Chapter Six

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After the whole fiasco yesterday and parkouring into my Dad's windshield, he's making me go with him to work for a while. He was worried that I would do it again except injure myself. I didn't even mind. It meant getting out of the demon house for a few days. It'll give me time to think about how to go about the... cyborg problem...

Before we went to Dad's work, I had to go to the basement because he wanted me to get a bag and fill it with stuff so that I could entertain myself if I got bored. As I walked down the stairs, I kept my eyes on the door, not surprised that it was slightly open. Bonnie's head was poking out, watching me while I filled the bag. I looked glanced away, which was a bad idea, because when I looked back, he was standing only a foot or two away from me.

He tilted his head as he looked at the bag. When he looked back at me, I gave him a goofy smile and shuffled towards the stairway. Then Freddy stepped out of the closet and blocked the stairway. I stuck my tongue out at him... I was still mad at him for doing that thing to me with his twin.

Bonnie grabbed my hand that had the bag in it. I flinched at his touch, making him pull back a bit before he reached out again, this time for the bag, and threw it to the floor. I jumped away from him and towards the bag, snatched it up, and forced myself passed Freddy. At the top of the stairs, I called down to them.

"Sorry guys, but I won't be here tonight. I'm going with my dad to his job, so... bye!" After that I heard loud thudding noises coming up the stairs. It was Bonnie. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. I was about to pull myself away but hesitated when I caught a glimpse of his face. He looked worried but angry at the same time. He tugged me towards him one last time before he released me and lumbered back down the stairs.

I was confused as to why he did that, but I shouldn't mull over it. I shrugged and shut the basement door behind me. As I walked away to my room, I glanced back towards the door and looked away again. Once I entered my room, I grabbed any necessities. Laptop, check, phone, check, sketch pad, check... Yep, necessities.


As we pulled up to the pizzeria, I noticed that there were hardly any lights on. Exiting the car, I followed my dad up to the doors, him letting me in first. Looking around, I saw booths, tables with hats on them, and the oh-so-famous stage that harbored the new Toy animatronics who stood perfectly still. With bright colored clothing, rosy cheeks, and smiling faces, they looked lively though also creepy at the same time.

Following my dad down a hall to his office, I felt a pair of eyes on me. Checking over my shoulder, all I saw was the toys. Though I felt one of them staring at me. Ignoring it I looked ahead and saw the office my dad sat in all night... with no doors... wide open. Entering the office I saw there were vents on both sides and a music box on the desk.

"Whats with the box?"

"Oh, I have to keep it wound up to keep one of the animatronics away."

"Away? What do you mean by 'away' Dad?"

"You will find out soon... very soon..." he chuckled awkwardly, rubbing his head. I stared at him for a moment, but then looked away to the vents, which were pitch black. I guess that's what the light is for... I scooted over to the light button and pushed it. The vent lit up. As a bad habit, I continued to press the button, turning it on and off, and probably wasting battery. I stopped when Dad told me to knock it off.

I went to sit down in a corner and pulled out my phone,taking a picture of myself then sending it to Halo and Angle. They responded by making comments on it. Looking up I saw my dad sitting in a chair and he looked different, his carefree goofy personality was gone. It was replaced with a serious and focused face that was also very alert and reacted to everything.

Some time had passed, and I was drawing a picture of Toy Bonnie. I never ever drew Toy Bonnie before, so it was weird, but for some reason, I remembered what he looked like the most so... I drew him. What made everything weirder was I remembered him so well that I guessed it was because he resembled Bonnie. Deep into my drawing, I didn't notice the noise in the vent. What drew my attention was the fact that the vent lights were flickering. Only then did I hear the sounds coming from the vents.

I looked up from my sketch book straight into a pair of brilliant, bright green eyes, thick eyelashes, and cyan hair that covered them slightly. It was Toy Bonnie. He reached out to touch me, but I inched backwards. The sudden movement caused my sketch book to slide off of my lap and onto the floor at Toy Bonnie's feet. He bent over, picked it up, and looked at the picture. He looked up at me and gave a soft, gentle smile, causing me to blush. I guess that gave him the wrong message, because the next thing I know, my feet aren't touching the ground. He picked me up and carried me away through the vents.

I guess Dad didn't see the whole thing going on because he didn't notice I was gone until I was half-way through the vent. My dad just watched as I was carried away. I lost sight of him when Toy Bonnie went around a vent corner. It's not like he could've done anything anyways. He's not allowed to leave the office no matter what. So, here I was, being dragged away by Toy Bonnie, most likely to my doom. And because of his tight grip on me and the fact that his movements were precise and sure, I'm guessing that he's dragged someone off to their doom before.

Once out of the vent, Toy Bonnie carried me over to the stage, setting me down on it. He then hopped up next to me. He then handed me my sketch book, which I didn't know he kept with him, and smiled again at me. He didn't seem as bad as I thought he would. He actually seemed very sweet... He looked at me like expectantly, like he wanted me to finish his picture. He glanced at the sketch book and back up at me. I got the hint and did what he wanted for I didn't want to die tonight.

Half an hour later, I finished and showed him the end picture. He seemed to like it, I guess. He flipped to the next page, which was blank, and then turned to the beginning of the book. I guess he didn't like what he saw... His face went from joyful to cold and irritated. Then I saw why... The sketch book that I grabbed was the one full of the original Bonnie; Bonnie number one.

Toy Bonnie flipped to the next page, then the next, and the next, and each time he did this, his expression got harder and colder. I began to worry for my safety and tried to take the sketch book away from him to keep him from getting angrier. That wasn't a good decision apparently, because the next thing I know I'm on the floor. My shoulders were pinned down by Toy Bonnie's hands and he inched closer. I struggled to get away, but it was no use. He was a robot and much stronger than me.

Toy Bonnie then got closer to my face, but stopped when he felt something in my clothes. One of his hands that was on my shoulder was moving down the closer his face got to me, so he ended up touching one of my pockets. With his other hand, still on my shoulder, he fished around my pocket to see what he was feeling. Heck, even I wanted to know what was in there...

As he fished around, the other Toys came out from where they were hiding. Toy Bonnie finally found what it was in my pocket, and that made him stumble back to his feet and jump away. He dropped the item as if it was on fire. When the other Toys saw what it was, they backed away as well. I sat up and leaned over to see what made them afraid. I was surprised at what I saw.

It was a worn out, dirty, bunny pin. It looked like the one on Toy Bonnie's vest, but it was purple... It was a Bonnie the Bunny pin. It dawned on me, then, that Bonnie must have slipped it into my pocket when he pulled me close to him before I came here with Dad. But did he do that to protect me from the Toys? I don't know, but I want to know why it had such an effect on them...

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