Chapter Fifty

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  Third person
( During night shift )

It was nearing six o'clock, and thus night was a rear night indeed. It was the night before Halloween and Y/N's wasn't working. Instead the boss worked his shift. He wanted her dad to stay home for tomorrow was going to be a busy day and night so her dad had to be in is A - game. There for he work the night shift for this bone night only.

The boss was in the office without a single care in the world. He was well aware of what here at night. But the animators would never dare to they and kill him. So he was relaxed and laying back in the swivel chair. H checked the clock,music box and cameras.

Through the whole night he didn't have any movement. No one down the hall,in the vents, nothing. So he was bored of course but he even followed his own rules. Like not leaving the office no matter what. Or just leaving in general. So there he was twisting back and forth in the chairs. Shinning the flashlight carelessly. He was whistling as well.

That was when the lights began flicker. The boss skimmed around above him,watch the lights have spaz attacks. Suddenly the lights went out completely all together. But soon flashed back on after a few seconds. Being blinded by the sudden shift in light, the boss rubbed his buring eyes.

Blinking to let his eyes adjust, he looked up over his desk. There stood Bonnie and BonBon, who stood side by side. Looking to his left was Freddy and toy Freddy. At the right was Chica and toy Chica. And to Bonnie's left was Foxy, as to BonBon's right was Mangle.

" Oh good.... ha you guys scared me there. " the boss laughed standing up and turning to see all the animators.

None if them responsed to him, they all had blank expression among their faces. The boss laugh awardly as he noticed something off about his animators. Uneasy and a little scared the boss back him self against the wall.

"H-Hey what's with you guys? " suddering on his words he looked at all of them that seem to be looking into his soul.

" Nothing is wrong with the their just 'puppets' that no longer listen to you my old friends. "

The boss froze at the sound of the strange voice. But to him it was so strange. He knew exactly who it was and when the owner of the voice showed himself, boss wasn't all too shock.

" Vincent, who other than you! "

" Oh don't be that way, I'm not that bad. "

" You tried to kill a little girl,and you tormented one of my animators to where he became depressed. Also I had to replace all of my originals with new one because of that stunt you pulled years ago. "

" Well when you put it that way it makes me sound bad. "

" You are bad! "

Silence feel upon the two men. Boss was still up aginst the wall. He had no where to run and even if he tried it would pointless. He was cornered and there was no way out.

" So boss you ready? " Vincent asked biting his nails.

" Ready to die I presume... "

" Yeah how did ya know "

" I've dealer with you and your ways for to long it not even funny. "

" Hmmm well that takes the fun out of it... " he puased and looked at the tow Freddy's.

" Yo papa bear and mama bear heal with him! " Vincent justered to Freddy and toy Freddy to go after the boss.

Doing as they were told they closed in on the boss. And the boss accepting he fate didn try to run or anything. He knew that his job would be the death of him. It was a gruesome sight, they tore limbs and splattered blood every where. Were there was nothing but a mangle corpses left laying on the floor.

Both Freddy and toy Freddy were staned with the blood the boss. Yet they had emotionless face plastered. Vincent walked up to the mangled busy and picked at it finding a phone. There went through the contacts and found whatvhe was looking for. Diling the number he spoke and lied to get closer to his goal.

Tossing the phone he snapped his fingered telling his "puppets" to clean up. Except Bonnie who he had follow him around like servant. He wanted to keep Bonnie close for he was far to important to have anyone tamper with. Bonnie played a major role in his evil sick twisted plan.

" Now we wait... right bunny boy. "  

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