Chapter Sixty - Nine

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  A few weeks had past and the animators that are now human were still getting use to their new habits. My dad in the other hand was still in the hospital but getting well. I knew for he was back to his goofy ways and joked around with the doctors and nurse's. Thought explaining the thing with animators was some what complicated. Eventually my dad finally understood but seemed to want me check in the hospital to get check as well. I took it as a joke because to it was one.

So everything was taking a turn for the good for once. Like having a house full of people that could help around. Also having some of them around my age. There where a few down falls though. Like having to teach all of them how to do some things as well as explain how things functioned. Teaching adults how to be adults was fucking hard when you yourself wasn't one. As for the toys it was much easier.

Things did easy up when my dad returned home and saw that I wasn't joking about the whole human thing. He got over it fast and took charge in teaching Freddy,Bonnie,Foxy, Chica,SpringTrap and Goldy how to handle being an adult. Hell my dad even enrolled the toys in my school! Which I wasn't too gitty about but he makes decision for the best outcomes for everyone.

Ever morning from then on I had to make sure that the toys we're up and ready. It was also hard explain to my friends why the new kids followed me around every where and also they look a whole lot like the toy animators form the pizzeria my dad worked at.Toy Freddy would always come up with an excuse to why.

Speaking of the pizzeria turns out in the boss's Will that my dad would get it. For his boss didn't have kids or kids that were still alive. Which meant my dad took full control of the place and renovated the entire building. He had the money for the boss left a ton to him for it came with a building. That was a huge turn out. And my dad resorted the original pizzeria, stilling keeping the newer half.

He didn't have to worry about hiring and me for he still had the same old employees. But one thing he wasn't worried about at all was providing entertainment. He left it Freddy and the gang. Just because they were human no didn't mean they lost their passion in bring smiled to children. They still had their talents and that was all they needed.

And just for hell of it and to make them feel comfortable. My dad gave them these fake ears to wear while they perform. And Freddy, Bonnie and the rest didn't mind one bit. Sometimes they would forget to take them off.

Things just kept getting better from there on. Like the gang all got apartments that my dad help pay for. Freddy and Goldy lives together which was expected, also Goldy wanted us to call him Fred. Foxy who changed his name to Felix lived with Chica who kept her name. Trap and Bonnie moved in together. The toys though my dad wouldn't let move out. It was like they became his adopted children. So they got to stay which Bonnie wasn't very fawned of.

None of them lived far and I would see them in a daily bases for I would always go straight to pizzeria after school with toys and my friends. Which good news Victor and Alex began to date. Angel and Halo flipped out and fangirle over it. And shockly Max and toy Chica hooked up.... weird.

Anyways the pizzeria became our hangout place. And the time we got there it was about time for Bonnie's break so he would come sit with us. Me and him would somewhat snuggle together. I'm since he was human now it wouldn't be weird to date not at all. Thought when my dad found out about those entions that Bonnie had towards me and back to him, boy did my dad flip.

He said I couldn't date Bonnie and he couldn't date me until I was eighteen. Which I used to my advtage. Ya see my dad has a bad habit of changing rules as he see that they can't affect me anymore. But I figured out away to make sure he doesn't and that's with a pinky promise. Some strange reason he never breaka those. So I made him pinky promise and he did. Then I told him that my birthday was only two weeks away, laughing and running off. Hearing my dad spas out from my tricking him.

Man I could tell ya that everything was going great and nothing could get worse.

Hey everyone it's me Adventure I want to tell you that chapter number Seventy will be the finally chapter. But don't worry after that I will make those " where are they now " things to tell how the y/n and the others lives turned out. And I'm still debating on making a after story to follow after this one. Until next time
- TheAdventureNinja  

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