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Near x reader by CallOfSilenceAOT
Near x readerby V
I have seen many beautiful things in life but everything stopped so suddenly on a completely normal day. My world turned upside down. Everyone thought I was a emotionles...
Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shots! (Death Note Wattys/Golden Apple 2016) by VioletFluff
Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios/ Violet
Includes L, Light, Matt, Mello, Near and Matsuda! ~Taking requests! ~I personally made all these scenarios so be sure to give credit and ask me if you want to use/post a...
Death Note: Erasing Death by yoongszn
Death Note: Erasing Deathby n.
"Hence the end of the world should be awaited with all longing by all believers." - William Ames A crazed mass murderer with a killer notebook is on a mission...
Coincidence at Heart ( NEAR X READER ) by CorgiDorki
Coincidence at Heart ( NEAR X CorgiDorki
This is a Near x Reader story. The reader runs away from a crazed murderer and ends up at Whammy's and is compared to be similar to a strange white-haired boy- things ca...
Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios by lonelyywritersblog
Death Note Boyfriend Scenariosby <3
Hey guys!!!! 👋≧◉ᴥ◉≦ Thank you so much for clicking on this story xD In here are a bunch of Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios! Death Note is my absolute favorite and I alwa...
Fade [Near x Reader] by Renoxous
Fade [Near x Reader]by Renoxous
This book has one thing many other books doesn't have... wait for it..... COMMON SENSE!!!! I haven't seen that in a while, have you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Opposites Attract ~ Near x Reader by daisylithium
Opposites Attract ~ Near x Readerby Cherry<3
She's full of life, kindness, and spirit. He's cold, lonely, and rid of emotions. ... Then how on Earth do they make so much sense together? ~ A story where you arrive a...
Destined (Near X Reader) by Nightshade_Cookies
Destined (Near X Reader)by Nightshade C.
Humans. They're just toys. They're just tools. To get rid of her boredom. She doesn't need to be around them too long. There's no need to get attached in any of them. It...
丅ᕼᗴ ᒪ ᔕɊᑌᗩᗪ - L x OC - by Mwua05
丅ᕼᗴ ᒪ ᔕɊᑌᗩᗪ - L x OC -by Mwua
Only the funniest, most wholesome death note fanfic you will ever read in your life. Because L is an eccentric genius and could only fall in love with someone equally a...
White Flower [ Near x Reader ]  by LEYUNOVocaloid
White Flower [ Near x Reader ] by LeyLey
A young girl made her emotions shut an incident. She has the titled "Doll with a mask" when she went to the orphanage. She met Near and became his assistant wh...
Only For You by mzxria
Only For Youby :)
|| Death Note x Female Reader || Y/n is a fan of the anime Death Note. She gets thrown into the Death Note universe and tries to make the most of her new life. Y/n is aw...
Strawberries and Apples (Bleach x Death Note IM Fanfic) by Spectra-L
Strawberries and Apples (Bleach SpectraL
An internet messaging fanfiction. Death Note x Bleach. Misleading name. Not as cool as its name.
Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader) by Llightyagami
Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)by Light
What happens when Kira falls for you? What happens when he might actually have a softer side to him. But what if you like him back? From a shy girl to Kiras helper You b...
He's not Kira. Yandere! L Lawliet x Reader by autumn_fawn
He's not Kira. Yandere! L autumn_fawn
Dedicated to all of Death Note fans You are a Wammy's student. Top of the class if you wanted, but you don't. One day Roger calls you to the office. Were you getting ado...
"Cake" An L Lawliet X Reader Fanfic by knivesthebunni
"Cake" An L Lawliet X Reader Fanficby knivesthebunni
Y/N is a detective, working on the Kira case with L and the task force, but what will happen when L and Y/N share an apartment? Contains: ~angst ~fluff ~lemon *DISCLAIME...
Death Note One-Shots by Unlucky_Charm
Death Note One-Shotsby Unlucky_Charm
A bunch of one-shots about different Death Note characters. Leave me requests if you want a certain character included, and tell me if you want me to write a certain sce...
Apathy (Near x reader) by Miver17
Apathy (Near x reader)by Miver17
[Y/N]: a beautiful, extremely intelligent yet unemotional girl, moves to Wammys house where she meets three young boys. What could happen? *This is a super old book, pr...
Death Note - Seven Minutes in Heaven by otakuduck15
Death Note - Seven Minutes in otakuduck15
Seven in minutes in heaven with the Death Note characters :)
Love & Law (L Lawliet x Reader) by azuxsx
Love & Law (L Lawliet x Reader)by this acc is dead
~~File~~ Name: (Y/N) (L/N) Gender: Female Age: 23 Occupation: Student Present Whereabouts: Meadow Asylum Reasons: Guilty of murdering 40 students; 6 teachers at an asse...
Cursed Deathnote Things  by someonethatisntfunny
Cursed Deathnote Things by someonethatisntfunny
Currently #10 in deathnote I will be putting cursed facts and pictures of random things that have to do with Deathnote THERE ARE SPOILERS so be careful and don't say...