Chapter Fifty - One

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  Mike's P.O.V
( Y/n's dad )

Late in the high I got a strange phone call from my boss. He told me that he was canceling reunion, I don't why he never told me. He all he said was being into work early. For he wanted to go over a few things with me. Yeah it was weird for my boss to call a such a late hour and also he didn't sound too good entire. Sounded sick. But hey his my boss so what the hell could I do.

Time Skip

I arrived about two hours earlier than I usually do. The boss's car was parked where it normally is. Exiting my car I headed to the front doors only to see that they were locked. Unlocking them I entered the pizzeria. It was dark,spooky and very grim. Like always,I was use to it.

The animators where in their places. But something seemed off about them. I got a closer look at them. I saw they where very very expressless,colder dead eyes was all the stared back at me. Matter of fact if I recalled the toys haven't been acting like themselves lately. I mean with them trying to kill me and all. Hell I even examined the old gang.

To my surprise they were the same as the toys. The only difference was they looked more pissed off and angered. Especially Bonnie! He had a scowl that sent chills down my spine. I backed away from them and headed to my office. On my down the hall, I got the feeling of being watched. I man had that feeling before buy it was different this time. Still that I want to kill you but it wasn't that oops kinda kill. This was I want to fucking gut type of kill.

Entering my office, I tripped over something. Stumbling, not falling I catch myself on the besk. Looking down to see what it was it was a pair of keys. Like mine but more old and used. The boss's keys! What the hell were they doing on the floor. Bending down to pick them up, a sudden sharp pain went through my body. Gasping I fell over, it was like I got a kick to the stomach! Which was actually happen to me.

Over on my side I looked up to see a man standing over me. He peered down at me, this man I seen him before. Yet where? Straining my eyes to see, it hit me I knew where I have seen this man before. It was fucker who tried to hurt my princess,my little girl, my whole world!

" You.... " gruntint out in pain as I held my stomach.

" Ah yes me, I'm shocked you even remember. " he chuckled out placing his foot on me.

He bent down to my level. He them fished around in my pockets searching for something. As he did that I noticed that all the animators had gathered behind him. But none attcked him, nine of them even stepped near him unless he told them to. Which made me think what the hell he did to get the to odey him. Mainly Bonnie, because if memory survies me right Bonnie hated this bastered! And was also the one who protected my daughter from him those many yeas ago!

After awhile he finally found whatvhe was looking for. My phone. He turned it on, going through it. There he found what he was really looking for. He showed me the number he found and was laughing crazly at. It was Y/N's number. This son of a bitch was still at it!

" Now what you need to do his give little bunny a call, telling her to come here. And that's when the fun begins! " smiling down at me he wiggled my phone a little.

" Never! "

" Oh really "

" I would die first before doing anything that would my princess! "

" You would die for her! Really! How pathic! "

" An parent would die for their kids no matter what! And you can do whatever you want to me I'll never do it! "

" Pity "

At that moment he kicked once again. Over and over that's all he did for awhile. He would stop and ask me if I'll do it and I would give him the same answer. No or go to Hell. Every time after I said that I get beat. Beating to a bloody pulp, I had blood ozzing every where. But I would take it, there was no way in HELL I WAS GOING TO LET THAT BASTERED GET AHOLD OF Y DAUGHTER AGAIN!

But soon after he got tried of beating me up and even tired if watch the animators doing it. So he just dialed my daughters number and out it on speaker. And when she picked up I heard her voice. But I wouldn't talk. Yet then Y/N began to get worry,she knew it was my phone she was getting the calk from. So I finally spoke. By with that ass there I couldn't say much to warn her. What really pissed me off was the fuck posed as my boss. He told my daughter right in front of me to come in that we needed her to bring in something that I left. Which was something I use to bring but not anymore since I found it useless.

She hung up with saying she was heading right over with it. I felt like screaming NO! My mouth was covered before I could though. Then everything went black for me. I was hit in the head, and knocked out. But all that was through my mind was how I was going to moat likely lose my little girl tonight. It made me want to cry.  

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