Chapter Forty- Three

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  After surving another week if school it was the weekend again. My dad had already left for work. So I was home alone with the animators. As always the others stay down stairs and Bonnie was upstairs with me.

We where both on my bed just chilling and it was silent between us. Only because Bonnie didn't talk much and I was so tired to talk. And I ended up falling asleep in his lap. Truth be told it was comfortable and Bonnie was fine with it.

Bonnie's P.O.V

Y/N fell asleep in my lap, it had been awhile since something like this happen. I mean when she was a little kid she would do this. She ran around like crazy as a little one. She would tire out easily though.

So having her falling asleep in my lap now wasn't any different. Sure she was older but the was it. She still cruled up in a ball and snuggled her head on my leg. She looked peaceful and incconet, like back when she was a child.

I still remember the first day I ever meet her. It was one of the greatest days of my life.


It was an usual day at the pizzeria. There where kids running around,screaming,laughing and have a grand time. Freddy and the others where giving the kids there undivided attention all over the place. But as for me I sat alone in the stage with my guitar. I watched as the others play around with the kids, I also watched the kids stare at me and then run away.

Thats was how it was now. No kid dare go near me, not a single one. It hurt in away I couldn't explain. And it was thanks to that low life bastered Vincent. Man did I want to kill that fucker every night. He would tell the children these false things about and it scared them. And even if the Freddy,Chica or Foxy tries to tell the kids that it wasn't true they still avoided me. So there I was on the stage by myself tonning guitar. Watching the other have fun or come over to me and talk to me but that was all. I just wish I could do the same.

I always thought that his things were going to stay. But that was where I was wrong. Because on that day my worst day became my best. It was the first time I meet Y/N. At first I thought she was just some other kid that would adovided me like the rest. Yet I was wrong again.

She wondered around a bit, looking at her new surrounding all that. She talked to Freddy, and just by her face she wasn't that into him. She gave the same look to the others. I took my eyes off of her to look around. I spotted the boss talking to this somewhat young man. They seemed to be really hitting off, it was hard to get the boss to laugh but this guy had him rolling.

Looking away to find that new little girl I didn't spot her. But I did feel what seemed like a small hand on tugging my pant leg. Right away I saw a pair of big e/c eyes staring up at me. It was the new little girl,she was cling to my pant leg and smiling at me. Her face lit up and all happy looking.

" Hi! " she spattes out suddenly with a giggling face.

I stared down at her, I don't know why but she seemed to hypnotized. She then raised her arms up like she want me to pick her up. I looked around to see if this was a set up by Vincent or something. But he was no where to be seen and the other didn't noticed. This little girl approuched me on her own.

I did as she wanted and I picked her up. Setting her on my lap she seemed pleased. She grapped the top of her feet and began to rock back and forth.
The little girl then looked at me and smiled brightly. I smiled back at which made her even happerier.

At that moment she stood up on my lap and reached up. She grapped my ears and pulled them. It didn't hurt but I was shocked at that sudden action.

" Fuzzy! " giggling out she sat back down and glanced up at me.

She began to talk to me and all. She told me her name was Y/N, that she was eight and this was her first time coming here. I just listen to her.

Then after sometime we both heard her name being called. It was by that young looking man that had the boss laughing like crazy. Y/N made put her down on the floor, but she didn't let go of my hand though. Matter of fact she wanted me to walk with her. So I did what she wanted. In the end I meant her dad, who was a hunorie guy.

The boss came over and talked to the dad some more before he and Y/N had to leave. The whole time Y/N had be by my hand and was jumping up and down like crazy saying a bunch of things to me. Finally they had to leave. But before they left there was something unexcepted that happen. Y/N hugged me and said goodbye, but the thing about was this she said.


She then left and that was that. It was the first time every meant her had I didn't want that taken away from not again.  

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