Chapter Forty - Six

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  It was three days away from Halloween, which ment three day until the reunion. That also ment that the animators had to leave and that was tomorrow morning. So today was my last day with them, forever. Well not forever just not in my house where I could be with them around the clock. But I wasn't the only one that was sad about it,thank God.

The animators were too. They were just upsat about as I was. They told be so. Like Freddy was sad that he wouldn't have anyone to pick on like he did with me. Chica was down for she'll be going to be stuck alone with all the guys again and that she couldn't talk to then like she does me. Foxy said he would miss having someone help him when he was lost, he got lost a lot for some reason. Either it was mind why's or he lost something. Goldy seem like he was going to cry. Me and him were very close, also none of the others were big on hugging, which was a shocker for Freddy loved Goldy to death.

Then Bonnie... he really didn't say much to that last day we had together. I wondered why, I thought he would up by ass the while day but he wasn't. Then bring me I began to thunk of crazy things. Right there I knew Bonnie was up to something. I was getting at his game,I watched my back all that for the whole day.

Since Bonnie was on me the others took advantage of it. Exspeacially Goldy, boy did I get the shit hugged out of me that day. And being picked on so much by Freddy. Freddy soon lost his hat.... ヽ•'з'•ノ.


Night fell and everything was still. All the animators were up in the attic hanging out. Today was very tiring for them and for me! I partically crawled into my room atvthe end of it. Ya know after cleaning the kitchen and watch my dad leave for work.

Draging my feet I flopped onto my bed. Sinking in I felt at ease, relaxed, comfy... . Yet there was something bothering me though. It was the fact that Bonnie practually ignored me all day. And not knowing hy pissed me off and annoyed me. All day he was down in the basement. Why though?

It bugged me a lot. Rolling over I looked up at the ceiling. Staring back at me that FREE poster hanging up there. It was of Makoto, he jsuy stared at me and I stared back. Time had passed then I gave.

" ALRIGHT THAT'S IT I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THAT GAINT PURPLE BUNNY IS DOING!! " kicking my legs up and them hitting the floor with I thud.

Soon followed by me dashing out the door and down the stairs. Then lepping off from the finally landing to the living room floor. Racing to the basement and down those stairs. And sure enough Bonnie was down there. Doing whatever he has been doing all day.

" What ARE YOU DOING BONNIE TO WHERE YOU IGNORED ME ALL DAY!!! " flaring my arms about once I landing at the bottom of the stairs.

Bonnie just stared at me with a blank expression on his face. As if he was confused on what I was talking about. That pissed me off!


He didn't answer me just stared at me with that same face. I was getting fired up at him. I never been like this ever. I guess it was because Bonnie was all over me. I guess I got use to having someones attention all the time, literally. So it seemed my mind was like HEY NOTICE ME!

" AND TO THINK I-I-I L-LO~ " I studdered on what I was going to say.
As I struggled Bonnie got what ibwas trying to say and he flipped. But not like I thought he would. For he sprittes at me and covered my mouth quick. I was shocked at his sudden juster to me. I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

He rose something to me,a piece of paper. Diverting my attention to it I saw it was like a song sheet. With lyrics to a song that was handwritten,beautiful handwritten too be detailed. Then I noticed I very big yet elegant writing was the title. Which wasn't very catching but it made me freak.

A song for a cute bunny (Y/N L/N )

That what it said and the fact it had my names after it in brackets made me blush. Bonnie let go of, which was a mistake. Because at that moment I darted up the stairs. I know it was a dick move but I can't do mushy lovey shit I can't. And if it's for me I one will lose it or second cry like baby. Hell sometimes even both. And this was something that got me doing both.

Teleporting to my room I shut the door and blocked it. Doing the same with the others I barracted myself in. Diving on my bed I cruled up in a ball with my blankets. I knew he was going to do something like this in really knew it! Damn me... Damn everything!

Alone upstairs I heard someone outside my door. I knew it was Bonnie and he tried to get in. But one door was blocked my my dresser and the other and a scarf wrapped around the knob and tied to where you couldn't open it. Still as a statue I waited for him to give in. He did, which was strange. Why did he five he normal doesn't... what's he playing now?

A guitar that's what. Right after I thought that I heard a guitar playing. It was slow and see sounding like silk. It was so good and I blushed bright red. So red I thought it was shining. Then it got worse, Bonnie began to SING!

And oh my god my dad was right about Bonnie singing. My blush deepen even more. More hotter and brighter, heat was radiationing off of my face. My heat was dancing along to his guitar and it was loud as well as fast. Boy was Bonnie good at getting a girl all hot and bothered!

His voice was silky and smooth, deep and elegant. Nothing I ever heard before. It was like a lure for me to go open t door to get a better listen. Yet that voice of his was joined by another voice. A light soft yet deep with a hint of an accent to it. An English one.

Freddy was out there too singing along with Bonnie! My face was on fire, it could burn it was so hot. Soon after the other came along to join in the fun. Man did all of them sound amazing.

Once they finished I gave and opened up. I peared out of the room,to see all of them smiling big and bright, even Bonnie. Him and his perfect cool guy smile. It wasn't helping with my fairey face. I was embrassed and felt like crying for happiness. Bonnie just hugged me and stayed with for the rest of the night.

The next morning the time had come for the them to leave. We all said goodbye to each other. Making promise and all. Bonnie pulled me away for a minute and kissed me on my forehead. He told me no matter what I'll be his favorite and his cute bunny. Blushing from that I peaked him on the cheek and said that I'm glad I was and that I visit as much as possible.

Then with that he and the others where gone. Off to start over again. I was happy but sad as well. I didn't know how to feel... but I'll just say happy.  

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