Chapter Twenty- Nine

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  Waking up the next morning I saw that Bonnie was gone. Which wasn't a surprise because he had to leave before my dad got home. It was eight in the morning, and I was late for school. But I really wasn't feeling like going today. That was until my dad came flying into my room like a mad man.

"(Y/N)! You're late for school! Come on and get dressed, I'll take you."

After getting dress and getting breakfast (which, might I add, is toast with butter), my dad drove me to school. By the time I got there it was second period, well at least the last of it. Rushing to my third peroid class I meet Victor the kid I meet yesterday.

We walked to third peroid together and he asked me why I was late. I told him that my alarm didn't go off. Also that I didn't get much sleep last night either. He laughed at my excuse then told me what I had missed first and second peroid. Hell he even gave me his notes which was very neat and writen in pink ink. I had to say Victor was a gay who wore it on his sleeves.

The rest of the day went by quick with having a person to talk to in your class. Once lunch came around I introduced Victor to my other friends. Halo, Angel, Alex and Max who loved Victor. Especial Alex, which kind of gave the rest of the bunch and a clue to his preffered sexuality.

Anyway, after lunch was english class, the last class of the day. Entering the class room the teacher told us that he graded our papers already. Then he said that he saw one he really liked and would like the person who wrote to read it out loud to the class. I ingorned his announcemt and took my seat. Victor was right behind me he kept whispering things to me. Some where pretty funny and I couldn't help but giggle. After the teacher passed back our papers, I saw my grade.

I wasn't shocked or anything. I always got good grades in english. But the note he worte on the paper was what got me. It said that this was the most creative story he had ever read. That it was along the lines of different genre. Then I read that he would like me to read it to the class.

There was no way in hell I could do that. I hated being the center of attention, I'm not lying. I'd always mess up and make a fool of myself. So when the teacher walked passed me again I asked him if I had to. He said that he would like it but if I didn't he would read it. Then I asked him If it had to be read outloud. For that quetion he gave me a direct answer and it was yes.

So, in the end, the teacher read my story out loud. And he made sure the class knew it was mine. Because when he began he read off my name then pointed over to me. As the teacher read I put my head down trying to drown him out. When I looked up I saw that the whole class was captivated by it. So I listened in and hearing someone else read it gave it a whole different feeling.

The story took up the rest of the class because it was fifteen pages long. And no, it wasn't double spaced either, each page had four or five paragraphs on it. But I had to say it made me happy to know that one of my writings could make people feel that way. Because after class kids that I never talkes to complemented me on my paper.

When I got home I told my dad about what had happened. He was happy to hear and wanted to read it. I let him and when he was finished he laughed and said that I had a crazy imagination. I was glad my dad was a little dumb to not piece things together. Because that story wasn't made up it really happened and there are few people to back me up on it. But if they showed themselves my dad might get scared and pass out.

I was up in my room reading over my story when Victor texted me. He wanted to know if I could hang out today since it was Friday. So I told him that he could come over. He replied that it would be a dream, for he knew about the animatronics in my basement.

I told him that he could come overr and stay the night since he didn't like girls. Truth is my dad would let anyone sleep over even if it's a straight boy. So Victor was happy to hear and was on his way, I texted him the address and all that. Then I thought of what we might do. Victor was a new friend, so I don't know much about him. I guess I'll learn more tonight.  

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