Chapter Thirty - Four

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  Now that I had a bunny to keep me company during the day life was some what good. Reason why I say som waht is because there still the fact of aminators coming to life every night and coming up to my room. Any way it's okay it really is.

Victor comes over a lot though only to see me or Clyde and sometimes to see the animators manly Goldy. Its all food and hey my dads boss cokes over a lot too for some reason. I don't on w why though. Then I finally found out.

Turns out the boss wants to bring the old ones back as a reunion. Ya see people hadn't forgot about them at all. And now there are kids that want to see them. Its amazing to hear really I'm glade the newer generation is going back to the old. That all's mean Bonnie can get a second chance at being peoples favorite. Just the thought alone made me happy.

I found out thanks to my dad not being able to keep his mouth shut. He was talking about to Jeremy on the phone. And I just happen to be in the kitchen at the time. So afterwards I went down to the basement to tell the animators. And boy we're they happy to hear that. Well all except Bonnie for some strange reason.

But I guess it was the fact that he couldn't be around me. Then that made me think. If they went back to working there I could be around them all the time. Which also ment Bonnie wouldn't be around. That made me a little sad, to tell Ya the truth. But hey that fact that they were going to be used as their purpose over road that though.

That very same day my Dads boss came up to me and asked if I like to help. I gladly accepted the offer. If Kent that I was able to be around them just a little more I was fine with it.

I asked the boss how things we're going tot to down. He explained everything. He said first they be fixed up and modified. Given new things and their original appearies be refined. Like the in those old picture of them before they were replaced and all. Dads boss also told that they we're starting today and it will be done with in a few weeks.

Hearing that I felt great. Then I had took ask what about the toys? Dada boss just chuckles then made a face like aw shit. He then said he will figure something out then he said that was why he was asking me to join the project. Because I had the magical ability to get the animators do as I say.

Well he said that the grand reunion would we around Halloween. A time where people could come and see then and all. It was a smart idea. It all was but the fact that they were going to be away from me seems weird because most of my life they been there.  

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