Chapter Fifty - Four

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  Slamming against the wall with a thud,my body rattled. I slid down the wall and looked up. There stood Vincent, smiling wildly down at me. As if I was a poor defenless animal that was now corned. I backed up on the wall and tried to find a way to protect myself. Yet it was utterly hopeless.

He just laughed at my pathetic attempts to sheild myslef. All he did was kick me over an grab me by my hair. There he dragged me, I was getting rug burn and cut up by sharp broken piece loged in the floor. Grabbing him by his hands to releave the pressure on my head, I clawed at him. All it did was make him laugh harder and louder. It felt like my hair was going to be toren out by this fucker. He wasn't gental what so ever and very brutally with dragging me.

I was going to cry, I wanted to cry but I forced those tears down. I knew that was what the fucker wanted. So I continued to fight to get way. All failed, I was going to did tonight.... BAM!

My hair was let go of and my head flung to the side. Rolling over I glanced up to see that once again Goldy saved me! He had Vincent by the collar, then out if no where he grwoled picking Vincent up off the ground and hurling him down a pitch black hallway.

" AHHHHHHH FUCK OFF! (*。>Д<)o゜" he screamed beating on his chest showing he was domaint.

" GOLDY! ヽ('▽`)/ " I laughed happily as I jumped up tackling him with a hug.

Pulling back from him ibsaw the state he was in. He was red in the face with scratch marks and a busted lip. His colths were destroy, there where holes,tares and rips. He looked tried from his fight with Freddy. But I was so happy to see he made it. Stuck up in the moment we had some unexpected pop out at us. The toys as well as Chica and Foxy.

They all surround us making it impossible to escape. I gripped tightly onto Goldy who held onto me tightly as well. Vincent the returned back to us and oy was he pissed off,ya could tell from his face and what he said.

" YOU GOLDEN MOTHERFUCKER!GET THEM! " Vincent hissed pointing at us.

They all jumped in his command and flow at us. I flinched and froze. But I felt like I was light as a feather suddenly. Opening my eyes I saw I was off the ground. Goldy jumped up and over rejecting the dog pile. We both landed gental but when we hit the ground we hut the ground running. Well more Iike Goldy did,he just carried me.

Flying down the hall we where cased by the rest and Vincent casually walking behind them. Whipping around corners, racing down halls, and spritiny over fallen objects we came to the light hall. Th office was near. Making a run for it the both of us fell to the floor.

Bouncing off and rolling away from Goldy I shakely held myself up. And what I saw was horrifying. I saw Goldy pinned up high against the wall by his throat. The hand holding him up there was coiling around and pushing down crushed his wind pipe. Yet thing that got me was the one doing it all.


He was just like the others,except sighlty different. His eyes were covered by his hair,he had a deep scowl across his face, and his looked reader inside. And the only thing he cared about was cushing Goldy's throat.

" BONNIE! BONNIE STOP! " I cried out getting to my feet.

Bonnie released Goldy who slided down the wall. Standing there I froze when Bonnie turned to me. My heart stopped, my legs buckled and my hands began to shake. The stare he gave me was bitter cold,sending chills down my spine. Tears flooded from my eye's as Bonnie approched me, trembling like a crazy my breathing picked up. Bonnie reached outed touching more cheek. Fliching at his cold dead touch, I kept my eyes down allowing the tears roll down me cheeks.

Bonnie's hand travels from my cheek to the back of my head. There he clitched a hunk of my hair and yanked my head back. Back to where I was forced to look up at him. With red puffy teary eyes I glared into his eyes. Which showed no sing of life or soul, yet still shined it's crimson blood red that caused my trembling become a violent shake. Bonnie released my hair and lives his hand to my neck. Which then it coiled around it.

He applies pressure and I panicked! His nails dug into my skin to where blood was shed. Tears flowed out faster as I grabbed Bonnie's hand, pulling on it to get away from me.


He didn't responded to my pleaded, all he did was tighten his grip upon my throat. Hitting his arm andbpushing against his force I somewhat fased out. Then there was a relieve of pressure from my throat. Bonnie was tackles from behind by Goldy, who placed the both if his hands under Bonnie's chin. There he yanked upwards, stearing Bonnie into a wall.

But being a brutal brut Bonnie fleared around throwing himself on the walls. He was trying to get Goldy off his back. Goldy held on to dear life and kept yanking Bonnie around like he was race horse.


Nit second guessing him I ran off to the office, my dad was still in there and was still knocked out. I jumped into thebiffice shutting the doors,both if them. I then saw a golden flash throwen past the widow. It was Goldy, then Bonnie appeared in the widow. He was utterly terrifing for all I could see was his red glowing eyes.  

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