Untitled Part 36

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So after hearing that the animators we're going to be restoried it was the happiest thing ever. For they finally get to be used for their purpose. Yet at the same time it was sad because I couldn't see them every night if they did. I would have to to to the pizzeria to see them. Which also ment that I might not get to see them for other people will be around them and wanting their attention.

But turth us I would rather have them doing what they we're made for than rottening away in my basement. It was sad yet the best thing to do for them.

So I would make the most of the tune I had left with them. Ya know before they are taken away to be repaired and all. I take every singal last moment with them. Good or bad.

I was up in my room sketching something's for dads boss. He knew I was a great artist and asked me it I could sketch out the design for the animators.

The way I did was I took old pictures of them and all that. Sketched out the basic of their design then added details. I kept the classic look for them with a few modification. Still classy though. I showed them to dads boss and he loved them. He said it himself that he loved how I kept the classic design tot them. Also how I kept their original color skem too.

Dads boss took the sketchs and brought then the people who we're restoring them. They said that the design was so simple and easy they have the animators done with in a week or two. Which was much easier than excepted.

That also ment they get to stay at my house a little longer. That made me a little happy to hear. Also I would get to see them restoried too. I wonder how they would look. Hell it might take me awhile to get use to it. Since I was so use to seeing then all nightmarish and all.

I was allowed to tell Victor yet he didn't care much about. He was happy for then but he had other things on his mind. Such as Halloween. He asked me what I was going as, I told him I didn't know. Then he came up with the bright idea of me,him and my other four to dress up as Freddy and the gang.

And like always my friends we're on bored with it. And I was dragged into it. So it was settel Victor was going to be Goldy, Alex was Freddy, Halo was Chica, Angle was Foxy and Max was going to the night guard for he was the only one who could fit my dads uniform. It was all great and the idea seemed okay to me now then I relizied who I had to be. The only one left was someone to be Bonnie. And then I found out my friends did it that way to we're I had to be Bonnie.

Man if only they knew what haooeb here at night. I mean Victor knows but not about me and Bonnie. Boy was this going to be weird for me. Then the though ran through my head whatvif Bonnie saw me like that.

I turned red I the face forn just thinking about!

It was weird to think about and I didn't like it one bit. Yet deep down I was in bored with it.

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