Chapter Three

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  My eyelids felt heavy and were hard to open. Lifting my hand to rub my eye, which helped me to open it, I saw a white, pale ceiling. This wasn't the ceiling to my room because my FREE! poster wasn't hanging on the ceiling (I hung it above my bed), so that meant that I was in the basement... Though I remember being in my room... Then the memories came flooding back into my fuzzy mind. Last night, I saw something that would make even the toughest men pee their pants and faint.

The robots in my basement came to life... Like in Night of the Museum, except I'm pretty sure that Dad doesn't keep an ancient tablet hidden in his bathroom... Or does he? Anyways, they definitely were definitely moving when I saw them! Sitting up I looked around to see what time it was. Finding the clock, it read 8:00 o'clock. Glancing towards the animatronics' storage room, I found that the door was open a bit. Squinting my eyes, I saw a glint of something inside. Focusing my gaze, I saw four pairs of colored irises of bright blue, crimson, violet, and amber eyes staring back at me.

They were all looking carefully at me. Not wanting to move or look away in fear they might make a move, I freeze. Then out of the blue, one pair of eyes shifted closer to the crack in the door, the red pair. Acting on instinct, and fear, I spring up, vault over the couch I was resting on, and fly up the stairs. All that for a pair of eyes shifting an inch closer to a door... Gosh, me...

After flying up the stairs like a pro, I slam the basement door shut and lean against it, breathing heavily. With my back against the door, I hear foot steps coming up the basement stairs. Spinning around and opening the door a little, I see Bonnie coming up the stairs, followed by Freddy. Pushing it shut again, I lock it and put a nearby chair under the knob to keep it shut. The door knob jiggled a little then stopped, later followed by the sounds of foot steps retreating back down the basement stairs.

Watching the door closely, I stand still, waiting to see if anything else happens. At that moment my dad grabbed me from behind causing me to shriek like a two year old. My dad put me down immediately and turned me around with a surprised look on his face.

"Whoa! Sorry there kiddo, didn't mean to make you scream like that. You okay?" he asked me, rubbing my shoulders to calm me down.

"I-I'm fine. You just scared me, that's all." I laughed awkwardly, lightly punching him on the arm to show that I was fine. Even though I wasn't. At all. I just experienced something that will haunt me forever. I glanced at the basement door for a moment then turn back to my dad.

"Oh (y/n), by the way we are having people coming over!" My dad said giddily, clapping his hands together. I snapped my head to the side. We're having people over! Which means they would want to go check out the guys in the basement. Which also means I have to go down there too because my dad says I'm better at explaining the story behind them and why they're in my basement. My friends are coming over too, which meant going into the basement anyways because they always want to be down there! But if I begin to act weird around the animatronics in the basement, they might think something is up and then the robotic devils will do something bad to me so that their cover isn't blown! Oh, God, I spend too much time with Dad!

All this stuff running through my head made my face turn as white as a ghost. I became solid ice just thinking of the things they could do. It got even worse because I remembered that my dad told me they would try to get into his office during his shift, and that before every shift he had there was a message from this guy telling him that they would try to stuff him into a suit. If he didn't keep his attention on the animatronics and on his power supply, they would surely stuff him in one once they got the chance.

At that very moment it dawned on me. All this time, the animatronics wandered around my house when I was asleep. All this time, whenever my dad left, they came out of the basement and did want ever they wanted. All while I sound asleep in my room. Then another thing dawned on me! The night that I found this out, Bonnie was outside my door. Which most likely meant that he does it every night which would lead to the fact that he probably watched me sleep!

The more I thought about it, the more panicked I became and realized that I lived in a monster house for four long years ever since I was thirteen. That thought right there was what broke me. I had forgot that I was talking to my dad when I flipped out.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout, flaring my arms around and running up to my room, flinging my door open then slamming it shut. Diving onto my bed and wrapping myself in my blankets, I reached out for my Kakashi plushy and pulling him to me. Then I searched for my stereo remote and, once found it, pressed the 'on' button to where my music was blaring loudly. Then I slowly began to lose my mind.

Meanwhile, my dad was downstairs confused as hell. I barley heard what he said, but what I got out of it was something along the lines of, "So...are you excited for the guests or...?"             

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