Chapter Forty - One

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  With his guitar now Bonnie seemed to be a little at peace now but not at the same time. He was still against the fact that he had to go back to the pizzeria and leave me. But the other kept telling him it was going to be alright and I reassured him that I come and visit as much as possible. That made him lighten up a little.

Everything was fine and going great. Victor would come over all the time as well as my other friends. They seemed to being coming over more than usual. But I guess that was only because the animators were fixed and all. They didn't come to see me they came to see them, well except Max. He was the only one that came over to see me at all. He was really the sweet one out of my friend that cared about everyone. And that was why Bonnie did't like him so much.

So when every he came over with the others Bonnie would make sure he never got to close to me not once. The others thought it was funny and cute that Bonnie did that. I found it embarrassing, Max found it scare. It was hard to hangout with my friends when a purple bunny keeps ya way from they all the time.

Time Skip

One day my friends came over and when I mean friends I meant Victor, Alex and Max. All my guy friends, all of them every signal last one. All that Bonnie dislike not matter which way they swung.

We were all in the living room when my dad walked down stairs. What he saw was me on the far left of the couch with Bonnie next to me and then it was Max, then Alex and last was Victor. There was a award atmosphere upon us, very tens and very negative. My dad looked at us then walked to the kitchen and came back.

" So what you kids doing? "

I turned to him and shrugged my shoulders at him. I had no idea what we were doing we were just sitting there. The T.V wasn't on and we didn't have anything to do. We were doing nothing, that was why it was so award. My dad came over to and stood next to me and leaned over.

" Why so tense? "

" Well um how can I say " I tilted my head towards Bonnie who was staring straight ahead of him.

My dad got what I mean and the next thing he did was unexpected. He went to stand in front of us and announced something.

" Okay this is too award and I know whats going on..... So until you buys can get along I'll be taking this " he reached out and pulled me off the couched running off with me.

" Dad where are we going? "

" I have no idea... maybe to get ice cream.... yeah lets do that "

We ran outside and too the car. I didn't question him for he said something about ice cream and that was all it took. We got into the car and drove off. We did get ice cream and everything, we rode around as well. It was nice it had been awhile since my dad and I just hung with each other. He was caught up in work and I had school work.

We stopped by the pizzeria for a bit, the toys were fixed but something seemed off about them. Like they acted normal with the kids but they didn't look happy at all. Their like zombies or something like that. Also while we were their I felt like someone or something was watching me the whole time. Every time a checked to see if could caught someone looking at me I got nothing.

it was around the night time when we got back, we hadn't plan to stay out for so long. It's just that we where having a fun time and all, I didn't want that too end. When we got inside the animators attacked me and asked me where I was and what I did. At that moment my dad walked away and went to his room.

I told the gang that I would tell them tomorrow, I was tired. I walked up to my room and saw that my dads bedroom door was open and the light was on. So I walked into his room, there he was sitting on his bed looking a photo. He spotted my standing in the doorway.

" Hey kiddo "

" Hey dad.... "

" Need something? "

" No not really I just want to say it was fun hanging out with you today. "

" Yeah it was nice to spend time with you too princess "

I walked over to dads bed and sat next to him. He still had the photo in his hands, I took it away and looked at. It was me when I was very little. I was hugging my dad tightly in the photo, we both had big goofy smiles on our faces. I was somewhat confused. Reason was because I was close to my dad but these pictured showed that we were closer than I thought. What happen?

Then I remember that story dads boss told about my hitting my head. Maybe that was why we weren't the same as we were in the picture. I looked at my dads face, which looked gloomy and sad. Which was maybe because he knew that I don't remember it. So I did something except I hugged my dad out of the blue, most of the time he was the one to do that. He hugged me back quickly and tightly. It was a nice warm hug that went on forever. Well up until we heard a thud.

Looking we saw Goldy land flat out on the floor, he popped his head up and glimpse at us. Freddy then came and picked him up, the both of them went up to the attic. Man did Goldy know how to ruin a heart felt moment. Anyways form that day on my dad and I made a promise to each other. That ever Sunday we would hang out and that he save me form award situations.   

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