Chapter Twenty-One

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  Ever since that day I haven't seen much of my dad, he took up another shift to show his boss he was sorry for what happen to the toys. So not only does he work nights 12-6 but now he works 11-5 in the afternoons now. I only get to see him for split few seconds in the day the rest of the time he is sleeping.

Also I haven't seen the animators at all since dads boss said something that happen to me when I was a kid. Especial Bonnie I still remember the face he made when dads boss mention that thing,which I'm still wondering what he means. And I can't go to the basement because when I do the door to the little room is locked or is being held shut. It's like they don't want me to know what happen to "me" when I was a kid.

But I haven't been able to talk to any of them any ways because of school coming up like a few days away. So I have been busy getting ready for that hell. Also watching my dad so he doesn't over work himself. He was that type of person who feels so bad for something he over does things. I mean his boss is happy he is sorry but now his boss feels bad about it I guess the boss has a heart after all for people not just animators.

Yet my dad still works hard and long getting paid alot of money but it doesn't help him feel better. Between watching him,school and finding away to get the animators to talk was hard. Then school was finally here and the homework piled up so that prevented me even further.


Up in my room I was doing homework for English, I had to write about my summer and make it into a creative story. Ya know make something that really turning it into a fairy tale or something like that. Well I just wrote what really happen it seemed like a fairy tail well more of a nightmare. It was Friday finally a long week.

So writing that out I heard my dad leaving for work he doing the night shift this time. He popped into my room to say goodbye and then headed out. He looked awful, he was tired looked sick and the living dead, I wish he call in and stay home. But he was stubborn and left for work, sooner or later he will run out of energy and give in that was the only way he stop.

After he left I went back to writing my story, then there was a noise in the hallway. Glancing over to where the noise came from the door creaked open.

" Bonnie? " I called out but didn't an answer.

Getting off my bed I walked over to the door and opened it to see no one. I shrugged my shoulders shutting the door fully and turning around only to hit something. Fall back against the door I looked up to see Bonnie standing there.

" Oh hey Bonnie.... did you come through the other door? " I asked him pointing to the door across the room.

He nodded and walked over to my bed and sat down on it. He picked up the paper I was writing and examined it, he looked confused and tried to understand it. It was like he never say writing let only was able to read.

" It's a paper I have to write for English class, I have to write about my summer. "

Bonnie gave me a quick glimpse then return to the paper. He flipped through the notebook and saw all the things I did in school. I had to say he face was the right face, the first week of school it felt like I fill my notebook full. It was crazy but hey I'm a senior in all honers classes. So yeah.

I walked over Bonnie and sat next to him, I packed my things away and took my notebook back. Checking it over to see everything was okay then shoving it into my bag. I reached over my bed and picked up one of my sketch books. Grabbing a pencil and taking out my phone looking through my picture finding one to draw.

Swiping through I came across the one I took of Bonnie that night, that weird heated night. I couldn't help but blush a little about, thank god Bonnie didn't see. I glanced over to him to see that he was staring off into space which was weird I never saw him like that. Then Bonnie got off the bed and sat on the floor which was even weirder but hey now I can draw without him seeing it.

So while he stared off into space I drew the picture from my phone. As I drew it I realized that something that this picture was the best one out of all of them. Ya see the sketch book I was drawing in was the one I always had me and was filled with nothing but Bonnie and tore out the one of Toy Bonnie and put it in another. This was also the sketch book no one was allowed to look in and it had my best drawing in it.

It was around 3 in the morning when I finished the picture and it was amazing. I catch every detail in the picture and with Bonnie just a few inches away helped too. I was adding the finishing touches on the picture when one of my headphones was pulled out of my ear. Looking over Bonnie was staring up at me holding my headphone between his fingers.

" Back to earth I see "

Bonnie dropped the headphone and pointed to the door where Goldy was standing. Turns out he was trying to get my attention but unable to talk it was hard. He waved his hand telling me to come over to him, then he wrote something down.

Freddy wants to talk to you

What did Freddy want to talk about with me?          

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