Chapter Forty - Seven

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  Not having the animators around any more was very weird and odd. I was so use to seeing then when u got home or at night before they got fixed. I was truly alone now, well besides Clyde my pet bunny. But even he was down, he missed Bonnie and them as well as I. The house was so empty, like before. Yet I never relizied it until it was filled and then empty. It was drinking a drink that so goddamn good, yet comes to end when you drank it all. I tried my best to not let it get to, thunk more in the positive side I thought to myself. Ill see them again I'm sure of that.

Third P.O.V
At pizzeria with animators

Arriving to the pizzeria the animators looked around. They where checking out their new surroundings. With impressed looks they walked around. All if them scouted out where they be and stanged at. Foxy right away ran to a new and improved Cove. He at home at long last. Freddy, Chica and Bonnie took to the stage located on the far right if the front room.

Bonnie peered around and spotted the toys. Crickling his nose at the sight of them he turned his attention to something else. The boss showed up and welcomed all of then home. He had a sunny expression across his face, his arms were open wide like he wanted a hug. Chica gave him one and that all he needed.

" Ah it's so fantastic to have me beloved original back in action. Hope ya remember what to do hahah. Like you'll ever forget! " he chuckled eldowing Freddy in his side.

The boss left for his office, but before he did he walked over to the toys. Telling them something then going off to his office. Afterwards the toys glanced over to Bonnie and them. Both groups glared at each other for some time. Freddy was the first one to break away and got the others to as well.

Yet Bonnie would glimpse over once or twice to keep an eye on them. Like to see if they got closer or where planning something. The atmosphere was intenes between the two groups. Little did any of the original know was what a waits them at night fall.

Night fell instally at the pizzeria. It as dark,quite and very grim. All the animators where in their place when Y/N's dad left at six. Like always though since the door shut and locked they did their own things. Right away the toys disappeaerd from their spots. As for the the others they stayed put, not wanting to move at all.

" Man does it feel good to be back " Freddy yawned stretching his arms above his head.

" Yes indeed it is. What about you Foxy? " Chuca giggled twirling to Foxy who was sound in his Cove with his head sticking out.

" Ie it's very lovely to be home. How abouts you Bonnie boy? "

Bonnie didn't answer him, Bonnie seemed to be thinking about something. His ace said it all, very stern,cold and confused about something. His stare was off to a distance hall in front of him and the others. A dark dim hall that just screamed evil.

" Bonnie? Yo Bonnie? " Freddy waved his hand in front of Bunnies face but got no response.

The other struggled. As for Bonnie he continued to stare down the hall. His ears bagan to twitch suddenly as well. Cutting his eyes he tried hard to see what was down the hall. So in doing so he got up and walked over to the enternce of the hall. Tilting his head right he listens closely. With twitching ears they stopped and stuck straight up upon his head. His eyes widen and at that moment Bonnie snapped back to yell to the others.

Looking back he saw that he dear friends where pinned down by the toys. They where on their stomachs, their back panels where being invaded by the toys. With wires being pulled tugged and yanked, Bonnie's dear friends were rewired. Acting on insinct Bonnie retreated.

He ran somewhere he thought he would be safe. He found the prize room, there he thought of a plan. He watched his back at all cost. But he had to move soon for they where getting close. Exiting the prize room Bonnie ran around only stopping every now again to catch a break. Right then and there he jumped, but by not just anyone. Freddy!

Who bear grapped him and tried to life him up. Yet fail for Bonnie toward over him, which gave an advantage. Not wanting to hurt him Bonnie back up into a wall. With a not so brutal force he smashed Freddy into the wall, where he was then released. Yet he was not free yet for Foxy tackled him from the side knocking him down to the ground.

Then and there Freddy jumped on, followed by Chica and then all of the toys. Each one dog piled onto Bonnie, crushing him the floor. With only one arm free Bonnie struggled to get undog piled. In his struggle, bunnies ears twitched once again but straighten quickly at a fimliar sound. A crazed laugh that echoed through the halls.

" Bravo my little puppets. " a man walked out from the shadows, holding the Marriotant in his arms.

Vincent appeared before Bonnie and the zombie like animators. He bent down to the floor to look at what his
"puppets " catch.

" Hello Bonnie it s nice to see you again. "  

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