Chapter Sixty - Two

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  SpringTrap P.O.V

As I watch Bonnie and that girl walk out of the room,I turned me attention back to where I throw Vincent. I saw him slither out of the pile of rubble. There he darted down a dark empty hall. I smug and chuckled at it. For little did he know that, that hall was a dead end. But he sooner realized it once there was cursing being echoed down the hall.

Victor walked down the hall with me. He still had the blood drenched knife. I never he had it in him to stab anyone. Then again this was his dad who fucked his life up. So I wasn't to shock really. And he did seem to save that girl. If he didn't act the way he did then that cut would have killed her.

Nearing the end of the hall Vincent panicked and ran into a small room. I sighed at his pathetic attempts to escape. I held Victor off telling him to go check on my brother and that girl. He hesitated at first but listen he also gave my the knife just in case. Running off he pasted by the old animators and the toys. Who we making there way to me.

" Is he in there? " they all said together at me.

" Yeah but let me go first "

They stepped back and let me do what I wanted. I thanked them by waving them off and entering the room. Vincent was running about the room to every corner looking for away out. I blocked the ententes and watched him. He looked like rat that was trapped. It was very amusing. It was about damn time I got some amusement. All those years locked up in this room. And once I'm finally free I have to deal with this shit. At that moment I got a thought in my head. Knowing Vincent was only human... he could die in any way.

" Vincent!? "

He froze at the sound of my voice. Vincent coward in a corner looking over at me. I panned around the room to see what was in it. There really wasn't much to be frank..... now that I could see in the room it wasn't all as I thought it was. Well then again I was locked in this room with no lights besides that small in the wall. A devilish smile found it's way onto my face. I had got the best yet worse idea to do to Vincent. Best for me and the others, worse for Vincent.

Shuffling towards Vincent, I picked him up his collar. He freaked out and began to claw at me,kick me,spit on me the whole nine yards. But it didn't stop me from what I was about to do. Like I said there wasn't much in the room, but there was some useful broken things. Like wires that hung from the lights there were broken. Shattered glass and rusted rods. I looked down at Vincent who was still clawing at me.

" That's not going to work my little friend! "


" Are you scared Vincent? "

He didn't answer me. He went right back to try and free himself from me..... it was getting annoying really it was. Shuffling around the room picking up the things I needed for what I was about to do. Finally I throw Vincent into a corner. The same corner that I was disabled at. Right next to the hole in the wall that was my only window to world.

" Long ago there was this guy I knew. He had a pretty sweet life, friends,family and a nice job. But one day an asshole came along and took that away from him. That poor guy was left to rot in a dark room for so many years by himself. The only thing he had was this hole. It was the only thing that kept his sanity. "

I looked down at Vincent who was crawling away from the corner I throw him. I kicked him right in the stomach, where he fell over gripping his stomach in pain. I placed him back in the corner. There I took a rusted rod that was sharply pointed at the tip. Quickly I drilled it into Vincent's shoulder and planet it in the wall. Vincent cried out in pain as he teared up. He muttered curse words under is breath at.

I kept pricing rusted rods into Vincent but only in place he wouldn't bleed out. I also wrapped wires around his ankles and wrist as well as his neck. Screwing their ends into the walls and floor, making it impossible for Vincent ti move, and if he did he bleed. At long last I was finish with him. What I had do was plaster Vincent with rusted rods and bounded him with wires. But one thing I made sure of was he could see out through the hole in the wall.

" Just kill me....... "

" Nope..... I rather have you suffer like me. The only difference is you will die eventually. Here I show mercy for ya. " I snickered placing the knife down in front of him. And boy was he an idiot he went for. The wire around his neck indeed more.

I laughed at him. Then for the hell of it I kicked the knife across the floor far way from him. I then stepped on his hand and crushed it. He yelped then pulled his hand back.

" Okay bye then I'm leaving. " I waved to him as I exited the room.

" NO COME BACK YOU FUCK! FUCK YOU! I KILL YOU WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE! " he was wild with his cursing at me.

I laughed as I looked once last time at him. He was spazzed out and was worsening the wires hold on him. Causing him to bleed more. I smiled at him playfully then shut door for good.   

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