Chapter Twenty- Five

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  During school my last class of the day was English, turning in the paper we sat in the class just talking to each other.
Everyone was talking to each other except me, my friends weren't in my class and I didn't like any of the kids in my class. I was checking my phone going through my pictures that I took.

" Wow that's so cool! " a voice said out of no where.

I turned around to come eyes to eye with a guy around my age. He was sitting behind me, I had to say this guy was different for the other kids. He was also new too, I could tell because he wasn't talking to anyone or knew anyone by name. The guy had bleach blonde hair with pink frosted tips, one ear was fully pierced,also his lips were pierced with snake bits. The outfit he had on was a plan white deep V shirt, with sky blue skinny jeans and boot that had fur on the rim of them. His nails were even painted all were black except the middle figure which was hot pink.

" Pardon? " I asked him.

" Oh sorry it's just I saw the picture on your phone. " he tilted forward pointing at the phone.

I glanced at my phone to see that he was talking about the picture I took of the animators before I knew waht they did at night.

" Oh yeah thanks. "

" How did ya get a picture like that? "

" Well it's easier when you have things like these in your basement "

The guys eyes winded when I mention that. He seemed to be doubting me on what I told him, so I showed him the picture that I took with me in them. Like one was of me standing in the doorway angling the camera down form the top. Bonnie was the only one you could see fully in the picture, ya could see some of Freddy and Foxy.

" No fucking way. Aw that's so fucking awesome! "

" Thanks your the only one who seems interested in this. "

" Well I did grow up with theses guys, Bonnie,Freddy,Foxy,Chica and Goldy all them. " the guy smiled pulling his chair around to my desk and sitting with me.

The both of us sat there looking at all the picture in my phone. He even showed some of the picture he had on his phone. Finally the guy told me his name.

" By the way my name is Victor. "

" Nice to meet ya Victor, I'm (y/n) "

The both of us smiled at each other, we talked more and found out that we had all the same classes together. Also Victor told me that I wouldn't have to worry about him hitting on me, he didn't swing that way. I was even more pleased with him, I had a gay friend now!

The bell rang and I said bye to Victor leaving off to the pizzeria. I didn't forget about that news articular and that there was writing on it say to give this it to the boss.

Time Skip

Arriving at the pizzeria I opened the front doors and entered the building. Looking around I saw kids running around like crazy and the toys seemed to be fixed. Walking across the room, I knew I was being watched by BonBon. Ignoring it I went around and asked a worker were the boss was. Shocking they told me like it was nothing, waling to the back of the pizzeria I found the door to the boss's office.

Knocking on the door I heard him say come in. Entering the room I shut the door behind me, the boss was turned around looking through some files. He twirled around but stop stunned to see me.

" (Y/N) what are you doing here? "

" Nothing much I just wanted to ask ya something "

"Like what? "

" Well like what you said that day you came over to my house. "

" What do you mean? "

" Maybe this will make it clear. " I went through my pockets pulling out the news articular throwing it on the desk.

The boss froze as the news articular hit his desk. He finally walked over picking it up,with an uneasy face he plopped down in his chair.

" Okay (y/n) you win, take a sit " pointing to a chair in front of his desk. Taking it I sat across from him wanting to hear what he had to say.    

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