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  Hello everyone it's me, TheAdventureNinja, just wanting to say thank you all for reading this story and making this story what it is today. I know it's saddens you since it is over and will no longer have any chapters after this, but I want to say that this won't be the last of my FNAF fanfics. I have decided, since this Nightmare Bonnie story was a hit, I'm going to make one with Nightmare Freddy and possibly Nightmare Foxy. Hell, if I'm feeling gitty I'll do Nightmare Fred Bear (golden Freddy). Also I have other stories like my newest one, East Hall Lucker, another Bonnie fan fiction (I love to make Bonnie fan fiction, as you can see). Anyways, so that is what is going to be set in the future for ya guys. Since I have looked around on Quotev and haven't seen much with the Nightmares, I thought "Hey! If I'm known for it then why the hell not make more with different characters?" So yeah , that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully I can have the same co-authors and editors with these new stories that I'm doing. Though, with me doing those for now, there won't be a sequel for this story (sorry). I do hope that you guys understand though, and love the other Nightmare fan fiction like you did with this one.
Again, thank you for reading, hearting, commenting, sharing your thoughts, making my days better, and allowing me to make your reading experience better. Also giving the credit to my helpful co-authors and editors.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so so so so much!
Until next time...

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