Chapter Twenty- Two

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  Rolling off the bed and following Goldy to where every Freddy was I thought of what he had to say to me. Was it about what happen with dads boss or was it going to be something stupid. Some reason the killer clown came to mine, boy would I rather be dealing with that guy then this shit.

Goldy and I jumped down the stairs like little kids. Landing on the last landing I saw Chica and Foxy sitting together on the couch talking to one another. Goldy lead me to the kitchen where Freddy was sitting at the table like a sir. Freddy was always the classy one out of them all. Truth be told all of them had special personality, like Freddy being the gentlemen, Chica a loving mother figure,Foxy the rugged adventure and Bonnie being the talent one that was sweet which was ironic. And Goldy was shy,genital,quite one that you couldn't stay mad at.

Sitting at the other end of the table across from Freddy I laid back. Balancing the chair on it's back legs, Goldy looked at me wondering how I did it without falling.

" So why am I here Freddy? "

" Well I was just wondering why your dad has been working his ass off "

" Oh to make up for the toys getting busted, I wish he just stop hell even his boss does. "

Freddy stared at me from across the table, then let out a sigh. He lined back in his chair.

" Okay I was just wondering that was all "

" Really that was all, nothing else. "

" Mm nope not really "

" Okay well can I ask you a question " I was going to take this as a chance to ask the biggest question on my mind.

" Shoot "

" Alright do you know what my dads boss meant when he said something happen to me when I was a kid? " I was blunt about it I wanted to know. What was it that these animators know as well as dads boss that I don't!

Freddy straighten in his chair,Goldy stiffen to as well once I asked the question. I wanted for an answer but Freddy and Goldy stayed quite. Guessing based on the silents Chica and Foxy heard my question as well. What the hell were they hiding from me. It's not like I can ask my dad for he might suspect somethings up and Bonnie just avoids the question in general. Like when ever I bring up to him he just walks away or pretends he never heard. Which I know is bull for he has fucking big old bunny ears on top of his fucking head!

" Well "

" Well what (y/n) " Freddy avoided eye contact with me.

" Do you know what my dads boss meant by what happen to my when I was a kid!? " standing up slamming my hands down on the table. Goldy jumped at my sudden out burst, Freddy got up and walked over to him.

" No (y/n) I don't no of us do... " Freddy cleared his throat and walked out of the kitchen.

I knew he was lying because there was something that defiantly happen and his face can't hide it. None of their faces can when ever the subject is brought up. So I knew I wasn't getting answer so I just went back up stairs. Running up the stairs Foxy stopped my and gave me something. He then put his finger up to his lips like to tell me to keep it secret.

Once I got up stairs I opened my door to see Bonnie was still there and he was sprawled out on my bed. But the thing that bothered me was he was looking through my forbidden sketch. Ya know the one that no ones is allow to look in and had nothing but drawings of Bonnie.

I pounced onto Bonnie and grabbed the sketch trying to pull it away. Using both hands I was losing and that sad because Bonnie was only using two fingers. Then again he was a human animator that busted the toys like they were fine china so yeah.

Tugging and pulling on the sketch book it was useless, but I wasn't giving up on it. See I catch Bonnie just before he could open the sketch book so I was determined. Determined to not let him see what is the sketch book, it would be too embarrassing. Yet in the end of it all Bonnie won once again, with just one little tug I lost balance and fell on top of him.

There he throw one of his arms around me and pinned me down against him. The struggle was to real this time I could break free and if I managed to get his grip lose he tighten it. He clinger to my shirt at the side so if I got free I wouldn't get far. Bonnie opened the sketch book and disparate to not let him see what was in it I hit it.

Knocking it out of his making it land on his face. He shook it off picking up it up again opening it but this time rolling half over so I couldn't use my arms. But that didn't stop me I thought of away to stop him so I used my head,no really I used my head. Butting up I hit the bottom of the sketch book knocking it out once more.

Bonnie looked down at me then let me go. But I was free for only a second for right when I turn to be on stomach Bonnie came down on me. Now I was pinned under him with only one free arm. His head was on top of mine and both of his arms were out in front.

Putting the sketch book in front of us he opened it to the first page. Which for some strange reason I left blank and I'm glad I did. It gave me time to smack my hand down on the sketch book pages to prevent them from being turned. Yet Bonnie removed my hand and pinned it down under his cold steel hand. It was all over now Bonnie turned the page and saw himself. Then the next page only to see him again and again and again and again so on and so forth.

I didn't know what Bonnie's face was like but I knew what mine was. A bright red that was burning hotter than fire and wanted to die right then a there. Finally Bonnie came to the last page which was the one of him sleeping the best one in my opinion.

With my face buried in the bed I heard the book close. Then felt Bonnie pat the back of my head and get off of me too. Popping my head up to see him leaving I let my head fall back onto the bed.

" Dammit (y/n) why do you do this type of stuff to yourself " I muttered to myself adjusting myself on the bed and fell asleep.           

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