Chapter Seventy

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  Weeks became months, months became years and those years became the best years of my life. Nothing could compare to those years and the ones before. What started out as a freakish nightmare turned into a wonderful dream. For most of us.

I'll tell ya what went down. For starters I never thought it would be possible but it happen. Bonnie and I got married! It was a grand day and many amazing times followed. My dad wasn't to gitty about it but like always he got over it and accepted the fact that it happen. He was just happy that I was happy.

But things did get better for him. Like becoming a grandfather of two boys. Yeah we had kids, well we only had one. I wasn't going through that pain again. Evan is our blood son. And Riley is our adopted son.

Even though their not blood related they act as if they are. Sure they might not look alike. But they way they act is all that matters.

Evan us the oldest,10 years old. Boy does he look a while lot like Bonnie. Same thick velvet purple hair and the bright crimson eyes. Yet he sure hell didn't act like him. Evan really had my personally, weird,goofy and out of it sometimes. Also when ever SpringTrap comes over things get really hectic.

Riley is the adopted one he is 6 years old and he has some physical feature similar to mine. And he's nothing but cuddles and doesn't talk much. He is a mute somewhat like Bonnie. Also he is really shy and likes to cling to me all the time. Which I'm married to Bonnie so I'm use to it! Though I have to say when he wants to be loud he get really loud and that when Evan gets him excited over things. Which also I forgot to mention that Evan is just like his dad when it comes to being over protective. And it's just the cutest little thing ever. MINI BONNIE!

Oh things are going great with our lives, they really are. I'm glad that I never told anyone about ever signal thing that jat happen that summer. And I'm happy that I was the type of kid I was and go on her to unique looking things such as Bonnie. I'm glade for ever thing that happen. Well not the part about trying to be killed no I was to fond of that No......

But everything else....yeah I am happy about. I love Bonnie, I love my sons, I love my life.

And if I learned anything from those years and what I tell my Boys is......

Don't Be Scared

THE END     

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