Chapter Forty - Five

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  Bonnie's P.O.V

All those thing happen and now I was given another shot. A second chance to make up for what happen to her. And try to get her back to her old self agina. I would try anything to get the Y/N I knew back. It was just my luck that she was blocked headed to where if people where hiding things from her she find out one way or another. I knew that was one thing that never changes about her.

It was one thing I loved about her....

" Such a cute bunny..." I whispered softly to my self and watch Y/N sleep soundly.


I woke slowly when I felt Bonnie patting my head. I didn't mind at all,it felt nice and it was camling. I shifted my sight up at him, only to see him staring off into space. Yet he looked very peaceful.

His stare was a hundered mile one to be frank. But the whole bamn time he look so peaceful. Like e was thinking happy,jolly and joyful thoughts. I winder what he was think... then again I didn't for all I know he could be think about some dirty things! That most likely involved me!

I got chills thinking about it really. Shaking them off I just laid there in Bonnie's lap as he patted my head. Shifting my eye sight away to the door I thought about a few things. Like what I was going do about that Halloween idea my friends had in mind.

Thinking long and hard about my thoughts where intruppeted by Bonnie. He shifted closer to me and his and moved down. I squeezed my eyes shut and pertended to fake sleep. He didn't do anything for awhile but then he whispered something. And I have to say it was sweet,cute,embrassing and werid whatvhe whispered. It was something along theblines of this.

" Such a cute bunny "

I couldn't help but blush and want to giggle at it. Bonnie might be very cold and mean looking but he is a really sweet heart to some people. When it came to me though, he was too sweet. So sweet it would rot your teeth.

Evetally Bonnie shifted again and now he was laying beside me. I was still close to him and somewhat in his lap. I guess he wanted to be closer... I didn't mind one bit at all.  

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