Chapter Fifteen

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  A week and half had pasted since my dad left to take care of his cousin Jeremy. And I had managed to keep away from the toys. As well as get Goldy down stairs to see his brother Freddy and back up without getting catch. It was very easy I just had to get the toys distracted which was way to easy.

But one day when it was nearing the night Goldy wanted to see Freddy again and he forgot something down in the basement as well. So I was willing to take him down there but I needed to distract the toys so how. So I went down stairs ans into the kitchen where they were. Only to see Toy Freddy at the table spinning his top hat round his finger, Toy Chica was sitting on the counter with the balloon kid in her lap and the puppet kid sitting by her feet. I didn't see BonBon at all until I felt something grab me.

" I catch a (y/n)! " he giggled out loud and the others turned to where we were at. Toy Freddy and Toy Chica got this evil little smiles on their faces. I didn't panic and kept my cool. Before the other could get a hold of me I slipped out of BonBon's grip.

" Look I don't have time for you games "

" But like I said before we are toys "

"Yeah I'm too old for toys "

" But we are for all ages "

" Well I am not into toys "

" Aww why not " Toy Chica moaned putting the balloon kid down next to the puppet kid. She walked over to me and placed her hand on my face. She even brushed my (h/c) back so my face was exposed even more.

I pushed her hand away and stepped back away from her. I didn't swing that way and it was weird to be hit on by a chicken girl. The toys inched to towards me and I inched back then thing went south quick. The next thing I knew was the toys were pinning me down on the floor. It made a huge thud that you could hear though out the house,and I guess that what happen.

For I heard foot step come down stair I managed to move my head to see who it was. And it Goldy he had came down stairs after hearing the thud. He was shocked at what he saw yet scared too,then I found out why it was because of Toy Freddy.

Toy Freddy's eyes were pitch black with no light in them. He had this pure evil smile plastered on his face. He got off of me and walked over to Goldy.

" Well well well what have we here? " he chuckled. Goldy stood there shaking and frozen.

" Don't you fucking touch him! " I snapped breaking my arm free from Toy Chica's grapes hitting BonBon and pushing Toy Chica off. Spring up I tackled Toy Freddy but he just grabbed me and throw me to the ground.

Landing with a hard thud I got just popped back up. I grabbed Goldy's hand and ran for the attic but I was blocked by Mangle. Who I thought was at my dad's boss's house but no he was here. Where was he this whole time.

" (Y/N) you knew he was here all this time and you never told us so we couldn't play with him "

" Why would I let you play with him. You guys are horrible and here I thought you were cool but I was right all along"

" Oh (y/n) you now we are all about playing " Toy Freddy's voice echoed. Mangle snapped at us and catch Goldy by the arm. He let out a yelp and I hit Mangle in the face which he let go.

" Come on Goldy, there is only one place to go "

Goldy looked at me like I was crazy. But he knew it was the only place to get away from the toys. The only place where he can be safe, I could be safe and a place that the once those toys step foot in they will regret. Manly BonBon and Mangle and hopeful Toy Freddy after a special person finds out what he was going to do to his beloved little brother.
We were heading to the basement!  

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