Chapter Seventeen

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  " What the hell?! " Toy Chica shouted getting off of Chica running over to Toy Freddy.

Toy Freddy was knocked out cold and his face was cracked badly. He had slash marks on his neck showing that he was most likely throw by his neck. He twitched every now and again spurting out some red fluid as some oozed from his face. Toy Chica glanced over to BonBon with me still wrapped in his arms, I could tell BonBon was a little scared for he began to shake a little.

Bonnie stepped out of the room holding Toy Freddy's top in his hand. He tore and ripped it dropping the tore piece down making his way over to Toy Freddy. It seemed Bonnie wasn't done with him yet, then out of no where Mangle came down biting Bonnie square in the neck. There was a cracking sound but that wasn't from Mangle biting down hard onto Bonnie's neck. It was from Bonnie grasping Mangle's head then whaling it down onto his knee splitting it open like it was nothing.

Mangle dropped to the floor lifeless and unresponsive even to the slight thing. The red substance oozed from his cracked head pooling around him.

" Don't you ever learn? " Bonnie spoke for the first time ever. His voice was deep,cold,curl and dull yet it was very smooth as well.

Bonnie went back to heading towards Toy Freddy. Once he approached Toy Chica sprang up swing at Bonnie,she landing a hit but it seemed to hurt her than him. That was right Bonnie,Freddy,Chica and Foxy were metal not plastic.

Toy Chica drew her hand back holding it and greeting her teeth. Bonnie picked her up the throat raising her off the ground. Toy Chica began to kick and claw at Bonnie but like with me it was useless,Bonnie was much stronger and bigger than her. Like it was nothing he throw like a doll as he did with Toy Freddy, the only differences was that when Toy Chica hit the wall her entire body cracked like an egg.

She slid down the wall more lifeless than Toy Freddy and Mangle were. After throwing her Bonnie placed his foot onto Toy Freddy's head and pressed down on it. More of the red fluid came out as Bonnie continued to apply pressure to his head.

" STOP IT YOU FUCK " BonBon shouted out watching Bonnie crushing his friends head.

Bonnie lifted his foot up and turned on his heels at us. BonBon froze once he made eye contact with Bonnie, BonBon's shacking went to trembling to violent shacking. I took the opportunity to get free,so I moved suddenly but BonBon wouldn't let go. I figured out that he was going to use me as a shield or a way to protect himself form Bonnie. I had to say it was smart but I guess it was also the wrong chose.

Reason was Bonnie walked over to us, BonBon's ears flatten as he got closer and he ducked his under mine. Was Bonnie like a nightmare for him and the other toys? Was he that bad,then I remember the horrifying scene that just happen a few seconds ago.

Bonnie reached out and snatched me from BonBon, pulling me close to him. BonBon backed away slowly, Bonnie let me go and put me to the side. I saw that Bonnie toward over BonBon, I never noticed who tall Bonnie was until now he must had been the tallest one out of them.

In a quick flash BonBon darted up stairs with Bonnie chasing after him. I followed them not because I wanted to see Bonnie was going to do to BonBon, even thought it was just a little reason why. The main reason was because they were heading up stairs. And I didn't want them to mess shit up that was all and also I wanted to see what was going to happen. Damn me and my teeness with being so into seeing fights.                       

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