Chapter Sixty - Five

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  Y/N P.O.V

Fast asleep after a long night of hell and other stuff,I slept like the dead. Even though I went through some serious bully shit. I found myself dreaming. And this dream happen to take place at the pizzeria.

Yet the thing was I was the only one there. None of the animators where there or seen. It wasn't to day I mean the lights were on. But outside looking through the windows info was nothing but white. That was how I knew it was dream. It was as if I walked outside I would disappear. So bring the only one in the pizzeria it felt weird. But then there was this humming noise. It was of the this theme song I heard before. It was something Freddy always hummed. What the name of it?

Panning around the room to find the source of the noise I saw a little boy sitting on the stage. A very small child around five or so. With a black short sleeve shirt that had this white strip across it. His hair was a dark almost burnt brown. And he wore blue shorts with ankle socks with one show untied. He was fucking adorable!

Not wanting to scare him I walked up to slowy and stood a foot away from him. The no suddenly stopped and looked up at me giving a smile. He had no front teeth which just made his cuteness level for me go higher. I returned the smile back to him,which made him giggle.

" Thank you! " the child suddenly grinned at me.

" Thank you? Why are you thanking me?"

" Beacuse now since the pbad man is gone my friends can come and play with me! I won't be alone anymore! " he giggled out hopping off the stage and running past me.

" Hey wait! " I ran after the boy all the way to these purple currents.

The boy pulled the current s apart and there was a red haired boy who was just waking up. He had on a red shirt,brown pants,black shoes and had a handchife tied around his neck. This boy sprang up quick and ran along side the first boy. The both of them left me inbthe dust as they took off to what seemed to mlbe the kitchen.

In there was a small little girl. With blonde curly pigtails and a cute sun dress and with sandles on. She was so cute and the red haired go helped her up. Then soon after those there took off running back to the stage.

Where I another small child magically appeared who wasn't there before. This one had chest but brown hair. Bright electric blue eyes. With a plan white shirt and black shorts and black shoes likebthe red haired kid. So now there was four little kids running about. But they weren't done. For they all approached.Dragging me to these back room. That was labled parts and service room.

In there was another child but his head was down on the table with a hood covering his face, it was as if he was asleep. Which he was turns out. The little ones behind me began to push me forwards towards the little boy sleeping. Not wanting to upset them I did as they wanted and walked up to him by myself. I didn't want to startel him at all, so a placed my hand gentle on his upper back and shoulder. Lightly rocking him to wake him up. The other small children watched by looking over the egad of the table this little boy was sleeping at. They were on their tippy-toes in order tobsee what I was doing.

After rocking the child for sometime he finally awoke. And I got a better look at him. And it was shocking! The kid looked like Bonnie except younger. He had the same color of purple for hair as Bonnie, smart crimson red eyes and everything else. Which made me wonder. I snapped my head back at the other kids and I was shock I didn't notice it sooner. Those kids that were found sleeping all looked dead similar to Freddy,Chica, and Foxy! It was weird!

I was snapped out of by the young Bonnie looking kid who was tugging on my arm. Gazing back at him, he reached up out to me. He wanted me to pick him up. Unable to resist it I did what he wanted. Afterwards the other little kids swarmed me feet and pulled by the pant legs. We went back out into the main room, were I watched all of them run around having fun. And the one kid in my arms snuggle closer to me. It seemed to go on like that for awhile, until this bell began to ring. It sound all to fimilar like the one at my dads job telling him that his shift was over.

Then one by one the kids started to disappear, even the one I was holding vanished. Leaving the kid from the very begin left.

" We're free! Thank you miss thank you " were the last words he giggled out before fading like like the rest of them.

Now left in the pizzeria I got this feeling a happiness like I did something really good. Then I thought about how that kid kept say thank and we're free. It made think that these poor kids got involved with Vincent. Which was sad they were so young. But the thing that got me the most was his they looked exactly like the animators. I guess it's a question that well never be answered. All I knew was they were free now.

I felt all warm and fuzzy. I could feel something soft yet frim at the same time. I was beginning to awke from my dream. I knew Bonnie was beside me on my bed.... but something was off. Most times when Bonnie sleeps next to me the bed levels out since he is made of metal and weigh a lot. Yet there was a dip where both me him were face to face, nose touching and all. I could feel his breath though that was off to. Normally when Bonnie breaths it's like an A.C. This time it was hot and warm, his whole body was warm. Which doesn't happen since his made of metal and it is very cold outside.

Fully awake now I sat slated looking down at Bonnie. I was so confuces on what was going on that I did what teens do best. And that was poke him to make sure things were alright. Lightly pressing my finger down on his cheek, I withdrew my finger. For when I poked him his cheek wasn't cold but warm, it didn't feel like metal and I wasn't hard. I was more soft like skin and when I poke him my finger indented instead of staying flat on the surface of the cheek. I then noticed more!

Bonnie's bunny ears were gone. Nothing was spurting out from his head anymore. And also that little gear at both sides of his jaw were gone. Those where the things that helper him move his jaw and inable him to speak. Now were gone! I was freaking out by this.

It- It was l-like Bonnie was HUMAN!   

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