arms staring at me. I stood still swaying back and forth than began to whistle.  

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