Chapter Sixty - One

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  SpringTrap P.O.V

So many years of being locked away. Long solitude that seemed to never end. And it was all thanks to that freak bastered night guard named Vincent. He really tied my wires in a knot. Oh how I hate him so. I wasn't the only one my little bro Bonnie hated more than I did.

Matter of fact Bonnie hated a lot of things. But Vincent was on the top of his list of things to hate. And pretty sure after what he did to me, Vincent made it Bonnie's kill list. I hate talking about or thinking about the past. Its a drag to me,it really is. But if I had to remember the past it would only be of the good things. Like when I first found out I was getting a little brother. Well truth is the boss only told we got another bunny animator. I didn't care I was still going to make him my little bro. Boy did Bonnie hate ME! At first though,he did come around and we became tighter than anything. Thing Freddy of course had to blow that out of the water when he claimed Goldy his little brother and out did me as the best big brothers. Hey wouldn't you agree with me that it's nearly impossible to be the best big brother when your little bro just "happens " to know more than ya.

Anyways after Vincent got me out of his way he did some horrible things to my little bro. Like making the kids scared of him or not go near him! HOW DARE HE! Yet I couldn't do anything. Ya see Vincent but me out of order by shutting me off and fucking me up. Which is why I'm in the state I'm currently in. Then the fuck locked and broaded me up in an abandoned room to rot! So all I could do was watch with lifeless eyes through a hole in the wall that peered into the main room.

There I watched my brother be put through so much pain and suffering. It killed me. I wish I could have done something but fucking Vincent man!

Bonnie had finally reached that point where he was going to give up and stop coming out on stage all together. Then she appeared. A h/c hair little girl with big e/c eyes that lit up. Exspecially when she spotted Bonnie, who was looking at her like I was.... well as much as the hole allowed. At first she explored around but I noticed as she did, she did it in away where she was nearing on Bonnie. Eventually she made her move when me brother got distracted by laughter coming from the boss. Boy did someone have him rolling.

Thats all it took to just one simple little girl to brighten my little brothers life. I wanted to hug this little girl. And I knew someday I would. One thing is I never thought we meet on the terms we did finally meet. Ya know with Vincent trying to kill her with the animators, manly my brother. The thing that shocked me was that she trusted me. It really got me in my unbeating heart....... engine? <'~'> hmmmmmmmm.

Well beside that the time had finally came to get back and kick ass. Being mobile again felt great and I had an unbelievable amount of engery from all those years just sitting in a corner. Vincent was dead for sure. Because if I know one thing is I'm the one to kill! Literally I am! That was why Vincent feared me and had to get me out of the way. So once I got my hands around the neck of his I immediately saw the fear settle in. Man if ya saw my face I had this cheeky evil grin, that just made my pirment stichted smile deepen and more wild looking.

Plus Victor was there, he was my little partner in crime. Which was strange.... he was aware that I wanted to kill his dad. I guess that was why he hung around me, he like pissing his dad off like. Granite he was still very young but he was smart as a whip. So having him by my side again feed my rampage and the hell I was going to rain down upon his low life pathic father.

Bonnie knew it was going to get bad for he picker the girl bridal style and wisped her off and out far away from where I and Victor were. Which was a good the poor thing had a rough night it was about time for her to get a break. As for me,Victor and shockly some of those toy guys and originals had some business to attend to.  

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